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    As the World Turns CAST - Danielle "Dani" Andropolous - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Danielle "Dani" Andropolous Played by Deirdre Skiles on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Deirdre Skiles (

    Real Name: Deirdre Skiles


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    Who Knew I Had That Kind Of Power?

    Thursday, December 04 2008

    Both Dani and Margo tell Brad the charges against him will stick. He asks Margo to wait a little longer and says Spencer isn't dead. Margo won't listen so he tells her about the instant messenger and says he is being set up! He says Dani knows all about it. Covering, Dani says she didn't tell Margo about the messenger because she checked it out and there was no actual address for the messenger's identification. Margo tells Dani to get a computer. She returns and says the files are corrupt so they can't track the mystery man down now. Brad says this is more mystery messenger business and begs Margo to wait a little longer. She read him his rights.

    Dani receives a call and tells Margo that Brad might not be lying. She points out some questionable evidence and reminds Margo that every time Katie and Brad are about to clear themselves something else crops up. She shows Margo the evidence file and offers to go to Chicago to scope out Spencer's place. Margo clears it and thanks her. Dani calls from Chicago and reports that Spencer just walked into her apartment! Margo says the new report also shows the dead body isn't Spencer's! Katie arrives at the police station just as Brad is booked for murder. He says he told Margo everything but she didn't believe him. "Oh, thank God," Katie says. Brad asks what is going on with her; she backtracks and says she is just flustered. He apologizes to her again; she says she loves him and things will be okay. Brad is taken to holding. Katie calls Craig and says Brad has been arrested. Craig says Brad will be out soon and hangs up.

    Spencer surprises Margo and Dani in the apartment, ties them up and pulls a gun. She says if Henry, Brad and Katie had followed instructions, none of this would have happened. "I hate the whole lot of them," she says. Margo asks what Katie, Brad and Henry did to her. She says she could have loved Brad; Margo thinks there is more to her story. Dani asks who the woman in the locker is. Spencer says it was a Jane Doe from the Chicago Morgue. "I'd love to stay and chat, but, adios," she says and leaves the apartment! Dani apologizes to Margo for getting them into this mess. Sirens sound in the distance and Margo says they are going to be rescued soon.

    Dani meets Craig at his hotel room with a bottle of champagne. He kisses her and says she did well!

    Why Do You Care, Grandpa?

    Wednesday, December 03 2008

    At the police department Margo asks Dani about the Chicago lead. Dani says the lead was a dead end because Brad and Katie's witness wasn't credible! Margo slams her phone around after not being able to reach Katie. She is worried that Brad is scamming Katie. An officer comes by and tells Margo to get to WOAK.

    At WOAK, Brad and Katie tape a new segment, even though Kim hasn't given him his job back. During the segment, a foul order pervades the studio. They track it down to Brad's locker, open it and a body falls out! A security guard calls the police; Brad is certain the body is Spencer's because of the appearance and is about to pull the plastic from the body when his phone rings. He ignores the call and pulls the plastic down. Margo arrives and they tell her what happened. Brad admits he touched the plastic but the face on the body is too disfigured. Dani arrives and says their witness denied seeing Spencer! Margo drags Brad out and Katie follows. Dani calls her contact and says their plan is working. "Poor Spencer. You owe me for this one," she says!

    At the police station Katie insists that Brad is innocent. Dani returns with a dental record and says it matches Spencer's. Margo questions Brad after Tom arrives. Both Tom and Brad say there is no proof that Brad killed or transported any bodies. Margo says the original charges will be reinstated and arrests Brad! He says they have to tell Margo everything now! Tom tells Brad to clam up and Katie backs him up. Katie turns to Margo and says they aren't lying about anything but she can't tell her everything just yet. "I can prove Brad's innocence," she says. Tom points out that Margo has to get new search warrants before Brad's charges can be reinstated. She gives Katie thirty minutes. Margo clears the room so Katie and Brad can talk. She tells Brad they can't out the mystery messenger because he might not be guilty – he might be their safety net! She leaves. Tom returns and asks what they aren't telling him. Brad says all he knows is that he is being set up and he doesn't know why. Tom leaves the room and Dani confronts him. He tells her that Brad is innocent but she insists that Brad is guilty. Margo returns to Brad's room and says she got the search warrant. She tells him that he is hurting Katie! Brad swears that he is innocent this time around; Margo says she is done believing him.

    Is Dani A Double Agent?

    Wednesday, November 26 2008

    At the police station Brad and Katie convince Dani to let them in to see Henry. Vienna is already there and demands to know what they are doing to free Henry. They don't have any plans and that scares Vienna. Brad says they know Spencer is in Chicago but they don't have any more information. She tells them to find Spencer but Katie says they have been getting scary messages telling them to back off. Brad offers to pay Henry's bail. Dani hears their raised voices and tells Henry he has to get rid of some of his visitors. Brad and Katie leave. Henry wants Vienna to go home but she refuses to leave without him. Vienna suggests they make love in the holding cell, enticing Henry. She closes the blinds on the window and they begin to role-play. Dani comes in and says she is going to Chicago; she says Henry has to go back to his cell but Vienna convinces her to let Henry stay in the interrogation room with her.

    In Chicago Brad and Katie case the neighborhood where he saw Spencer. No one recognizes Spencer. Brad wants to keep looking but Katie is nervous their instant messenger guy will find out. They finally find someone who recognizes Spencer and pay him to give the address. They walk to Spencer's apartment and watch for a bit. Before long Spencer shows up and walks inside; both of them recognize her and follow her inside! They get to the apartment but the door is locked. Brad considers breaking in but Katie stops him and says they have to call the cops. Brad doesn't think they'll believe them and Katie says she'll perform a citizen's arrest. He knocks on the door but no one answers. Brad kicks in the door and yells for Spencer to come out. The window is open and no one is inside. They look for evidence of where Spencer may have gone. They find one of Spencer's scarves and Brad calls the police department. Dani answers and he tells her to get to Chicago because they have proof that Spencer is alive! Dani takes down the information. Dani arrives a while later and they show her the scarf and say they saw her. Dani says finding clothes similar to Spencer's doesn't mean she is still alive. She tells them to go home so she can investigate a little more. "I am way too soft for this job," Dani says. Katie asks her to keep this quiet because there could be a leak to the instant messenger. They leave. Dani picks up the scarf. "You little fool," she says. Dani makes a mysterious call and says Spencer's cover is blown! "She has to die," she says!

    Dusty and Josie Make Love!

    Friday, November 21 2008

    Henry goes home to find Dani ransacking his room! She has him arrested on possession of stolen property charges; she shows him Spencer's scarf and asks how he got it. Henry insists he doesn't know.

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