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    As the World Turns CAST - Josie Driver - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Josie Driver Played by Kristen Connolly on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kristen Connolly (

    Real Name: Kristen Connolly


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    My Biggest Mistake!

    Monday, February 09 2009

    At the impound yard Dusty demands that Josie tell him where Paul is. She insists she doesn't know but swears that Paul is returning the baby today. Dusty gets rough with her and Josie tells him that she wasn't a willing participant in the kidnapping but he doesn't believe her story. She tells him to leave her alone so he can get back to Meg. Dusty can't reach Meg by phone and won't let Josie go, either, even though she swears Paul wasn't acting crazy at all. He grabs her and makes her come with him to check rental car agencies. They go to agency after agency but don't find a trace of Paul. Frustrated, Josie says her biggest mistake in Oakdale wasn't being hired by Paul – it was falling for Dusty! They keep arguing. Josie insists that Dusty pushed Paul into kidnapping his own child. Dusty doesn't see it that way.

    Paul chases the car but can't catch up. He calls Meg and tells her Eliza has really been kidnapped this time. Meg freaks. He paces along the street, begging Meg to believe him but she doesn't. Paul promises he'll get Eliza back. Meg finally realizes Paul is serious about the stolen car and the kidnapping. She begs him to tell her where he is but he hangs up! Paul calls the rental car company and then calls Barbara. She can't believe what happened. "I need your help," he says. She tells him to call the cops but Paul wants to play hero. Babs says she'll be there soon. Paul is waiting around the rental agency. He calls the agents again but they don't have any information. He tells them to work harder. Barbara arrives with a wad of cash – and Meg! "What have you done with my baby?" Meg yells! Paul tells her everything but that only upsets Meg more. Babs calls her private detective but there is no news. Paul and Meg argue about Eliza – and then Dusty and Josie arrive.

    Paul turns on Josie as Meg turns on Dusty. She tells him that Eliza is gone and Dusty grabs Paul! Josie pulls him off of Paul and Barbara tells him about the carjacking. They argue but Babs steps in and says they have to work together. Dusty goes to check in with the agency; he wants to go to the cops but Paul refuses to leave the rental place. Meg says that since Paul can't describe the carjacker the police won't be much help. Dusty says the police can use anything he can tell them. He leads Meg away. Paul apologizes for thinking Josie turned him in. Dusty and the crew are just outside the police station when Paul spots the car – but Eliza isn't inside! Meg pushes Paul away and turns to Dusty.

    Eliza Is Kidnapped - Again!

    Friday, February 06 2009

    Paul and Josie are arguing when a security guard finds them. Paul makes up an excuse about an early call for the show being taped but the guard calls for clarification and kicks them out when he learns there was no early call. They walk outside into a snowstorm, arguing about what to do now. They get to where the car should be – but it is gone! Paul looks everywhere but can't find the car. Josie sees a parking sign and realizes it was probably towed; Paul blames her! Josie tries to make Paul see that turning themselves in is the best option but he won't give in, insisting that he needs time with the baby. Saying they have no money and no car, Josie implores him to give up so that Eliza won't suffer. He promises to call Meg and not implicate her. She says she wants to stay to help him but Paul won't allow that.

    Meg returns to the farm and hugs some of Eliza's toys. Paul calls! He apologizes for taking Eliza, promises she is okay and says he'll bring Eliza back the next day. Meg can't believe her ears. She cries. "Just let me know you're all right," she begs; Paul promises to keep in touch and apologizes again. He hangs up. Paul turns to Josie and feels terrible. He gives her money to get her car out of hock but warns her not to contact anyone in Oakdale ever again or she'll lose her life altogether. She takes the money. He tells her he'll support her until she makes it big as an artist. "I owe you. More than money," he says and they hug. Josie says goodbye to the baby and quickly leaves. Paul gathers the baby things and leaves in the opposite direction. He finds a car and puts the baby inside. While he is at the ATM, a thug watches the car closely. Paul gets back into the car – and the thug hits him with a bat and steals the car with Eliza inside! "No," Paul screams, running down the street.

    Dusty gets to New York and finds Josie outside the impound lot. "Where's the baby?" he demands.

    Trading Places!

    Wednesday, February 04 2009

    Josie wakes up to find Paul standing over her with the phone. He asks if she was going to use it to call in the cops. She says he is at fault in this, not her and tries to convince him to turn himself in again. He won't. Josie grabs her things and starts to leave but Paul grabs her. "You don't have a choice," he says! He threatens to get a real gun this time. Josie pushes him, telling him over and over to call Meg but Paul is irate about the marriage. He threatens to blame Josie for the kidnapping if she doesn't play along with him. She begs him to call Meg but he refuses. She gives him an hour to come clean or threatens to go to the police herself! Eliza starts to cry. With Paul focused on the baby, Josie slips out. She goes door to door, looking for help but no one will answer. Paul finds her and begs Josie to keep his secret for a week. He promises he'll take the baby back then. "It's the only way that I'll get to know her," he begs. Josie gives in. Paul finds a room filled with tapes and a music board. He turns on music and dances with the baby. Josie spots a phone. They go into another area and talk about their futures. Josie decides to live alone, far away from her family. Paul warns her that being alone is very lonely but Josie is tired of the problems brought on by her Oakdale connections. Paul brings up Dusty and Josie clams up. Eliza gets fussy again so Paul makes a new bottle. When he leaves, Josie grabs the stroller and hurries away. She calls Dusty and tells him that Paul has Eliza and will bring her back soon. She hangs up as Paul comes into the room! She says she only told Dusty that the baby was safe.

    A Night On The Town!

    Tuesday, February 03 2009

    Josie leaves a 'Dear John' note for Dusty at the hotel and leaves town. She drives out of town and then Paul pops up in the backseat! He pulls a gun and tells her to drive away from Oakdale! She says he can't shoot her without risking Eliza's life. "I'd rather die with her than let her live without me," Paul says. He ignores Barbara's calls until Josie convinces him to talk to his mother. Babs tries to make Paul see the light but he tells her to back off or he'll do something drastic. "I am James Stenbeck's son," he says and hangs up. The next morning Josie pulls to the side of the road, saying she is too tired to drive any farther. Paul threatens to shoot her again! She jumps out of the car and tells him to shoot her already! Paul follows and apologizes. He shows her his 'gun' which is really Eliza's bottle! She yells at him for what he's done. He begs her to listen to him. Sirens sound but Josie doesn't flag down the officers. She leads Paul inside a clinic and a nurse mistakes them for another couple. Two police officers arrive but they are really actors for a reality show. Josie nearly tells them everything but Paul stops her. They finish their taping. Josie tells Paul to turn himself in but he won't listen. He asks her to hold Eliza and then checks out the snacks for himself. He turns around and both Josie and Eliza are out cold.

    Paul returns to the break room to find Josie and Eliza still asleep. He hears Josie's phone and listens to Dusty's message. Then, he deletes it! He wakes Josie and then leads her into a dressing room to sleep. "When you wake up we'll figure out what to do," he says and they all settle in.

    Hearing, Interrupted!

    Thursday, January 29 2009

    Josie arrives at Fairwinds as Paul orders a contact to do more about Meg's marriage. She tells him to just accept this and move on; he says he can't. She points out that the marriage was about Johnny staying with Dusty. He says she is giving him false hope. His contact calls back and gives Paul some interesting news.

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