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    As the World Turns CAST - Danielle "Dani" Andropolous - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Danielle "Dani" Andropolous Played by Deirdre Skiles on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Deirdre Skiles (

    Real Name: Deirdre Skiles


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    Too Much Subterfuge!

    Tuesday, August 26 2008

    Emily arrives at The Lakeview for the party; Susan has everything put together. Emma arrives and chats with Emily; she gives Susan Paul and Meg's regrets because they can't attend. Aaron arrives, followed by Alison! He kisses her. Holden arrives and drinks with Emily. She sees Casey arrive with Dani and angrily tells Dani to back off. Dani tells Emily to lighten up. Aaron spots Lily delivering the kids and asks her to stay. She agrees reluctantly and calls Mike to cancel their plans. Holden sees Lily and tells her to go; she says she is staying because Aaron invited her. He admits that his anger is more about missing out on their family life than about her dating Mike. Lily storms off. Chris arrives. Susan tries to head him off but Aaron sees him and proposes a toast - to his future wife! Chris is shocked and Alison sadly watches him. Aaron toasts to their newfound love. After, Alison and Faith bond as future sisters but then she hurries after Chris. Chris says he got the message and she asks why he is there in the first place! He shows her the text message and brings up the flowers. She says she didn't send the message and she didn't know he sent the flowers. Chris blames Aaron but Alison defends him. She says Aaron is exactly what she needs. Chris sadly leaves. Alison returns to the party but won't talk to Aaron. He leads her out of the room and she asks why he sent that message. Aaron says that was the only way to get through to Chris. She says she doesn't need this kind of subterfuge and he needs to get over Chris. Aaron asks why she is so upset when she keeps saying she wants Chris out of her life! Allie says Aaron is being sneaky and underhanded and needs to stop because she doesn't like that side of him. Casey is singing Emily's praises to Emma and Susan when she walks up and tells him to stop. Casey sets her straight on how Emma really feels about Emily's newspaper, shocking her. Emma asks Susan what is going on with them after they leave but Susan doesn't know. Both agree that at least Aaron and Alison are on the right track. Lily, Holden and kids take their leave, interrupting Aaron and Alison's argument on the way out. They assure everyone that they are happy. In the hall, Casey and Emily make up and leave. Alison thanks Susan for the party; Emma tells Aaron not to leave things messy with Alison. Susan and Emma leave. Aaron turns to Alison and apologizes for hurting Chris that way. "It was low," he says. She agrees and then says the worst thing is that it was unnecessary because she loves him. She kisses him.

    Dani follows Chris to Yo's and buys him a drink. She offers to take him some place for dinner, too, and brings up Alison. She tells him to give another woman - her! - a chance! She goes to get another drink. They shoot pool and Dani offers him another drink. Chris turns her down. She asks for a pool rematch but Chris says he still cares too much about Allie to get into another relationship. He leaves.

    The Marrying Kind!

    Monday, August 25 2008

    At the hospital, Chris runs into Dani, who asks for his help with her job. Chris introduces her to the Mort-the-Morgue-Guy. He gives Dani files on all of the people who died violent deaths. Another body is brought in and Dani convinces Mort to let her stay for the autopsy. Mort pulls back the covering and Dani faints! Chris wakes her and they flirt over her inability to view a cadaver. She leaves. Susan finds Chris and tells him Alison's good grade news. She is excited and says Allie will be there soon with even better news.

    Alison runs into Chris at the hospital and is surprised when he says Susan is broadcasting her grade all over the hospital; Alison is relieved that he doesn't know about the proposal and hides her hand behind her back. Chris asks what is going on. She won't let him see her hand and he angrily leaves. She follows and apologizes. In the hall, they bump into Dani, who thanks Chris for his help earlier. She is put off by the other woman, especially when Dani invites Chris to lunch. They leave.

    The Tribute is Off!

    Thursday, August 21 2008

    Margo finds Dani in her office at the police station going over reports. She orders Dani to leave and won't listen even after Dani shows Margo her new credentials.

    Emily shows Casey her story, certain that this is exactly what she needs to get The Intruder off the gossip beat. They are celebrating over lunch when Dani walks in and angrily goes off on Casey because of Margo. He says he didn't tell Margo anything and Dani apologizes. She asks for his help and he offers to go to Tom. Emily decides to help, too, and offers to go with Dani to see her boss.

    Dani thanks Emily for sticking up for her since she came back to town. Casey returns and says Tom is going to talk to Margo! Emily tells Dani to get back to work and not let Margo frustrate her efforts. Margo walks in and angrily says they need to stop playing games with her! Margo refuses to admit that she had no authority to kick Dani out of the office and says Emily better stop messing around in her life. Emily says she didn't do anything; Casey and Dani try to reason with Margo but she won't listen. She hands Dani's papers back and says she is not welcome at the station house! Margo leaves. Emily calls the mayor on Dani's behalf!

    Emily walks into the police station with the mayor and Dani in tow. The mayor pressures Margo to let Dani work in the station house, angering her.

    New Romance Blooming?

    Tuesday, August 19 2008

    Alison and Aaron arrive at the hospital for the first of his shots. Chris walks up and says he is Aaron's doctor today. Aaron refuses his care. Susan hears their raised voices and offers to take over for Chris. Chris and Alison go to the hall where they run into Dani. She is immediately taken with Chris and asks Alison what his story is! As they talk, Alison becomes very uncomfortable about her seeing Chris. Susan and Aaron interrupt and Alison introduces Aaron. Susan invites them all to lunch but Dani has an appointment.

    Dani meets with a Mr. Ross at The Lakeview and lands the job that brought her to town. He leaves and she celebrates with a drink at the bar. She orders as Chris walks in. Dani takes his wine advice and they talk about Paris, where they both lived for a while. She invites him to join her job celebration; he accepts. As they are talking, Alison and Aaron arrive. Aaron could care less about Dani's job - or her interest in Chris - but Alison is obviously thrown. Aaron goes to find his boss about some time off. She thanks Chris for helping Aaron. Aaron calls to her that they can go. Dani turns to Chris and asks if there is something going on between him and Alison! He says they have history and Aaron doesn't like him. She says that Alison is over him and Aaron should get over his anger. Chris is upset but hides it.

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