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    As the World Turns CAST - Kevin Davis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Kevin Davis Played by Karl Girolamo on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Karl Girolamo (

    Birthday: February 1, 1986
    Birthplace: Staten Island, New York, USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Karl Girolamo


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    You're Fired!

    Tuesday, November 04 2008

    Mark and Kevin are celebrating his victory – even though the polls are still open – when Luke and the campaign worker arrive at Yo's. Luke tells him to stuff the ballot box! A while later, Mark returns with news – that the election isn't going their way!

    Why Can't I Forget You?

    Thursday, October 30 2008

    Luke finds Kevin at Al's and says the campaign shouldn't be used to hurt innocent people. Kevin insists he didn't have anything to do with Alison's attack but Luke says this is just more of his bullying ways. "At least I didn't pimp my friend out to get information," Kevin says and walks out. Luke follows him through Old Town and apologizes for Alison's spying games; Kevin says again that he doesn't know anything about Allie's attack. Luke says things have gone too far and Kevin agrees. "I want a clean fight," he says and then tells Luke to drop out of the election! Luke says Kevin is just afraid of losing; Kevin says there are more issues than the Gay Film Festival and tells Luke that the only reason he wants to be president is so he can say that he beat Kevin!

    Mark meets Kevin at Java and angrily says Alison is completely to blame. Kevin says Mark is the one in the wrong but Mark won't back down. He calls Luke and Alison names. Kevin says he doesn't care about Alison's past or Luke's homosexuality. Mark tells Kevin to get a clue.

    Alison Is Attacked!

    Wednesday, October 29 2008

    At the party, Casey looks for his costume but can't find it. He gets worried when he can't find Alison, either, and asks Kevin where she might be. Kevin swears he doesn't know. Casey leaves and tries to call Alison but she doesn't answer. He leaves a message for her.

    Mark goes back to his room and is watching the video he took of Alison when Kevin walks in and tells him to get rid of it!

    That's Not Casey!

    Tuesday, October 28 2008

    Outside, Noah tries convincing Luke not to fight back and to stick to the issues. Luke refuses. Casey and Alison come outside and she says she'll try to talk to Kevin. They go to the party at Yo's and Alison finds Kevin. She brings up the campaign and the video and says it was a bad idea. Kevin insists it wasn't his idea but Alison says he can do something about it. Kevin finds Mark and orders him to take the video down. Aaron arrives and accuses Alison of bad things because he saw her with Kevin. Alison tries to explain but he won't listen so she storms off. Meanwhile, Mark sees Alison with Aaron and asks a friend who she is. Casey tells Aaron he is all wrong. He sets Aaron straight and he leaves. Alison comes over, still upset, and demands to know what he said.

    Noah and Luke are about to join the party when a friend stops and says he saw the video and is upset. He and Noah continue inside but Luke stays behind. Kevin comes out and sees Luke; he apologizes and blames the video on his friends. Luke angrily asks what the next video will be like and says this isn't about the campaign – it's personal! Kevin says his friends are taking down the video and when Luke keeps saying this is about his being gay, Kevin angrily says homosexuality has nothing to do with his campaign; he says their friendship disintegrated because of Luke, not him!

    Noah comes into the party. Casey says they have to speak in private or they'll figure out Alison is spying. Noah says this is getting out of control and walks off; Alison agrees with Noah. Mark sees them and wonders what is going on. Casey thanks Alison for helping out and then ruins things by asking Alison to get Kevin's speech notes before the big debate! Kevin returns inside and Mark tells him that Alison is working as a spy for Luke! Kevin tells Mark to forget about taking down the video and to focus on winning. Alison comes by but Kevin ignores her! Casey and a few guys start playing a game. Alison catches up with Kevin at the bar and asks him about the speech. Kevin doesn't say much so Alison asks more questions about what he'll speak on; Kevin says she'll have to wait and see. He leaves. Casey loses the first round of his game, takes off his costume and prepares for round two; he doesn't notice that someone steals his costume! Alison turns to leave and sees someone is Casey's costume; she asks 'Casey' to take her home. The game finally ends and Casey realizes his costume is gone.

    Noah returns to Luke as Kevin storms off. Luke angrily says Kevin called him a bigot and says the video is going to ruin things. Noah tells Luke to let it go because none of this is as big as Luke thinks it is. Noah says he is sick of the election and how Luke is acting and leaves. Luke follows him.

    You Want My Advice?

    Wednesday, October 22 2008

    Luke goes to Java and flirts with Noah. Casey arrives and Luke tells them he is running for president! Noah is shocked and not thrilled. Luke apologizes for not running the idea by him first; Noah says the Gay Film Festival isn't reason enough to add the presidency to his plate. Luke says he isn't doing this just because of the festival; Casey chimes in that Kevin is really popular and it's going to be tough. Luke asks if Casey means he can't win because he is gay! Casey and Noah can't believe how he is overreacting. Alison arrives and they tell her about Luke's plan. Kevin arrives and Luke says he'll have competition in the race now. Kevin says he looks forward to it. Casey worries that Luke doesn't have the right staff; Noah grins and says they have all they need! Luke catches on and says Casey could be their contact with the 'straight' crowds and popular people. Alison thinks it's a good idea, too, but Casey isn't sure he wants to do it. Ian arrives; Luke apologizes to Noah for not filling him in sooner and then goes to talk to Ian. Casey asks why Alison is so invested in Luke's campaign. Mark arrives before she can answer and invites Casey to come to Kevin's campaign rally. He makes a few bigoted comments about Luke and leaves. Casey says he is on Luke's team – as long as Alison is onboard, too! She reminds him that she doesn't attend Oakdale U but Casey says that doesn't matter. He says it would help the Snyder family as a whole. Alison finally agrees to be Casey's spy at Kevin's meetings! Casey tells Luke he'll be the campaign manager and that Alison is going to be their spy.

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