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    As the World Turns CAST - Josie Driver - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Josie Driver Played by Kristen Connolly on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kristen Connolly (

    Real Name: Kristen Connolly


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    You're Selfish!

    Monday, January 12 2009

    Paul takes Josie to Fairwinds, still holding the divorce papers. She asks him to talk to her. Paul says this isn't right, that it is too quick. He refuses to sign them! She believes he is making a mistake but Paul won't listen. He decides to win her back. Josie leaves. Paul looks over the divorce papers again and then throws them away.

    Dusty arrives at The Lakeview as Josie is signing in. She apologizes for the incident with Paul and Meg; Dusty warns her to keep her distance from Paul and says they are still friends. She hugs him.

    What Are Your Terms?

    Friday, January 09 2009

    Barbara bumps into Josie in the hall, upset about Paul's delusions about Johnny. She says Paul isn't delusional and Johnny is alive! She runs down the hall, upset. In Johnny's room, Barbara calls him her grandson but Dusty stops her, telling her that Johnny doesn't remember any of them. He takes Babs into the hall and says he'll explain everything. They leave for coffee, leaving Josie to look after Johnny. Josie goes down the hall and hears Paul calling out for Barbara. He calls her Jennifer and convinces her to take him to see Johnny. She takes him down the hall. Johnny wakes as Paul walks in; he confuses Johnny by calling Josie 'Jennifer'. Josie drags Paul back into the hall and tells Paul she isn't Jennifer. She reminds him that he hired her to pretend to be Jennifer, who is now dead. Paul is heartbroken. He goes back to his room and Josie returns to Johnny, who is sleeping. Paul watches until Josie goes into the room and then leaves the hospital! Barbara and Dusty return. She goes into Paul's room and finds it empty. She asks the nurse where Paul is but she doesn't know. Josie comes into the hall; Barbara blames her for Paul's disappearance. Dusty says Barbara needs to let go of Paul because he is sick. They argue; Barbara says her feelings for Paul are no different than his feelings for Johnny. She storms off. Dusty goes into Johnny's room – and then Josie follows Babs!

    Josie finds Paul at the cemetery. He still thinks she is Jennifer but she sets him straight, reminding him of their Jennifer Training Sessions. She says she can help him finally say goodbye to Jennifer. He refuses to believe Jennifer is dead but Josie calmly tells him that he has to come to terms with this. He gets cold and she takes him back to the hospital.

    Josie brings Paul back to the hospital, relieving Barbara's fear. She says he was at Jennifer's grave. Paul sadly calls her Josie and goes into his room. Barbara follows. Dusty asks how she knew where to find Paul and she tells him she took Paul to see Johnny! "You had no right!" Dusty exclaims. Josie defends her actions, saying she didn't leave Paul alone with Johnny and the kiddo was never in danger. She says she needs to know if he wants her around but Dusty can't answer; she realizes he has never really understood who she was and walks away. Dusty follows her all the way to Java. He gives her a tissue, saying he can't let her walk out of his life. He wipes away her tears, says he does know who she is and is grateful to her – for Johnny and for being hot! He apologizes for fighting with her.

    I Want Them Arrested!

    Wednesday, January 07 2009

    In Johnny's room Dusty convinces Lucy to return to The Lakeview to rest and get cleaned up. She leaves. Dusty sees Craig, who is trying to talk to Margo again, in the hall and offers to let Craig see Johnny alone. Dusty hurries outside to catch up with Lucy. He tells her she has to leave town – quickly! He says he'll take care of Johnny and let him know that she loves him. She leaves. Dusty goes back inside and bumps into Josie. He asks her to spy on Craig for him while he goes to Lucy. She agrees.

    Dusty finds Lucy in a warehouse. He warns her that Craig is up to something and then Josie calls to fill him in on Craig's meeting with Margo. Dusty tells Lucy. She can't believe Craig is turning on her again. Dusty says she has to get out of town because Margo is a stickler for the law. Lucy refuses to abandon her brother to Craig! He says she has to go now or she'll forfeit her life. Crying, Lucy says she hates Craig. "Have faith in me," Dusty says and she agrees to leave. Lucy begs Dusty to make peace with Craig for Johnny's sake; he agrees. Then, Lucy makes him promise to help her see Johnny one last time. Dusty calls Josie, who says Craig and Margo are staying close to Johnny's room. He asks her to get Craig and Margo out of the way for a few minutes; she says she'll do it.

    Craig calls Margo into the hall and says Josie is spying on them. She tells him to go back to the psych ward. Margo asks what she is doing and she says she knows where Dusty and Lucy are!

    Dusty takes Lucy to the hospital. She asks Johnny how he feels and then tells him to listen to the doctors and Dusty because she has to leave for a while. He promises. "I want you to stay," he says but she says she can't. She promises to be close by and says he is going to have a big family now who will love him just like she does. Dusty comes in and she promises to come back to the boy soon. She hurries into the hall. Dusty says the company jet is waiting but she has to hurry. She hugs him and makes him promise to protect Johnny again. He kisses her and she leaves. Craig and Margo arrive and accuse Josie of lying. Dusty says Lucy is gone – but he is staying put and so is Johnny. He points out that Lucy saved Johnny's life by bringing him home. Dusty quietly says Johnny deserves better from both of his fathers; he says they have to make peace. Craig threatens to have Dusty and Josie arrested now but Margo says that will only make Johnny hate him. He doesn't care. Katie comes out of her room and tells Craig not to do it! She points out that Johnny is still sick and Craig has to trust Dusty – just like she trusted him to do the right thing when she told him about Johnny. Dusty says he is willing to put the past away. Margo sides with Katie and Dusty. Katie becomes weak so Margo and Craig take her back to her room. Josie follows Dusty into Johnny's room. Johnny calls Josie Mom but Dusty explains that she is just a friend.

    That's My Son!

    Friday, January 02 2009

    Josie tries to talk to Dusty but he won't listen. Finally she blurts out that she knows Johnny and Lucy are in Oakdale! He thinks this is another setup by Paul and refuses to believe her. She says Johnny is sick and reminds him of the boy at The Lakeview. He still doesn't want to believe her. She tells him about the lion Johnny carries around and says Paul might have been right about the danger! She says the kiddo looks frail and weak; he insists that Lucy wouldn't bring Johnny back to Oakdale without contacting him.

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