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    As the World Turns CAST - Dr. Rick Decker

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Rick Decker Played by John James on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    John James (
    Dr. Rick Decker

    Actor: John James

    Who played Dr. Rick Decker over the years

    John James (2003 - 2004, July 2008 - present)

    Useful information on Dr. Rick Decker

    * Dr. Rick Decker was once married to Susan Stewart.

    * He was committed to a mental institution.

    * Before coming to Oakdale, he murdered several patients at a hospital in San Francisco.

    * In 2003 he killed Nurse Krebbs, Dr. Gordon and Jeffrey Starr at Memorial Hospital.

    * He kidnapped and tried to murder Alison Stewart and then held Allie and Susan hostage.

    * He tried to kill Barbara Ryan.


    Current: Ward of the State
    Past: Doctor


    Dr. Eric "Rick" Decker arrived in Oakdale in 2003 after meeting Susan Stewart at a medical conference and charming her. He was quickly offered a job at Memorial. Soon, several patients began to die and it was suspected, since Bob Hughes was their physician, that it was his incompetence. Bob stepped down as Chief of Staff and turned to Rick for help with some memory problems he was having. The deaths continued. Nurse Krebbs was killed and Bob asked Walker Daniels, a forensic pathologist, to investigate. Through the investigation, Dr. Gordon and Rick became suspects. Bob would not consider Rick as a viable suspect, however, even after he learned of the deaths of Rick's patients in San Francisco. Bob was then attacked and was in a coma for several weeks. Rick was attacked as well but he recovered, shifting suspicion solely on Dr. Gordon. He was found dead soon after from an apparent suicide.

    Susan continued to defend Rick and he convinced her to marry him. On the day of the wedding, reporter Jeffrey Starr began asking questions about Rick's time in San Francisco. Rick murdered him because of it and then hurried the wedding forward. He drugged Susan that night and covered up the murder. Things got dicey when Alison dropped by to see her mom and mentioned that Rick had been out the night before. He convinced Susan that Alison didn't see him because he went for a job. Rick threatened Alison to keep quiet. The Oakdale Police continued their investigation and learned that Rick was suspended from medical school for flat-lining - a practice that makes a person's heart stop. Fearing he would be found out, Rick convinced Susan to come away with him because he was having anxiety attacks. Once they were away from Oakdale, he tried to drug her again but at the last second, Alison replaced the poison he would have used with water. Susan woke the next morning and saw a headline that Alison was dead and she had last been seen with Rick! Susan couldn't deny things any longer and confronted Rick, who confessed. Susan tried to run but Rick caught her and held Susan and Alison - who wasn't really dead - hostage. Chris Hughes managed to rescue them both. Rick confessed to police but said he really was in love with Susan. Rick was eventually committed to a mental institution.

    At the mental hospital, Rick began to have feelings for Barbara Ryan, who had also been committed. He wanted to kill her but decided he was too in love with her for that. Barbara liked him, too, and helped him plot his escape so they could be together. Rick tried convincing a janitor to help them but he turned them down. Barbara told him to steal the janitor's keys anyway. A security guard became suspicious of them and separated the pair. Rick began to suspect that Barbara was using him and the night of their planned escape, he kidnapped her to the Old Mill. As they were struggling, Will arrived on the scene. He saved his mom and knocked out Rick.

    Rick returned to Oakdale as a prisoner, helping law enforcement solve cases with his medical expertise. Rick helped the authorities figure out who was really responsible for Sofie Duran's death. He was sent back to prison after solving the case but wasn't finished. Strange jewelry and perfume gifts began appearing around Oakdale and it turned out that Rick had poisoned the gifts and sent them to people in Oakdale. He extorted money from Barbara and Paul after poisoning Meg. Chris caught on to the scheme and developed an antidote after he was infected. Rick kidnapped Alison, also infected, from the hospital but Chris followed them to the roof and captured Rick.


    Susan Stewart (divorced)


    Susan Stewart
    Barbara Ryan






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    Tuesday, August 12 2008: One Split Second!

    Margo draws her gun as Rick turns his gun on her! He tells her to let him go or everyone in the room will die. Margo demands that he help Tom but Rick refuses to do anything until she promises to get the helicopter for him. Aaron, above them in the vents, overhears. Margo refuses to help Decker, even after Chris and Paul tell her to do it. Chris says he has an antidote so they don't need Rick! Margo isn't sure who to believe. Meg finally comes to her senses and drops beside Tom, who seems to be having a heart attack. She begs Rick to help but he won't. He backs into the room and threatens Casey! Just then, Aaron drops into the room and Decker shoots him! Aaron falls to the ground beside Alison. Rick grabs Emily and uses her body to get closer to Alison. Tom groans again and Margo gives in! She makes a call to clear the airspace and then orders that a pilot get the helicopter there ASAP! Rick grabs Alison and runs from the room despite Emily begging him to take her instead. Meg drops beside Aaron and tries to help him. Chris barks orders at a nurse and then fills Bob in when he arrives. He takes off after Alison and Rick.

    Chris follows Rick and Alison through the hospital. When they get outside, police officers try to stop Rick but he won't give up. Chris tries to intervene but Rick points the gun at Allie's head and Chris backs off. Decker makes a run for the chopper. When he turns his back, Chris jumps him. They fight over the gun and Chris finally overpowers Rick. He grabs Alison and runs for the hospital as the officers take care of Rick.

    Monday, August 11 2008: Who Will Save Oakdale?

    Decker tells Barbara and Paul that he has an antidote but he will only use it - and save Meg, Alison and Emily - if they pay him $1 million and arrange for a helicopter to take him from Oakdale. Barbara agrees but Paul won't do it. Rick tells him exactly the kind of pain Meg will be in and Paul gives in. He leaves but Margo stops him at the door! Babs says Rick is the only one who can help and Rick plays his part, saying he is only trying to help. Margo allows Paul and Barbara to leave to see Bob. Margo questions Rick and says she knows he is the culprit. Rick doesn't bat an eye at her accusations. Rick points out that he is serving two life sentences in jail and has nothing to gain by killing people. He makes a vague threat to Margo's loved ones. Angry, she says she won't be intimidated. Rick tells her that he wants his old sentences commuted or he won't help anyone! He swears he is innocent. When he starts talking about Casey, Margo gives in and orders an officer to take Rick to the hospital. Rick tells her to get the governor on the phone. Tom arrives and demands to know why Margo is helping Rick. In tears, Margo says she is just trying to save Casey. She tells him exactly what is going on with their son. Tom goes to the hospital. Margo calls Bob to set up a research area for Rick. He doesn't like the idea but agrees to it. Margo places a tail on Babs and Paul.

    The police guard brings Rick into Chris' research room. Chris lunges at Rick but the guards hold him back. Rick says they have to work together or everyone will die. Bob arrives and tells Chris they have to work together but that Rick will have his own room. He warns Rick not to approach any of the staff members. Rick tries convincing her guard to release the cuffs but the man won't. Instead, he helps Rick arrange his instruments but when his back is turned, Rick plunges a needle into his neck. The man collapses and Rick steals the handcuff keys. Rather than leaving, he sits at the desk. Susan walks in. "Hello, my darling," he says. He tells her that he has been hired to save everyone. Susan can't believe it and argues with him. He begs her for a second chance! She is paged away but Rick stops her by showing her the antidote he has come up with. He swears he doesn't want to hurt anyone. She says if he wanted to save people he would be upstairs administering the antidote. He kisses her! She slaps him and tells him to get real. He cons her in to coming closer by offering her the antidote - and then he knocks her out! Paul calls. Rick says he'll hand over the antidote as soon as he is free from Oakdale! Rick steps over Susan's body and walks out.

    Paul goes to the airport and rents a helicopter; he decides to pilot it himself. He takes off and is above the hospital when he sees Rick. A hospital guard hears the chopper and investigates. Rick throws the antidote at Paul, grabs the officer's gun and disappears. Margo arrives and orders Paul to land the helicopter. Paul lands, shows Margo the antidote and says they have to get to the patients.

    Rick walks in and releases her from the restraints. He pulls a gun on Meg, who believes he is a hallucination, and tells her she doesn't want to miss out on all the fun! He takes her to Alison's room. Alison freaks out when she sees Rick. He takes Alison and Meg into Casey and Emily's room. Chris bursts in with the antidote, surprising Rick. He points the gun and tells Chris to stay calm. Margo and Paul arrive. Marge faces off with Decker; she swears she called the governor but Rick doesn't believe her. He uses Meg as a human shield and then dumps all of the antidote he has on the floor! Paul yells at Margo to shoot Rick. Margo won't do it. She tells Rick to give up because the money and the helicopter are gone. "I will not negotiate," she says. Rick pushes Meg into a corner and Tom jumps on him but Rick punches him in the chest and Tom collapses. "Let the negotiations begin," Rick says and slams the door closed!

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