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    As the World Turns CAST - Josie Driver - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Josie Driver Played by Kristen Connolly on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kristen Connolly (

    Real Name: Kristen Connolly


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    We're Getting Married!

    Wednesday, December 10 2008

    At Fairwinds Paul dreams that Meg's baby is Craig's or Dusty's! She tells him he isn't man enough to have fathered her child! Meg wakes him and says this is part of the prescription's side effects. She wants to call the doctor but Paul stops her. She mentions shopping and he tells her to be careful. She leaves. Josie arrives and demands to see Meg; Paul refuses and opens a desk drawer. His gun is inside! Before he can do anything Meg returns. Josie says they have to talk. Paul shows her the door but Meg tells him to let Josie stay! Josie repeats her story to Meg but Meg refuses to believe her. Paul says this is simply more lies. Josie says Dusty won't let her come forward and says Dusty was only defending himself. "I've told a lot of lies but today everything I'm saying is the truth," she says and leaves. Paul says Josie is lying for Dusty, who is trying to come between them. Meg's confidence in Paul breaks and she asks what he is trying to do. Paul insists this is all Dusty's fault as Meg begs him for the truth. She has a stomach pain and Paul tells her to calm down. Meg says she needs to know the truth! He says he has only acted to protect her, which is all the confirmation Meg needs. Paul says he'll have the charges dropped and Meg tells him to do that now. Paul says things will be different now and leaves.

    Josie returns to the police station and asks to see Dusty; Margo takes her inside. She says she told Meg everything but she isn't sure what Meg believes. She says she has to tell the cops the truth but Dusty won't let her do it. He says she is a victim. She says she loves him.

    Paul arrives at the police station and tells Margo to get rid of Craig. When he is gone Paul tells Margo that the shooting was self-defense on Dusty's part! He says he doesn't remember much because of the shooting but says he remembers an argument and a struggle and the gun going off. Margo says he has to make an official statement and sends him to find Dallas. Margo goes into Dusty's room and says he can leave. She says there will be an investigation. "You lucked out, Sunshine," she says and leaves. Josie is thrilled and offers to buy Dusty coffee. They leave. Paul watches them from across the room.

    Josie and Dusty go to Java for coffee. She asks if they can start over and try again. Dusty says things can't work; she kisses him. He leaves but at the door turns around and watches her for a moment.

    I'm No Money-Grubbing Woman!

    Tuesday, December 02 2008

    Dusty checks in at The Lakeview, hoping that Josie left a forwarding address but she didn't. He tries calling her and she finally answers, surprising him. Josie is driving and apologizes. "Not accepted," he says and asks to see her. Josie says she is leaving Oakdale and can't come back but he demands a face-to-face meeting to explain her actions. She gives in and agrees to meet him at Yo's.

    Dusty is sitting at a table alone when Josie walks in. He asks why she did it. She says he was never just a mark for her to fool. She tells him about her hard-knock life in Ohio and a life filled with debt and student loans. She says Paul offered her easy money to do a little living art. She says she gave Paul's money back, though, when she realized she was in love with him! He asks if this is part of her con but she insists she stopped conning him days ago. She accuses him of using her to pretend Jennifer was still alive! Dusty says he always knew she wasn't Jennifer. She asks if there is still a chance for them to start over. "It's too late," he says and tells her about the shooting. She offers to go to the police with Paul's scheme but Dusty won't let her do it. He tells her he wants her out of his life and turns away. She grabs him and kisses him but Dusty pushes her away! He leaves the bar as two officers arrive.

    Is Dani A Double Agent?

    Wednesday, November 26 2008

    Paul and Josie meet in Old Town. She says she wants out. He says she has to earn her money and won't let her back out. She says what they are doing to Dusty is wrong but Paul insists Dusty deserves it because he is trying to steal Meg! Dusty comes up and asks her to come to Norway with him; she says she can't. She says their connection isn't real. Dusty keeps trying to convince her, saying he doesn't care about her visions. They make their way back to The Lakeview. Dusty tells Josie that finding Johnny isn't about finding Jennifer again. He says he wants to be with her not because she looks like Jennifer but because she is Josie. She finally agrees to tag along with him. They make love. Dusty leaves to finish a few things; Josie says she'll meet him at the airport. When he leaves Josie calls Paul and sets up a meeting.

    Emily has a drink at Yo's and then leaves. When she comes around the corner, she sees Josie and Paul! Josie hands Paul a wad of cash and says she wants out! Paul refuses and tells her to finish the job! He says if she doesn't go to Norway he'll tell Dusty the truth about her! Paul calls and finds out the jet left; Josie checks her messages and says Dusty had to leave because of a storm. She says that is proof that Dusty is only after Johnny. "We're done," she says. Paul hands her half of the money and tells her to get lost. She says he'll never see her again but won't take his money. Emily comes around the corner and confronts Paul. He says she is imagining all of this and warns Emily that she better keep her insinuations to herself! "I will do anything to protect my wife and my child from anybody," he says.

    An Invitation To Dinner...

    Tuesday, November 25 2008

    At The Lakeview, Paul tells Josie to stick with their plan and keep Dusty away from Meg. She says she can't do it – because she is falling in love with him! Paul laughs at her. He says if Josie doesn't stick with their plan he will tell Dusty everything and she will lose him! Paul writes down new instructions for her. He leaves. Dusty arrives and looks at the carpet picnic Josie has prepared. He has moon pies in a sack for their dessert. Josie says they should do an anti-Christmas, too. Josie reaches into the ice chest and jerks her hand away, saying it is burning. "Johnny," she whispers. She says the boy is cold; Dusty says Johnny will be fine because Lucy is with him. Dusty's PI friend calls and says they have a new lead on Johnny and Lucy! He says they are in Norway. Josie acts weirded out by the coincidence. Dusty kisses her; she takes off his jacket and they make love.

    Casey Comes Clean!

    Monday, November 24 2008

    In Tampa, Dusty gets dressed. Josie tells him not to feel badly about what happened and then asks if he can like her just for her. "I think I'm falling in love with you," she says, shocking him. Dusty says she is a wonderful woman but tells her to explore Tampa without him. She asks him to come along and says they can visit places he didn't see with Jennifer. Dusty pulls back from her again; she offers to leave. He tells her to stay and says he'll give it a try. He kisses her again.

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