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    As the World Turns CAST - Josie Driver - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Josie Driver Played by Kristen Connolly on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kristen Connolly (

    Real Name: Kristen Connolly


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    Paul is Committed!

    Friday, December 19 2008

    Dusty goes to the hall as Josie comes out of Paul's room. He blames her for Paul seeing Eliza! He returns to Meg, who heard Paul screaming and is crying. Josie watches as he holds her.

    Welcome To The World, Eliza!

    Thursday, December 18 2008

    Dusty takes Josie to lunch at Al's. He suggests she get a job and offers her a position at Worldwide; she won't take it, saying the other workers would talk about her. He tells her to talk to Barbara but she says she doesn't trust Barbara!

    At the cabin, Meg realizes she is in labor and panics. She tries to revive Paul again but he is unconscious. She calls Dusty and begs him for help. Crying she tells Dusty about the overdose but Dusty doesn't care at first. She begs him and he says he'll help. She has a contraction and drops the phone. Dusty turns to Josie and tells her to find Barbara and stay with her at the hospital.

    Barbara tries to find Paul at The Lakeview but the concierge won't help her. She calls Lisa to get some answers. Barbara makes a few more calls and then Josie arrives. Babs won't listen to Josie so she storms off. She listens to Barbara and changes her tune, telling Babs to get to the hospital fast!

    Paul is rolled into the ER where Barbara and Josie are waiting. They wonder where Meg and Dusty are. Paul comes around and Josie watches him from the hall until Barbara returns. She says they got the drugs out and a psychiatrist goes in to talk to Paul. Barbara leaves to get some air as the doctor asks what happened. Paul says James made him take the pills! He laughs when the doctor says James is dead. "James Stenbeck never dies," Paul giggles. Barbara returns and Paul stumbles into the hall, demanding to see James! He fights off several orderlies, screaming for James the entire time. They sedate Paul and Barbara goes in to see him. He says over and over that James made him do everything. "He comes to me. He pushes me," Paul says as Barbara tries to get through to him that James is gone. Paul insists that James is real. He asks about Meg and cries. Barbara says Meg is okay and Paul passes out.

    Josie walks down the hall and sees Dusty hugging Meg. He comes into the hall and tells her the baby was delivered early but there are problems. Dusty stops another doctor, pretends to be Paul and leaves with him to see the baby. Barbara comes into the hall and sees Josie. She says she has to have Paul committed and hurries off to find Bob. Dusty returns and Josie fills him in. He thanks her for staying with Babs. An orderly brings Eliza to the hall and Dusty takes her into Meg's room! Meg is thrilled to finally hold her baby. Dusty says she was in respiratory distress but is okay now.

    Josie watches Meg and Dusty through the window and then goes into Paul's room. He mistakes her for Jennifer!

    Craig and Carly?!?

    Monday, December 15 2008

    Josie is surprised when Paul walks in to Java instead of Barbara. He begs her to help him make things right with Meg. He says he will double her fee and she grabs her bag to go. Paul says if she doesn't help him Dusty will ruin his life. He grabs her and threatens her. Dusty walks in with Meg and orders Paul to leave Josie alone! Dusty and Josie leave but Meg stays behind to tell Paul that his machinations won't work on her. He asks why she was there with Dusty and she says he is her friend. "I knew I was right!" Paul crows.

    At The Lakeview Josie tells Dusty about her meeting with Paul. Dusty can't believe what Paul did; Josie says he believes he can win Meg's heart again and asks if Dusty is going to romance Meg to protect her. Dusty says Meg is his friend and says Josie should leave town. She says she can't! She says she has nowhere to go and admits that her act wasn't a complete act. She says she has no family and no memory of her family. She asks again if they can start over; they decide to go to dinner.

    We're Getting Married!

    Wednesday, December 10 2008

    At the police station Craig brings Josie in to see Dusty; Dusty doesn't want to talk to her but does anyway. Josie tells him again that she will defend him and tell the truth; Dusty asks when she started working for Craig! Josie says she barely knows the man. Craig waits in the outer room until Margo arrives. She asks what he wants and he says he is there to do a good deed – for Dusty! Margo is shocked. Josie comes out of the interrogation room but won't talk to Margo. She leaves. "Great detective work," Margo says sarcastically. She goes upstairs. Craig goes into the interrogation room and tells Dusty that he wants to make peace for the sake of their family – Johnny! Dusty says he is Johnny's only family; Craig says he knows that and goes on to say that they have to work together for Johnny's sake. Dusty refuses. Craig brings up Lucy and says if they stop their internal war Lucy might come home; he says he wants nothing else. Margo comes into the room and tells Craig to leave. Craig reminds both of them about the charges that were dropped against him; he says he is trying to do the same thing for Dusty. Margo leads him out and asks what he is up to. Craig insists he wants to help Dusty and invites Margo to dinner.

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