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    As the World Turns CAST - Josie Driver - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Josie Driver Played by Kristen Connolly on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kristen Connolly (

    Real Name: Kristen Connolly


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    Hearing, Interrupted!

    Thursday, January 29 2009

    Craig arrives at the hearing and fires his lawyer! Carly arrives and asks if Craig has lost his mind. He says he is taking her advice and asks why she is there. "I'm here to support you from the sidelines," she says. They go inside; Meg, Dusty and Tom are already there. Craig tells Tom there are no hard feelings as far as he is concerned; Tom wonders what he is getting at. Craig brings up the Hal and Adam situation, suggesting that Adam might have been better off with Hal! Meg asks Carly what she is doing; she says she is there to support Craig. Meg says she is there to support her new husband – Dusty! Josie arrives and warns Dusty that Paul is on a rampage and might try to disrupt the hearing. "Why do you keep hanging around him?" Dusty asks. Meg pulls him inside and Josie leaves. The judge begins the hearing. Craig represents himself, telling the judge how much he loves Johnny. He tells the judge that the charges being brought against him when Johnny was a baby have been dropped. Then he tells the judge about Lucy's kidnapping. He says Johnny is better off with a biological parent. Josie tries to stop Paul but he bursts into the room as Tom tells the judge of Jennifer's belief that Craig would harm the boy. Tom says they need to revoke Craig's visitation now, too. Tom tells them about Dusty's new marriage.

    "Dusty and Meg are not legally married," Paul says! Craig grins. Dusty and Meg both try to get Paul to shut up but his papers prove that Meg wasn't legally divorced from him when she married Dusty. The judge asks what Meg's intentions are; she says she wants to divorce Paul and marry Dusty. Paul interrupts and angrily tells the judge to talk to Josie and not Meg! Craig convinces the judge to put Josie on the stand and questions her about her relationship with Dusty. She says she has more feelings for Dusty and he asks why Dusty married Meg. Josie says Dusty's marriage was to prove to the court that he could be a better father than Craig. Frustrated, Dusty brings up Craig's near-wedding with Carly. He says he can provide Johnny with more than Craig can and brings up Craig's past fathering mistakes. The judge tells Dusty to sit down. Craig turns back to Josie and asks about Meg's reasons for marrying Dusty. Josie says both of them married for the same reason. Dusty tells the judge that he loves Johnny and reminds Craig of their promise – to stop fighting over Johnny. The judge interrupts and says he's made his decision. The judge says Dusty and Meg tried to defraud the court. "I promised his mother I'd raise him as my own," Dusty says. The judge gives Craig full custody! Dusty tries to stop the judge but he won't listen. Dusty goes after Craig but Meg pulls him away before he can hit Craig. "I'll be at the farm in one hour," Craig says and walks out. Tom says Dusty's options are basically over because of Craig's biological ties. Tom promises to look into the situation more and leaves. Dusty and Josie leave, too. Meg approaches Paul and says, "I can't stand the sight of you." Paul grabs Meg; she says he just ruined Jennifer's last wish. She asks how Barbara will feel when she learns Craig is raising Johnny and walks out. Dusty and Josie go into another room and he asks why she told Paul about the real reasons for the marriage. She swears she didn't know Paul would use the information against them. Meg finds them and leaves with Dusty. Paul and Josie watch.

    She Can't Marry You!

    Wednesday, January 28 2009

    Meg meets with the real estate agent at The Lakeview. She is thrilled with the prospects and turns to go. She bumps into Josie and the real estate agent calls her back. Josie overhears and asks what is going on. Meg tells Josie she married Dusty. Meg tries to be understanding but Josie is very upset. She says if Dusty just wanted a convenient wife he would have chosen Josie; she insists that Dusty – and Paul – are obsessed with Meg!

    Josie walks into Fairwinds and begs Dusty not to call the cops on Paul. Dusty explains what is going on and starts arguing with Paul. Josie turns to Paul, convincing him that the cops will never side with him over Dusty. She begs him to trust her and to trust Meg's decision. He finally gives Josie the baby. She turns Eliza over to Dusty and promises that nothing like this will happen again; Dusty leaves. She follows him out, congratulates him and then returns to Paul. Lying on the couch, Paul wonders what to do now. They both wonder what made Dusty and Meg get married. Paul warns her that Dusty is a user and says she has to stop caring about him. "We're both a couple of losers," Josie says and Paul angrily says she doesn't know him at all! He vows to get back at Dusty.

    More Proposals!

    Friday, January 23 2009

    In the lounge Meg tells Dusty she can't marry him because it will wind up hurting Johnny more than it helps. He won't give in, saying he is all the stability or permanency Johnny needs. She asks why he doesn't propose to Josie. He says Josie isn't trustworthy enough for the job. He tells her how much he loves Eliza and how much he cares for her. Then he mentions his money. She refuses his cash because of Paul; Dusty says Paul's money will come with strings. She finally agrees to think about the offer. He asks her to keep an open mind. Josie sees Dusty hug Meg and comes into the lounge when Meg leaves. She has toys for Johnny. Dusty warns her not to get attached to the kiddo and she wonders why. He sits her down and says he proposed to Meg. Josie is shocked. "Shouldn't you try dating or going steady first?" she asks. He says this is for Johnny and Eliza. She asks about her future with him. He admits he has feelings for her but says Johnny comes first. Josie is very hurt and hurries away.

    Barbara meets Paul at Fairwinds, who says he is close to winning Meg's heart. She wonders if Paul is reading too much into the kiss and Meg's reaction. He asks her to talk to Meg on his behalf, making Barbara uncomfortable. She says Meg won't like it but finally gives in. She leaves. Josie arrives and demands to know why Dusty and Meg are getting married. "I can make him happy," she exclaims. Paul stops her and asks what is going on. She repeats that Dusty proposed, upsetting Paul. He declares that Meg belongs to him. He decides to go to Dusty but Josie stops him, telling him not to fight with Dusty or he'll lose Meg.

    Barbara arrives at Fairwinds and finds Josie. She tells him that Paul went to find Meg. She calls and leaves a voicemail, telling him not to do anything rash. Josie informs Barbara of Dusty's proposal and says Paul has no time to waste. Paul finally returns and says he went too far again.

    Carly Gives In!

    Monday, January 19 2009

    Josie finds Paul at Fairwinds playing video games. She tells him that not fighting Meg on the divorce is the best way to show her that he has changed. Paul doesn't want to do this but Josie finally gets through to him so he goes upstairs to clean up.

    At The Lakeview Dusty bugs Meg's purse and she goes into the lounge to meet Craig. She shows Craig the gift and he asks what she really wants. Dusty listens in. Meg tells him about Paul's breakdown and apologizes for marrying him while she was still in love with Paul. He asks if she has changed her mind about him. Meg hems and haws until Craig implies that he could have stopped Paul earlier because of his love for her. "Did you love me enough to kill the man who came between us?" she asks! He insists he left town to find Johnny. Meg says she understands why he would do it but Craig won't admit anything. Then, he implies that Dusty did it! Meg reminds him that Dusty was already gone but Craig says no one can be certain what Dusty was doing when he was presumed dead. Dusty gets frustrated as he listens. Craig thanks Meg for seeing him and wonders what their lives would have been like if their baby had lived. He leaves. Meg apologizes to Dusty as Josie watches from around the corner. She leaves and Josie asks what all of that was about. He tells her about the plan to trick Craig into a confession; she can't believe he didn't ask her and they go to get a drink. She tells him about Paul and he warns her not to start believing in him. "He's not right," Dusty says, pointing at his head. He kisses her and leaves.

    Craig Saves The Day!

    Thursday, January 15 2009

    At The Lakeview Dusty thanks Josie for looking after Johnny during the initial court hearing.

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