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    As the World Turns CAST - Janet Ciccone Snyder - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Janet Ciccone Snyder Played by Julie Pinson-Warlock on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Julia Pinson-Warlock (Mitchell Haaseth)

    Birthday: November 7, 1967
    Birthplace: Freemont, CA, USA
    Marital Status: Married (Billy Warlock, Augut 26, 2006)
    Real Name: Julie Pinson-Warlock
    Web site:


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    I'll Give Oblivion Your Regards.

    Monday, May 03 2010

    At Metro, Dusty is interviewing replacements for Janet. He sends them away. Janet arrives. He's surprised she came back to see him. She keeps her distance and says that she just needs to work so she can get out of Carly's house. He offers her the house again. She'd like to but she can't. He admires her willingness to be alone. She's used to it. The baby suddenly kicks. He feels her belly and says this is a miracle. As they stare in each other's eyes, Jack strolls in and interrupts. He feels her belly too and offers to take her home. She wants to stay and work and encourages him to back off. Janet and Dusty prepare for the night. She tells him that she can't work there anymore; she's confused about everything and can't worry about their relationship. He makes his offer again but she's determined to be independent.

    The Latest Unpleasantness.

    Friday, April 30 2010

    Jack and Janet return to Carly's house. She thanks him again for going with her. He tells her that she and the baby will always be part of his life. They hug. Parker comes down to see them. Liberty rushes out to hug her mom and tells her about the fire. Carly arrives and hugs Jack. Parker stares. When the mother and daughter walk off, Carly tries to assure Jack that all is well. He tells them that they need to focus on their family and suggests they talk everything over. Carly's jumpy. Jack worries.

    Janet and Liberty sit in her room and talk about Gabriel. She admits that he doesn't get along with Parker. They discuss why they fought. Janet tells her that she has nothing to feel guilty about as long as she's been honest with everyone.

    Janet returns to the others. Carly is going into a panic and explodes at Janet. There's bickering until Janet leaves to make a sandwich. Jack defends Janet and annoys Carly. She hustles her son out of the house and Jack goes into the kitchen to see Janet. She tells him that Parker was caught breaking into Gabriel's room. He's startled. She takes the sandwich to Liberty, who isn't hungry. Her mother forces her to eat anyway. Janet tells her that she doesn't feel like she's been doing her job as a mother. Liberty tells her to focus on the baby. She wonders if they're moving in with Dusty. Janet wants to be independent but her daughter doubts that's a good idea. Janet insists that as long as they have each other, everything will be okay.

    Who Was That?

    Monday, April 26 2010

    In Melrose Park, Jack worries that Janet is putting herself through too much stress. She doesn't think she could get through this without him.

    Liberty meets her mom and Jack outside of the family house. They offer to leave her at the house while they go to the funeral. Gabriel runs over and Liberty explains that he offered to take her home. Janet lets them go. Aunt Marie, Eddie and Teri walk over. Marie complains and they all climb into a car.

    After the funeral, they go to the graveyard. Parker calls Jack to ask about Liberty. Jack informs him that she left with Gabriel. After he hangs up, Dusty rushes up to them. He tells Janet that he loves her and believes in them. Jack tries to get rid of him. Eddie walks over and orders Dusty to leave. They begin arguing. Jack tries to back Dusty off. When Eddie lurches at him, Dusty throws a punch and accidentally hits Jack. They help Jack up and he orders Dusty to leave again. Marie runs over and rants at them. After some arguing, everyone leaves Teri with Dusty. He tries to assure him that Janet still cares about him but begs him to leave. Janet turns to Jack and tells him that everything has changed. He takes her hand and they walk over to the burial.

    Jack and Janet sit in his car. She's actually glad she was chased away from the family. They get out of the car and find Dusty standing there. He apologizes to Janet. She tells him that he's her hero but she can't be engaged to him right now. He refuses to take the ring back. She begs him to, but assures him that she still loves him... she just needs time. He promises to wait. Teri comes out of the house and leads him away. Jack joins Janet and tells her that her family in Oakdale will never abandon her.

    Stay At Home Martyr.

    Friday, April 23 2010

    In Melrose Park, Janet, Jack and her family arrive outside her parent's place. Liberty and Teri go in. Jack gives Janet a pep talk until her brother Eddie wanders over. Eddie lays into Jack until Janet backs him off.

    Janet goes inside the house and wanders around. She enters her old bedroom and discovers that it has been kept exactly the same since she left. Jack finds her in there and she sadly reminisces about her past there. She sobs as she thinks about losing her father as soon as she got him back. Eddie comes in and demands to know how his father went to Oakdale alive and came back in a box. Jack has no answers and asks him to lay off his sister. Jack rants until Eddie leaves. Janet says her life would have been a lot easier if he'd been around in the good old days.

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