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    As the World Turns CAST - Josie Driver - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Josie Driver Played by Kristen Connolly on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kristen Connolly (

    Real Name: Kristen Connolly


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    This Is A Big Mistake...

    Thursday, November 13 2008

    Meg and Paul get to Al's and Meg orders nearly the entire menu; he teases her about eating for two. Paul sees Barbara with Josie and becomes upset. Meg sees them, too, and says Barbara can handle things. Paul goes outside and brings Barbara in. She says she hired Josie, who is very talented. Paul is sarcastic about Josie's memory loss and skills and says it isn't okay for her to try to take Jennifer's place. He says it is unhealthy for Josie to be around Babs! She says Josie is a nice girl who has good instincts. The more she talks the more Paul thinks something is up with Josie. She says Paul should understand Josie's instincts since he has special gifts, too. Barbara leaves. Paul can't drop the Josie subject but Meg says Barbara is handling herself. She suggests that he give Josie a break; he says she thought the same thing about Sofie! They eat and she reminds him that nu-Paul would give Josie a break; he says he'll try.

    At The Lakeview, Josie asks Dusty about the song. He pulls her into the lounge and says he can't give her the space he promised. "I saw you with Ethan, singing, and I can't leave," he says. He says their connection worries him; she says it worries her, too. She says Ethan made her feel lost and she says she didn't know that song before she started singing it. "What do we do?" she asks. Dusty says, for starters, he is going to stay with her. Emily walks in and sees them! She calls Paul and says they have to get rid of Josie!

    If You Want To Leave, Then Leave!

    Wednesday, November 12 2008

    Dusty takes Josie to Fashions to pick out some new clothes. She doesn't want to be indebted to him but he insists she buy some things. Emily calls and he leaves. Barbara arrives and gets angry at Josie. Josie starts talking about the clothes and obviously knows something about fashion design; Barbara is impressed. One of Barbara's employees calls with a problem and she quickly leaves.

    Josie follows Barbara to The Lakeview and offers to help her with the work crisis. Barbara isn't sure what to think but allows Josie to come inside. Josie finishes one gown and Barbara is pleased with her work. Josie compliments a dress and Babs says it was one of Jennifer's designs. Josie asks about Jennifer and Barbara says she misses her; Josie apologizes for bringing up bad memories. Josie sees the picture of Hal on a table, brings it to Barbara and asks about him. "Hal was the love of my life," Barbara says. Josie says he looks like a sensitive cop; Barbara says that is the perfect description. Dusty walks in and Barbara tells him Josie is helping her. He leaves. Barbara thanks Josie for her help and offers to pay her. Josie says she doesn't need money and Barbara realizes she is late to get back to Fashions. Josie says she'll wait with the clothes and Barbara offers her a dress as payment. She leaves. Josie picks out Jennifer's dress.

    Dusty comes to Josie's room a while later and finds her dressed in the gown. He almost says she looks like Jennifer but catches himself and says she is beautiful. Dusty kisses her!

    It's A Mystery!

    Monday, November 10 2008

    Dusty looks over Josie's drawings and says they are just like Jennifer's. She calls him a jerk. She believes he is testing her, trying to figure out her motives and she says she has no motives. "I don't know who I am and I feel a bond to your wife but I don't know what it means," she says. Dusty tells her to meet him downstairs in ten minutes and leaves.

    Dusty meets Barbara in the lounge and says he hasn't found Johnny – yet. He says he hasn't given up. She tells him about a New York business trip and then he tells her a little about Josie. They go into the lounge to wait for Josie but Dusty is called away. Barbara saves their table, worried about Dusty's new woman. Barbara is waiting alone when Josie walks in and feels a spark of recognition. Barbara says she doesn't know her but Josie rambles on about how familiar she seems. Barbara doesn't like her. Dusty walks back in and introduces the women. Barbara drags Dusty into the hall and demands answers. She calls Josie a crazy person and Dusty says she reminds him of Jennifer! He tells her about first meeting Josie and shows Babs the drawings. She says Dusty is grasping at straws. Upset, she says she won't relive Jennifer's life or death and tells him to leave her alone. As they argue, Paul and Meg arrive. They argue and turn on Dusty; Josie comes out. Dusty tells them all to be quiet because this wasn't Josie's idea! He says they both want the same thing: answers! He asks them to give Josie a chance but Paul and Babs say they can't. Barbara walks away. Dusty says Babs deserves to know the truth about Jennifer – and Josie! He leaves. Paul apologizes to Meg for the drama and his angry outburst. She asks about their dinner plans! "The least you could do is buy me a sandwich!" she says.

    Dusty goes back to Josie's room and finds her repacking. Upset, she says she has to go back to Ohio. She says she has to go back. Dusty says she can't. He shows her the picture of Jennifer and she is stunned. Dusty says he has to find out who she is but says he doesn't see her as a substitute for Jennifer. He says she might be able to help him find Johnny. She agrees to try.

    Now I'm Not The Crazy One!

    Thursday, November 06 2008

    In Dusty's hotel room, Josie asks why he really has her here. Dusty says he just wants to help her but she isn't so sure – she thinks he is substituting her for Jennifer! They walk downstairs and see Emily. He introduces them and Josie goes on into the lounge. Dusty tells Emily that he found Josie because of the psychic – and her! He tells her about Josie's memory loss and says he believes she is connected to Jennifer. Emily says he's gone too far! He turns away and goes to Josie's table. Josie asks him about Emily and realizes she is against Josie. She says Emily isn't wrong – and he is crazy for bringing her to Oakdale! He asks what she wants and she says her memory; he says he'll help her.

    Kim goes to the hospital to see Bob. She gets a call and finds out about Brad's arrest and tells Bob. Both of them are shocked that Brad is under suspicion and agree to meet later. Bob asks her about Spencer and Kim says she was a good girl; she also defends Brad and Katie. She leaves. Dusty brings in Josie to see Bob; he looks her over and says she seems healthy. He sets her up for a brain scan but tells them that the scan may not show anything. He advises Josie to follow any flashes of memory, even if it seems insignificant. He asks Dusty to bring Josie back in a week. She says she won't sponge off Dusty that long! Bob tells her not to give up hope and then leaves. Dusty follows him into the hall and thanks him for helping. Bob asks why Josie interests him; Dusty says she reminds him of Jennifer. Bob is taken aback but says this is just a coincidence.

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