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    As the World Turns CAST - Danielle "Dani" Andropolous - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Danielle "Dani" Andropolous Played by Deirdre Skiles on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Deirdre Skiles (

    Real Name: Deirdre Skiles


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    Magic Flowers, Wedding Bells and Vows!

    Wednesday, September 10 2008

    On the lawn, again, Ethan, Natalie and Faith lead the way down the aisle. Emily follows and then Alison appears. Susan escorts her down the aisle. The minister begins the ceremony as Chris arrives and watches. Dani spots him, hurries to his side and leads him away. He wants to stop the wedding but doesn't; he begs Dani not to tell anyone about the day before. She promises. Derek calls Paul, who leaves the ceremony. Aaron promises to be honest and open with Allie and to stand by her no matter what. Holden looks back at Lily. Alison makes her vows, promising to be Aaron's best friend and a worthy wife. They each say, "I do," and then Ethan brings them the rings. Emma asks Meg how she is holding up; she says she is fine. Aaron places his ring on Allie's finger and she does the same. The minister pronounces them husband and wife. Aaron kisses her. Dani returns. Lily cries. Meg is worried about Paul but tells Emma things are okay. Emma hears a noise from the farm area and asks Jack to check it out. Meg tries calling Paul but he doesn't answer. Casey toasts to the bride and groom; Luke wonders where Holden is because he was supposed to make the toast. Emma isn't sure.

    Allie! What Were You Thinking?

    Tuesday, September 09 2008

    At Lily's, she tells Susan and Emily they can use her room to get ready the next day. As more people arrive, Susan gets very nervous because Alison isn't there. Emily tries to talk to Casey but he is cold to her because of her statements about marriage. He and Lily go outside. Emily brings up her doubts about Alison to Susan, who tells her to shut up. Holden arrives with the girls as Aaron tries to call Alison; she doesn't answer. Holden goes to the porch, where Lily and Casey are trying to set up the music. He gives them a few tips and Lily reminds him again that he doesn't live there. He asks why Mike didn't help her. They argue for a second but then stop; she agrees to stop reminding him that he doesn’t live there and he agrees to stop bringing up Mike all the time. They go back inside. Dani offers to track down Allie at the hospital and leaves. Aaron gets a text from Allie saying she is on the way. They do an impromptu rehearsal while waiting for Allie; Emily stands in for the bride as Faith instructs Aaron on the proper words to say.

    Dani goes to the hospital but a nurse says Chris left for the day after getting another doctor to cover his shift!

    In Chris' hotel room, Alison is at the breaking point. Seeing her insecurities, Chris plays on them by telling her she isn't ready to get married. Alison insists she loves Aaron and wants to marry him. She ignores Aaron's calls and argues with Chris when he tells her to take a little time. She asks why her getting married matters and Chris says he is in love with her! She doesn't believe him. Chris kisses her! Alison pulls back and then kisses him! They make love! Alison can't believe what they've done and tries to leave. Chris believes this changes everything and says she has to tell Aaron. Allie refuses and hurries out. On her way out of the hotel, Dani sees her!

    At The Lakeview, Aaron makes a toast to Alison, saying they are together forever now. Alison says she loves him and then Aaron asks about the box of chocolates. Alison says she ate them and then hurries to the bathroom. Dani makes a smart remark about sinful chocolate. Emily asks Casey to come with her.

    In the hall, Alison bumps into Chris. She refuses to tell Aaron anything. They argue. Dani interrupts and asks if Allie needs tea. She takes the opportunity to leave. Dani tells Chris she will be a beautiful bride. He watches as Alison returns to Aaron.

    James Takes A Prisoner!

    Monday, September 08 2008

    Dani bumps into Casey at Java. They talk about Alison's upcoming wedding. Dani says they have to make sure the wedding goes off without a hitch. Casey hesitates but Dani convinces him that making sure Chris is available to her - and not Alison or Emily - is in both of their best interests.

    Casey calls Chris and talks him into meeting for lunch. Chris goes downstairs; Dani walks in and Casey "remembers" a date he had with Emily. Chris calls Dani on the set up. He says they can't be more than friends and cancels the date when the waiter returns. Dani stops him, saying she only wants to be friends. Chris makes her promise not to pull any more fast ones. They settle in for lunch but Alison calls from his room, panicked. She tells him the puppy just ate her box of chocolates. He cancels their lunch, saying there is an emergency at the hospital. Dani follows and wonders why his hospital emergency is leading him upstairs!

    Casey goes to Lily's, where Emily is putting up wedding decorations. He is very upset because the annulment papers came. Em says nothing that matters has changed and kisses him. Casey helps her put flowers on the arbor. He puts a flower in her hair and asks if they can have a real wedding one day. Emily says marriages aren't forever and she isn't going to do that again! Casey can't believe what she is saying and walks away. She catches up to him at the house and tries to talk to him but Susan arrives, followed by Dani. She fills in Casey and Emily wonders what they are up to. Aaron arrives and asks about Alison.

    Too Much Subterfuge!

    Tuesday, August 26 2008

    Chris is buying coffee at Java when Dani walks in and invites him to lunch. She won't take no for an answer until he says he has feelings for someone else. She puts two and two together and realizes he is still in love with Alison! Dani presses Chris for answers but before he can say much, Alison texts him. He tells Dani he can be her friend but that is all and leaves. Casey walks in and sits down with Dani, frustrated. They share their woes and Casey tells her that she has nothing to worry about where Alison is concerned because she is now engaged to Aaron. Dani checks her voice mail, finds that she is invited and asks Casey to be her date since Emily won't take him! They leave together.

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