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    As the World Turns CAST - Kevin Davis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Kevin Davis Played by Karl Girolamo on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Karl Girolamo (

    Birthday: February 1, 1986
    Birthplace: Staten Island, New York, USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Karl Girolamo


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    Mark Is Arrested!

    Thursday, March 05 2009

    At Java Luke and Noah tell Kevin about Elwood's death and the suspicion that Matt was the supplier. Kevin acts strangely and then leaves. Noah says Kevin is acting strangely and believes he might be involved in the drug scandal. Luke doesn't want to believe that. Casey calls, looking for Alison. Upset, he tells Luke about Margo's plans and the fact that Matt may not be guilty and hangs up. Noah brings up Kevin again, saying this would explain why Kevin was acting so strangely. They agree to find Kevin.

    At Al's Kevin calls Mark and leaves a message saying he is in the clear! Luke and Noah arrive and demand to know who he was talking to! Kevin tries to bluff his way out of the situation but Noah grabs it and looks at past calls – they know he called Mark! Kevin finally admits that Mark is the killer and says he was just trying to help a friend! He tells the guys that Mark seemed to be fine but then started acting like an addict again. They order Kevin to call Mark again and finally Mark returns Kevin's calls. Mark asks Kevin for money and sets up a meeting at the bridge where Elwood was killed. Noah calls Margo to fill her in. All three guys head for the bridge.

    At the bridge Luke and Noah watch as Kevin waits for Mark to show up. Mark finally shows up and demands to know why Luke and Noah are there! Kevin tries to calm Mark down. He hits Kevin with a metal post and when Luke and Noah try to stop him he falls from the bridge! The guys grab him and pull him back onto the bridge as Margo arrives with the cops. Mark is arrested. Kevin tells Margo everything; she thanks them for helping but reminds them to leave the police work to the police next time. Luke and Noah leave.

    I Told You So!

    Monday, March 02 2009

    Kevin arrives at the diner and asks Luke what is going on with Casey. Luke informs him that Casey is innocent, and boasts that the police will figure out Ellwood and Matt are guilty. In the middle of their conversation, Luke answers a call from Ellwood. Ellwood tells him he knows why everything is happening to Casey. Luke coaxes Ellwood into meeting him at the bridge on Mill Road.

    At the diner, Alison sees Mark arrive. He approaches her and apologizes and wants to make amends with everyone he has hurt. Alison wearily accepts his apology. Kevin arrives again and tells Mark he has the schedule. As Mark goes to another table, Kevin tells her he should have apologized and asked how she was after the election. Kevin goes to Mark's table and orders him to leave her alone. Mark thinks she is genuinely concerned and wonders if Alison is single. Kevin reminds her that he almost raped her, but Mark insists he is a changed man.

    Breaking and Entering!

    Thursday, February 19 2009

    At Java Kevin, Luke and Noah talk about the death. They tell Kevin their thoughts about Elwood's involvement. Then Elwood walks in and Luke shoves him up against a wall! Elwood says he is innocent and Luke is crazy. After he leaves the guys wonder how they can make Elwood pay; Kevin says Elwood is in the dorm room across from his and offers to watch Elwood. He leaves. Luke says it's time to move their investigation to the next level – by breaking into Elwood's dorm room! Noah doesn't like the idea but Luke says they have no choice. Noah leaves for class; Luke decides to snoop through Elwood's room alone.

    Luke gets to Elwood's dorm and listens at the door until he is sure the room is empty. Then he breaks in. He searches through drawers and then the desk. He finds a note that reads, "Got you covered – M." Elwood walks in with Kevin and a security guard! The guard hauls Luke away.

    Noah and Luke go to Java. Luke insists Elwood is guilty and won't listen to Noah when he insists they leave the investigation to the cops. Kevin walks in and says he never suspected Luke was in Elwood's room. He promises to keep watching Elwood to protect the student body. He leaves. Noah thinks Kevin is being sincere but Luke still won't listen.

    Locked In A Closet!

    Tuesday, November 11 2008

    Alison and Casey are playing around in Old Town when they see Kevin! He brings up the election. Kevin talks to one of his fans and Alison asks what he is talking about. Casey says Kevin has a case of sour grapes. Kevin says there is an investigation into the election to find out why 98% of the student population turned out this year and last year only 26% voted. Kevin walks off. Alison asks if there is something to worry about. Casey says Kevin is just mad that he lost but Alison is really worried because of the talk about stuffing the ballot box. She realizes that is exactly what happened! Casey says he was just helping Luke but Alison angrily says what he did was wrong. She says he could have ruined things for Luke. "Grow up!" she says and storms away.

    You're Fired!

    Tuesday, November 04 2008

    In Old Town, Luke is stumping for votes, telling students that he is going to make sure that all students are given the same rights. A student comes by and says rights are one thing – but beer is another! He says Kevin is giving away beer for votes! Luke and Noah are shocked. He and his friends confront Kevin but he refuses to stop his victory party. Luke worries that he'll lose and one of his supporters suggests stuffing the ballot box! Noah and newly arrived Alison say they can't do this but Luke is intrigued. Casey and Noah keep talking and decide to go through with their idea. Noah can't believe it and tells Luke not to stoop to Kevin's level! He says Luke is better than this but Luke refuses to listen. "I tried to take the high road but Kevin lies and cheats and he's still going to win?" Luke says and angrily says he won't let Kevin make him feel inferior again! Noah is understanding but says Luke can't make this election and Kevin turn him into a different person. Luke says he has to win the election to show people like Kevin how wrong they are. "You can't stop people from being small-minded," Noah says. Luke says he has to show people he is proud of who he is. Noah angrily says cheating won't make him proud and storms off. The campaign worker returns and pulls Luke away.

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