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    As the World Turns CAST - Danielle "Dani" Andropolous

    Full detailed profile on Danielle "Dani" Andropolous Played by Deirdre Skiles on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Deirdre Skiles (
    Danielle "Dani" Andropolous

    Actor: Deirdre Skiles

    Who played Danielle "Dani" Andropolous over the years

    Joshua Dalin (October 1983)
    Colleen Broomall (1983-1989)
    Kristanna Loken (1994)
    Ashley Williams (1994-1996)
    Deirdre Skiles (August 15, 2008 - December 16 2008)

    Useful information on Danielle "Dani" Andropolous

    *Dani lied in court, saying Richard Warren was abusing her.
    *Dani is studying to be a criminologist.


    Current: Student


    Dani Andropolous is the daughter of Steve and Betsy Andropolous. When Betsy learned she was pregnant, she believed the baby was Craig's. He kept news of his temporary sterility a secret. When the truth came out, both Steve and Betsy were thrilled. Craig kidnapped Dani to keep Betsy from leaving him. He later turned himself in. Unfortunately, Steve and Betsy's love didn't last and after he was given a life sentence in jail they divorced. Betsy moved to Wisconsin with Dani.

    Dani returned as a teenager to live with Ellen. Betsy thought the move would give Dani the stability she needed but it didn't work. Troubled Dani told her friends that her father was an international spy and wouldn't face the truth about him until Nikki Munson forced her to. Dani became jealous of Nikki's relationships with Ryder Hughes and Jeremy Wheeler and decided to win both boys for herself. Kim tried to get through to Dani but that didn't work either. Kim called Betsy and made her come for Dani. Since she was 18, Dani decided to leave town on her own.

    Dani returned to Oakdale a second time while she was studying for her criminology degree. She was immediately attracted to Chris Hughes but he was in love with Alison Stewart and nothing Dani tried could make him love her.






    Steve Andropolous (father)
    Betsey Stewart Montgomery Andropolous (Mother)
    Dan Stewart (grandfather, deceased)
    Liz Talbot Stewart (grandmother, deceased)
    Marina Andropolous (grandmother, deceased)
    Michael Christopher (grandfather, deceased)
    David Stewart (great-grandfather, deceased)
    Ellen Stewart (great-grandmother, deceased)
    James Lowell, JR (great-great-grandfather, deceased)
    Claire English Lowell (great-great-grandmother, deceased)
    James Lowell, SR (great-great-great-grandfather, deceased)
    Alice Lowell (great-great-great-grandmother, deceased)
    Nick Andropolous (uncle, deceased)
    Juliette Hanover (aunt)
    Susan Stewart (great-aunt)
    Emily Stewart Munson (aunt)
    Annie Stewart Ward (great-aunt)
    Dee Stewart (great-aunt)
    Ronnie Talbot (great-uncle)
    Alison Stewart (cousin)
    Daniel Hughes (cousin)
    Jennifer Ryan (cousin, deceased)
    Lowell Ward (cousin)
    Gregory Ward (cousin)
    Nancy Ward (cousin)
    Maria Ward (cousin)




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    Tuesday, December 16 2008: You Are One Sick Man!

    In his hotel room, Brad confronts Craig about his dealings with Spencer and Dani. Craig says Brad is crazy but he threatens to go to Margo. Craig stops him by saying that could hurt Katie! Brad won't give in so Craig reminds him that the charges against him have been dropped and he should move on. Brad says the old Brad would move on but he has changed! "I like being on the right side of the law. You should try it," Brad says and leaves. Craig calls Dani, who says she is willing to forget how rude he was before if he sleeps with her. Craig pulls away and reminds her she was indiscreet – and now has to leave town! He says Brad is on to their plans and she has to leave before everything is destroyed. She refuses to go. He gives her a wad of cash. "Be a good girl and run along," he says. Dani, on the verge of tears, says she won't go. Craig says he can't protect her from Margo when the truth comes out. Dani puts the money in her bag and tries to seduce him into one more roll in the hay. She kisses him and Craig leads her to the bed. Dani pulls a gun from her pocket! She says she is in charge; Craig says she can come back when the heat is off.

    Carly knocks on Craig's door; he convinces Dani to let him answer. She keeps the gun trained on him. "Is this a bad time?" Carly asks. Craig makes some excuses to get rid of her. When he closes the door, he says Dani doesn't have the guts to shoot him and takes the gun! He puts the gun in the briefcase as she asks if he is after Carly and Meg now. Craig insists Dani is the girl for him, gives her more money and says she has to leave. She says she will let him know where she is; he tells her not to do that, kisses her forehead and sends her away. Carly watches Dani leave from the hallway and then goes back to Craig's door! "You are one sick man," she says and stomps into the room. She confronts him about sleeping with Dani; Craig skirts the issue. "How do you live with yourself?" she asks. The champagne arrives and he pours two glasses. He brings up Jack's new marriage and says it is time for Jack – the morality police – to be removed to her past. Carly says she has moved on and leaves.

    At Margo's door Katie finally stops Brad by saying she will be arrested, too. Brad says Dani was in on this from the beginning but they can stop it; he points out that Margo will defend her. Katie insists that Craig will win and they will be destroyed. "Your brother doesn't scare me," Brad says. Margo hears their raised voices and asks what is going on. Brad stays quiet and they leave. Dani arrives a while later to tell Margo she has to resign. Margo asks why. Dani makes up a story about a sick friend; Margo suggests a leave of absence rather than quitting but Dani says that isn't fair to Margo or the force. Margo questions her some more but Dani sticks to her story. Margo asks for her new address so she can forward Dani's check. Dani says she is on direct deposit and hurries out.

    Monday, December 15 2008: Craig and Carly?!?

    At Yo's Brad asks Katie why she is so touchy about the subject of Craig; she says she doesn't like her brother. Brad starts talking about Dani and her connection to the case. She walks in and Brad confronts her at the bar, asking what is new in the Spencer case. Dani says there is nothing new; Brad insinuates that she isn't working hard enough. Katie grabs him and pushes him out the door. Dani calls Craig but he doesn't answer the phone.

    Craig tries to make nice with Carly but she is having none of that and tells him to go away. Craig mentions the wedding, which only annoys Carly more, and then orders them each another drink. They talk about Jack and then Carly brings up Craig's attempted murder of Paul; he says he didn't do it and Katie is backing him up. She wonders what dirt he has on Katie but he turns the conversation back to Jack. "What are you going to do with the rest of your life?" he asks. Carly says she is going to focus on her children and her career, making Craig laugh. He says she'll never make it because she'll find another hapless man. He reminds her of their romantic past; she says that is in the past. He points out that they could be good friends but she doesn't believe so. She pays her tab and Craig says they have a lot in common. She says he is disturbed. He points out that they would each do anything for their children. Carly asks why he is back and he says he returned to see what Dusty knew that he didn't. She says he brought all of this on himself and then asks what happens once he finds Johnny. He says he will do anything. Dani walks in and asks why he didn't answer his phone! Carly wonders what is going on. Craig covers by telling Dani that she has to deal with her boyfriend problems on her own. She storms off; Carly says Dani has boundary issues. Craig leaves. Carly calls Sage. Katie arrives and Carly confronts her about Craig's alibi. Katie says she kept quiet because she was mad and Carly accuses her of lying! She keeps pushing Katie.

    Craig catches up with Dani in Old Town and tells her to stick to the plan and stop screwing up. She says he covered with Carly and needs to lighten up. She asks about Spencer, he says as long as Spencer stays away they are fine. Brad overhears them!

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