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    As the World Turns CAST - Danielle "Dani" Andropolous - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Danielle "Dani" Andropolous Played by Deirdre Skiles on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Deirdre Skiles (

    Real Name: Deirdre Skiles


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    Why Don't You Leave Him Alone?

    Wednesday, November 05 2008

    Katie walks into Spencer's room and nearly screams. Brad puts his hand over her mouth and tells her he didn't do it. Margo walks in with her gun drawn! She checks Spencer, sees that she is dead and calls Dani at the police station to send a forensics team. Dani arrives; she and Margo take evidence and then Margo instructs Dani to do complete crime scene investigation – with hair and fibers and the works. Katie asks Brad why he didn't just stay away. Margo grabs them both and tells them to stop talking.

    In the outer office, Katie tells Jack everything. She stands by Brad and swears he didn't kill Spencer. Jack asks if Brad could have had an affair with Spencer but Katie says that didn't happen. Jack keeps questioning her and Katie says she did have her suspicions but she doesn't believe Brad would cheat on her. Dani arrives and Margo comes to the outer office; Dani says the only fingerprints in the room were Spencer's and Brad's. She says the surveillance cameras indicate that Brad was in the room at the time of death. Margo goes back to Brad; Katie swears Brad didn't do this. Janet walks in as Margo marches Brad out – and arrests him! Jack is shocked. Katie asks for a few minutes with Brad and Margo gives them five minutes. Brad takes her into the interrogation room and swears he didn't kill Spencer. He says he was a pawn. She says she believes him, hugs him and cries. Margo brings them back out. Janet says Brad couldn't have killed Spencer but Jack isn't sure what to believe. Brad is led away and Katie breaks down. Janet hugs her. Jack asks what Margo thinks; she says they are going to have a tough time proving Brad's innocence.

    Who's Been Spying On Me?

    Tuesday, October 21 2008

    Margo is getting ready to leave the police station when two officers stop her to pass on a case; she tells them to find Dallas but his caseload is too high already. Margo has an idea and leaves but runs into Dani, who asks to be considered for the open profiler position. Margo asks why she doesn't just turn to Emily and the mayor again; Dani says that is in the past but Margo refuses to give her a job. She leaves. Katie arrives and asks Dani, who is manning a secretarial desk, to see Margo. Dani says Margo is too busy but offers to listen to her problems; Katie tells her about Henry and Vienna's discovery and tells Dani the police have to investigate Spencer.

    Jack and Janet get to the police station, find Margo and he says he wants his job back! Margo is thrilled. On the way out, Janet turns to Jack and flashes him. She is naked under her trench coat! They leave. Dani sees Margo and says she knows Dani is the best person for the profiler position and then tells her about Katie's visit. Margo says she shouldn't have impersonated an officer; Dani says she never identified herself. Margo can't believe it! Dani says the whole thing was a wild goose chase and she should be thanked!

    James is Dead!

    Tuesday, September 30 2008

    Dani finds Casey at Java and asks about Emily's surgery; Susan told her about it. Casey tries calling Emily but she doesn't answer. He pays the bill and hurries off to be with her.

    Casey is alone in Old Town when Dani sees him. She asks about Emily; Casey tells her everything. He says this is another way for Emily to control their relationship and not form any big attachments to him.

    Gone, Baby Gone!

    Monday, September 15 2008

    At the hospital, Dani asks a nurse to page Dr. Hughes, but the nurse informs her he called in sick. Dani decides he needs some TLC.

    In his Lakeview room, Dani arrives with chicken soup for Chris. She sees his puppy, but the puppy runs away from her. Chris informs her he took a personal day, not a sick day. Dani wonders how long he is going to mourn Alison's marriage. Chris kisses her, but Dani pulls away. She thinks it is great, but she thinks the timing is off because of Alison. Chris kisses her again, but then he pulls away and thinks he needs to take some time. Dani agrees that they can be friends who have fun and who knows what could happen down the road. She then assures him he will get over Alison, just like she got over him. As she leaves, she tells him the chicken soup might help cure a broken heart. She kisses him, as Alison walks by and spies them. After Dani leaves, Alison stands at the door looking torn, and the puppy sniffs at the other side of the door. Chris picks up the puppy and opens the door, but Alison has already gone.

    Magic Flowers, Wedding Bells and Vows!

    Wednesday, September 10 2008

    In Alison's room, Dani tells her that if she has any doubts she shouldn't go through with the wedding. Emily interrupts and asks what Dani is doing. Dani says she is just being a friend and leaves. Alison doesn't say anything more. Emily and Susan help Alison get ready. They bring her something old and new but when Emily brings in a blue garter, Alison breaks down and says she doesn't deserve any of this. She flashes back to making love with Chris and cries. Susan comforts her and tells her to calm down.

    Dani is about to tell Aaron about Alison's rendezvous with Chris when Casey interrupts them. She tells Casey everything she knows and says she has to tell Aaron. Casey tells her not to make trouble. Emily sees them and wonders what is going on. Dani makes a few excuses and goes to take her seat.

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