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    As the World Turns CAST - Josie Driver - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Josie Driver Played by Kristen Connolly on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kristen Connolly (

    Real Name: Kristen Connolly


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    That's My Son!

    Friday, January 02 2009

    Dusty goes to The Lakeview and bribes the concierge to see the guest book. He finds Alison's name on the guest ledger. Josie mentions seeing Alison on WOAK. They go up to Allie's room. She hides Johnny and then opens the door. Dusty barges in and demands to know where Johnny is! He says hiding Johnny is not helping anyone! Alison gives in and gets Johnny from the bathroom and introduces him to Dusty. "I'm your dad," Dusty says but Johnny says he is a bad man! Alison says Dusty isn't bad, he was just missing Johnny. Dusty feels Johnny's head and realizes he has a high fever. He says they have to get to the hospital. Just then Lucy arrives and tells Dusty to leave Johnny alone before Craig finds out they are back in town. They argue about Johnny and then Lucy tells Alison that Katie is onboard with their plans. Alison leaves to meet Katie at the hospital. Dusty calls Lucy a stranger and says Johnny is his son. She says she did what she had to do to protect Johnny. Dusty says he can protect his child! Dusty is alone in the room when Josie walks in. He sadly thanks her for telling him about Johnny and apologizes for not believing her. Lucy returns and says they are ready. Dusty tries to take Johnny's hand but the little boy rejects him.

    A Fresh Start For the New Year.

    Monday, December 29 2008

    In his hospital room, Paul worries about Johnny and tells Barbara and Josie that if he doesn’t do something Johnny could die. The women leave his room and Josie asks Barbara if she believes Paul’s visions. Barbara doesn’t know and thinks it could be the illness talking. Josie thinks they should check it out, but Barbara says losing Johnny was like losing Jennifer all over again; she’s not sure if she can open that wound again. She takes solace in the fact that Johnny is safe with Lucy.

    In Lucy’s hotel room, Alison and Lucy discuss the close call with Craig and how they need to find a donor for Johnny. Alison thinks it’s wrong for Dusty to not see his son. Lucy feels bad, but thinks she needs to just focus on finding a donor. Alison says she’s on it and Casey is her next stop.

    Alison calls Casey and they make plans to meet at his house. After hanging up with Casey, Alison runs into Barbara. Babs introduces Alison to Josie and Alison remarks how much she looks like Jennifer. Alison then asks Barbara to get her blood tested for her ‘friend’s daughter’. Barbara doesn’t think she’ll be a good donor because of her cancer, but Alison persists and Barbara relents.

    Josie comes upon Dusty and Meg and says she has to talk to him about Paul. Dusty won’t listen to what he thinks is nonsense, but Meg urges him to. Josie tells them that Paul thinks Johnny is at a place with airplanes and parachutes, but Dusty thinks it's ridiculous. Dusty makes some snide comments and Josie leaves. Meg insists Paul can see things others can’t, but Dusty doesn’t buy it. Meg wonders if Dusty can afford to take the chance of not checking it out.

    Meg, Dusty and Josie meet up at the hospital and Dusty goes into Paul’s room. Meg warns Josie about Paul, but Josie is confident Paul believes he is telling the truth about his nephew. Josie asks why Meg is there, alluding to the fact that Meg is really checking up on Paul. Meg isn’t sure Paul will ever get better, but Josie wonders if Meg hopes she, Paul and Eliza could be a family. Meg says she’s there for Dusty and that she will never be a family with Paul.

    Josie runs into Johnny and Lucy outside and Johnny calls Josie mommy again. Josie learns Lucy isn’t his mother when he calls her Lulu. He then asks for his lion before Lucy and Johnny run off.

    Josie goes back to the hospital and asks after Lucy. The woman she talks to knows who Lucy is and helps Josie find a photo of her, where upon Josie learns the woman with the little boy is really Lucy, deducing that the little boy is Johnny. She calls Dusty, but he ignores her call.

    Airplanes and Parachutes.

    Friday, December 26 2008

    Dusty warns Josie to stay away from Paul, but Josie thinks Dusty is paranoid. Barbara urgently comes to see them and says Paul has gotten worse and needs Josie’s help. She wants her to be Jennifer for a while so it will soothe him. Dusty wonders why Barbara would encourage this sick game, but Babs thinks it will help him feel safe and maybe he will start to heal. Dusty thinks she is putting Josie in a bad situation, but Barbara is desperate. She begs Josie to go be with Paul, but Josie declines and walks away.

    In the hotel room, Johnny tells Lucy he wants to go to the park, but Lucy tells him maybe later when it’s dark. She goes to take a shower and Johnny gets off the bed and leaves the room. When Lucy comes out of the shower, she panics when she can't find Johnny. Johnny goes downstairs and sees Josie. He says, “Mommy!” Josie brings Johnny to the hotel clerk for help in finding the boy’s mother.

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