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    As the World Turns CAST - James Stenbeck - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on James Stenbeck Played by Anthony Herrera on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Anthony Herrera (

    Birthday: January 19, 1944
    Birthplace: Wiggins, Mississippi USA
    Marital Status: Divorced
    Real Name: Anthony Herrera


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    Don't Take Me On.

    Friday, May 28 2010

    Back at Dusty's, Johnny is still upset about Craig. Dusty tells him how sorry he is. Liberty and Janet arrive. Janet sits with the little boy and he gives her a hug. They look at Johnny's drawing and Dusty suggests they give it to Craig. Liberty and Johnny go off and Janet says that he'll be okay. Johnny returns and feels the baby kicking. She smiles. Dusty tells her that this is what being a family would be like. Jack calls and asks Dusty to bring Johnny to the station. After Dusty and the child leave, Liberty admits to her mother that Gabriel asked her to leave town with him. She worries. Liberty admits she has feelings for him.

    I Am Ready To Be Your Wife.

    Thursday, December 17 2009

    Jack arrives at the Metro. He tells Janet that he has to back out on escorting her to the wedding. She's shocked when he explains that he will be filling in as Craig's best man. She assumes he is doing this to hold Carly's hand through a hard day. He's a little confused. She's not surprised and treats him coldly. After he rushes off, Teri and Liberty say that it was pretty low for him to drop her like that. Janet declares that she is not going. Dusty steps in, saying that it would be a waste of her new dress, and offers to accompany her. Janet says she's not a charity case. Teri rolls her eyes as Dusty and Janet flirt. Dusty and Janet walk out. Teri grimaces.

    I Hate Goodbyes.

    Tuesday, October 27 2009

    Katie screams for a doctor. Bob and the nurses rush in and send her out. Henry stands with Katie and she refuses to move. Jack and Janet arrive and she tells them that Brad has stopped breathing. They try to reassure her and Janet tells stories of how tough Brad is. "Our son saved my life, he can save Brad's too," Katie decides. She rushes off to get the child. Janet hugs Jack. He tells her that this is every cop's worst nightmare. Tearfully, he tells her that he doesn't know what else he could have done. As they turn and look in the room, Bob declares Brad dead. The doctor walks out and tells Jack and Janet that he's sorry. When they go into the room, Janet cries and remembers telling Liberty that she couldn't come here looking for her father. "You were everything she could have asked for," she cries. Jack tells her to go and talk to her daughter. She promises to be back as soon as she can. Alone, Jack breaks down, "I killed my own brother. God help me!"

    James Dies Again.

    Tuesday, September 08 2009

    Audrey watches as James passes out from the lethal injection. After he is out, she pretends to be upset and hides the syringe in Henry's pocket! Henry tells Audrey he knows she did something to James. The paramedics wheel James away and Audrey chases after them. Henry calls Vienna and tells her he doesn't think James will make it!

    This Won't Hurt A Bit.

    Friday, September 04 2009

    Audrey goes to see James in prison and presents him with his favorite treat-a dark chocolate muffin. He asks her to take the first bite! Audrey asks if he doesn't trust her. James levels with her and boasts he knows that she knows Henry is cut out of the will. Audrey lies that the money doesn't compare to him but takes a bite of the muffin. She sits on James's lap and kisses his forehead. She then sweetly tells him, "Don't worry, this won't hurt a bit." She then stabs him in the neck with a syringe!

    Easy There, Hot Pants!

    Monday, August 31 2009

    James signs off on paperwork and orders his attorney to bring him his son. James is surprised when Audrey and Henry arrive to see him. Henry asks for an advance on his inheritance. Audrey tries to sweet talk him, but he tells her, "Easy there hot pants, I'm not dead yet!" James then informs them that Paul will be his sole inheritor as soon as he signs off on the new paperwork. James claims that Paul is finally a man he can be proud of. James offers Henry the use of the Stenbeck name, but Henry and an angry Audrey leave.

    Paul arrives at the police station with Emily. James informs them that Paul is now his sole inheritor because he is so proud of him. Paul is disgusted, but James thinks he is a man and a Stenbeck. Paul then changes his mind and boasts he will give away every cent.

    Show Me The Money!

    Tuesday, August 25 2009

    Audrey and Henry visit James at the police station. Audrey promises they will do whatever they can to help him. James hands Henry a piece of paper with instructions to give his attorney.

    Emily escorts Paul to the police station to see James. James tells Paul he has been expecting him! Paul yells that he has never been a father to him and he will never stop hating him. James tells Paul everything he did was out of love to mold him into a man worthy of the Stenbeck fortune and he believes he has succeeded! James claims he loves Paul and the money is his for the taking. Paul sadly admits he simply wants to raise his child better than he raised him. James wants Paul to take back his Stenbeck name! Paul tells James he will deny his request till his last breath.

    James meets with his attorney and asks him to remove Henry's name from his will and put Paul's back in! James says, "If Paul thinks he will be rid of me, he's wrong!"

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