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    As the World Turns CAST - Josie Driver - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Josie Driver Played by Kristen Connolly on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kristen Connolly (

    Real Name: Kristen Connolly


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    Casey Comes Clean!

    Monday, November 24 2008

    Dusty and Josie return to Oakdale; she suggests an anti-Thanksgiving, foregoing all of the holiday favorites and making a holiday of their own. An artist asks them to pose for a portrait and Josie convinces Dusty to stick around so she can draw him. It only takes her a few minutes to create a sketch of his face. He noticed the differences between Josie's portrait and Jennifer's designs. She mentions an art teacher; Dusty asks her to try to remember more but she says she is scared she'll lose him if she remembers. "What if you don't like who I really am?" she asks. He kisses her as Meg walks up. Neither notices her; Josie goes to get some 'anti-Thanksgiving' stuff. Meg asks Dusty about Josie; he says she is a nice girl. She says after seeing him with Josie she thinks Paul might have a point! Dusty says he can handle himself. Meg says if Josie can give him a fresh start, she's all for it. The baby kicks and she tells him it is a girl. Dusty pats her belly and says, "Nice to meet you." They are standing together when Paul and Josie return. Meg tells Paul about the baby moving; Paul leads Meg away.

    Back at The Lakeview, Dusty tells Josie about his past with Meg. He says he isn't worried about Paul because all of that is in the past. He says Paul should be avoided and Josie agrees. She tells him to go so she can finish their anti-Thanksgiving fun. He kisses her and leaves. A few minutes later Paul arrives! She says he can't be there; he says she better start returning his calls! "You work for me!" Paul exclaims. He angrily tells her to fall in line with his plans. She says she can't do it!

    Dusty and Josie Make Love!

    Friday, November 21 2008

    At The Lakeview, Dusty and Josie talk about how much they aren't looking forward to Thanksgiving. He suggests they get out of town and she suggests Tampa, saying she has a feeling she once had a good time there. Dusty remembers when he and Jennifer went there and says he wants to go back. She is hesitant but he convinces her.

    Josie and Dusty arrive at the Tampa hotel; she dares him to sing karaoke but he says she should. She sings the same song Jennifer used to sing! The crowd claps and Josie goes back to Dusty; he is quiet and tells her that Jennifer sang him the same song in the same place! She is shocked. Dusty says this can't be coincidence and Josie says she is scared. She says she feels connected to Jennifer but isn't sure how. She says she understands if he wants her to go; he takes her hand and says he wants her to stay with him. Dusty talks about Johnny and how much he wants to find the boy – and Lucy! Josie worries that her psychic moments are just weird happenings and won't help him find his son. He says whatever is happening, he wants to stay with her. She kisses his hand and asks if he wants to go somewhere. Dusty gets them a room; he turns to go but Josie says they made a bet - for whatever she wanted. She kisses him. He asks if she is sure about this and she says yes. They make love.

    I Wash My Hands Of You!

    Monday, November 17 2008

    At The Lakeview, Dusty and Josie talk about the kiss; she says she wants to kiss him again but not until she knows about her past. Dusty tells her about Emily's background check, shocking her. She is understanding about why it was done and says she would do the same in his position. He says it was Emily's doing, not his and tells her about their old relationship. Josie says she wants to know why she feels connected to Jennifer and says she'd like to talk to her about Johnny! She wonders about her past and why no one is looking for her. Dusty suggests hypnosis to find out more about her past; Josie is hesitant and asks if he'll come with her. He says he will.

    Paul arrives at Emily's office. She says they are losing time and have to get rid of Josie right away before Barbara is hurt. Paul doesn't want to go along with him but the more she talks about Barbara getting hurt, the more he falls in line with her plans. Emily calls Dusty, says she is back in town and ready to tell him about the conference. Dusty puts her off but Josie tells him to do it and leaves. Emily starts talking demographics and micro-blogging; she says they need to talk in person. They agree to meet in the lounge.

    In the hall, Paul corners Josie and asks if they can talk. He leads her into the lounge and accuses her of trying to get money out of Dusty! Josie says she is doing no such thing. He offers her $1 million to leave town immediately. Josie slaps him! Dusty sides with Josie; Paul says he is trying to protect Barbara. Emily comes to Paul's side and Josie accuses them of being in cahoots! This makes Dusty curious. Emily tries to leave but Dusty keeps her with him. Josie blurts out that Emily and Paul are terrible for keeping Johnny from Jennifer. Dusty asks how she knows and Josie breaks down. She says she doesn't know how she knows anything and runs off. Paul accuses Dusty of feeding Josie personal information and says he hopes Josie takes off with his money. Paul leaves. Emily confronts Dusty, too, and says he knows how much she has changed. Dusty accuses her of setting up Josie. She says she did nothing of the sort. Dusty says he didn't tell Josie anything; Emily says someone told her something – and he better watch his step!

    Josie is standing over Jennifer's grave when Dusty finally finds her. She says she found the location online. "I want to understand," she says. Dusty says she was right about Emily and Paul. "They want to hurt me," she says but can't explain how. He says it is all leading back to Jennifer. He admits that he believes she may be scamming him but says he likes her and wants to believe her. She says she stayed in Oakdale because of him, not because of the connections to Jennifer! She hugs him.

    This Is A Big Mistake...

    Thursday, November 13 2008

    In Josie's room, Dusty apologizes for kissing her. She says she liked the kiss and there is nothing to apologize for. Then she brings up the past and says that kissing can't happen again until she knows more about her past.

    Barbara gets her trunk show ready at Fashions. Josie arrives and says she no longer wants one of Barbara's dresses as payment for her work. She asks for a job! Barbara says she has cut down on her business and apologizes; she says Josie was a good worker, though. She thinks about it and says she will take Josie on a part-time basis. Josie is thrilled. They are talking about her duties when Lily arrives with Ethan. She tells Barbara about Lucinda's new diagnosis; Babs is stunned. Lily says she wants something frilly and beautiful for Lucinda after the surgery. Barbara goes to a rack and Josie offers to take Ethan for ice cream. Barbara introduces Josie and Lily and she agrees to the ice cream date. Josie takes Ethan outside and sings him a song. Dusty hears her and sits down, stunned. Lily comes out and takes Ethan home. Dusty approaches Josie and says he heard her singing. He says that is the same song that Jennifer sang to Johnny. "This is getting too weird," she says. Dusty says they need to talk and Josie says she'll meet him at The Lakeview in a few minutes.

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