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    As the World Turns CAST - Spencer McKay - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Spencer McKay Played by Nell Mooney on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Nell Mooney (

    Real Name: Nell Mooney


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    Who Knew I Had That Kind Of Power?

    Thursday, December 04 2008

    Spencer surprises Margo and Dani in the apartment, ties them up and pulls a gun. She says if Henry, Brad and Katie had followed instructions, none of this would have happened. "I hate the whole lot of them," she says. Margo asks what Katie, Brad and Henry did to her. She says she could have loved Brad; Margo thinks there is more to her story. Dani asks who the woman in the locker is. Spencer says it was a Jane Doe from the Chicago Morgue. "I'd love to stay and chat, but, adios," she says and leaves the apartment! Dani apologizes to Margo for getting them into this mess. Sirens sound in the distance and Margo says they are going to be rescued soon.

    Why Do You Care, Grandpa?

    Wednesday, December 03 2008

    At WOAK, Brad and Katie tape a new segment, even though Kim hasn't given him his job back. During the segment, a foul order pervades the studio. They track it down to Brad's locker, open it and a body falls out! A security guard calls the police; Brad is certain the body is Spencer's because of the appearance and is about to pull the plastic from the body when his phone rings. He ignores the call and pulls the plastic down. Margo arrives and they tell her what happened. Brad admits he touched the plastic but the face on the body is too disfigured. Dani arrives and says their witness denied seeing Spencer! Margo drags Brad out and Katie follows. Dani calls her contact and says their plan is working. "Poor Spencer. You owe me for this one," she says!

    I Wash My Hands Of You!

    Monday, November 17 2008

    Spencer calls Dani and says being sighted was no big deal. Dani says she better watch out or she'll wind up a real dead body!

    You Want A Fight, You've Got One!

    Friday, November 14 2008

    Katie and Brad go to Chicago to talk to a contact there. Brad is nervous about the interview but Katie calms him down. They go inside and pitch their idea. The man says it's a no-go – because they know about Brad's arrest and the advertisers won't support him! Brad gets angry but Katie drags him out before he can say anything stupid. They are walking on the street; Brad says Katie is better off without him. She says Spencer planned all of this and he isn't to blame. She goes to get coffee, leaving Brad on the street. While he is waiting, Brad sees Spencer. He calls out to her but she runs away! Katie comes out and Brad says he just saw Spencer. Katie thinks Brad is imagining it but he insists that he saw her.

    Why Don't You Leave Him Alone?

    Wednesday, November 05 2008

    Brad walks into Spencer's room and thinks she is faking. He pulls her scarf from around her neck, sees bruising and then checks her pulse. She is dead!

    Katie walks into Spencer's room and nearly screams. Brad puts his hand over her mouth and tells her he didn't do it. Margo walks in with her gun drawn! She checks Spencer, sees that she is dead and calls Dani at the police station to send a forensics team. Dani arrives; she and Margo take evidence and then Margo instructs Dani to do complete crime scene investigation – with hair and fibers and the works. Katie asks Brad why he didn't just stay away. Margo grabs them both and tells them to stop talking.

    You're Fired!

    Tuesday, November 04 2008

    Meanwhile at WOAK, Spencer is crying to Kim about how Brad was all over her and tried to take advantage of her! She says she thought Brad was a nice guy; Kim listens and tries to calm Spencer down. She tells Spencer to go home and she will talk to Brad. Spencer leaves and Kim calls Brad; he says he'll be right there. Brad arrives as Kim is talking to a worker about canceling the Chicago live shots. He says he can't work with Spencer; Kim says she knows all about what happened because Spencer told her! Brad asks what he did and Kim tells him what Spencer said. Brad is shocked and tells Kim what really happened. "I had to fend her off," Brad says! He swears that Spencer is the one who made all the moves and begs Kim to believe him. Kim sides with Spencer! She says that Brad is constantly bringing drama to WOAK and because Spencer is willing to go public, her hands are tied. She says Brad has to make changes if he expects to keep his job – beginning with staying far, far away from Spencer on the job and off!

    At The Lakeview, Spencer unpacks her bag. Brad arrives! She tells him to go away but Brad won't leave. Spencer lets him in and he asks what is going on! Spencer says she told Kim the truth and Brad says she is crazy – because she came on to him! He orders her to tell Kim the truth! Spencer grabs his clothes and pushes and pulls on them; Brad tries to stop her and rips the sleeve of her blouse! Spencer threatens to call the cops. Brad leaves. "I will make this right," she says.

    At the police station, Katie tells Margo about Spencer and Brad. She asks Margo to open a case on Spencer but Margo says there is no evidence that Spencer did anything criminal. Katie angrily says Spencer should pay for what she did to Brad – and she'll settle for Kim firing her! Katie is about to leave when Spencer calls and emotionally accuses Brad of attacking her! Margo puts the call on speaker and questions her; Spencer says she had to fight Brad off! Katie says Spencer is lying but Margo leaves to talk to Spencer in person.

    Margo arrives at Spencer's and she tells her the same thing she told Kim. Then she says Brad attacked her and he deserves to be in jail!

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