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    As the World Turns CAST - Col. Winston Mayer

    Full detailed profile on Col. Winston Mayer Played by Daniel Hugh Kelly on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Daniel Hugh Kelly (
    Col. Winston Mayer

    Actor: Daniel Hugh Kelly

    Who played Col. Winston Mayer over the years

    Daniel Hugh Kelly (2007 - June 2008)

    Useful information on Col. Winston Mayer

    *Tried to kill Luke Snyder when he realized Luke and Noah were involved.

    *Killed Cheri Love and attempted to kill Dusty Donovan.


    Current: In Prison
    Past: Army Colonel


    Colonel Winston Mayer was a career Army officer when he met up with son, Noah, in Branson. Worried about Noah's friends, the Colonel followed him back to Oakdale. He was relieved to find that Noah was involved with Maddie Coleman but when Noah finally came out as gay, the Colonel was incensed. He killed ex-wife (and Noah's mom) Cheri Love, blaming her for Noah's perceived weakness. He tried to kill Dusty when Dusty learned the truth. Then, he went after Luke, hoping that if Luke was out of the picture Noah would return to a straight lifestyle. Holden and Lily saved the day at the last minute and although Luke was shot, he was not killed. The Colonel was convicted of attempted murder and the murder of Cheri and sent to prison. He contacted Ameera Ali-Azeez, Noah's wife, in 2008.

    She agreed to meet him in New York; his plan was to trade her for his freedom but Luke and Noah followed them. Noah stowed away on a boat with the Colonel. He jumped in the Hudson River rather than be sent back to prison; his body was never found.


    Cheri Love (Divorced)




    Noah Mayer (son)


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    Monday, June 29 2009: No One Really Dies In Oakdale.

    Col. Mayer grabs Noah as he enters Java! Noah can't believe he is alive, but Col. Mayer tells him he missed him! Noah notices that he is bleeding and Col. Mayer asks if they can go someplace safe to talk. Noah agrees if he will go to the hospital.

    Col. Mayer tells Noah he had no choice but to fake his death. Noah wishes that he didn't come back. Col. Mayer admits that he stole the DVD and watched the movie he was making and it gave him hope. Noah tells him they have no connection and he is a fugitive. Col. Mayer wants Noah to come away with him! Noah tells him he needs professional help. Noah begs him to turn himself in and get help. Col. Mayer says that Noah can help him get away or watch him die. Noah admits that he does not hate him, but feels sorry for him. Noah agrees to help him get away.

    Noah helps Col. Mayer outside. Luke sees them and Col. Mayer tells Noah he will be fine on his own. Luke wants to call the police, but Noah stops him! Damian arrives and tells Col. Mayer he is not going anywhere! Noah tells Luke he wants to help his father. Luke asserts that he can make peace with his father from a distance while he is in jail, rather than worrying about where he is all the time. Noah turns to face his father and calls the police!

    Friday, June 26 2009: Busted!

    Col. Mayer orders Riley to bring Noah to him alone, or he will expose him to Margo! Riley calls Noah and claims that if he talks to Lt. Hansborough alone first, he will be able to get him military clearance for Luke.

    Col. Mayer angrily calls Riley and demands to know where Noah is. When he does not get an answer, he loads a gun and says, "I guess we will do things the hard way!"

    Riley packs his bags and heads out to leave from the Hughes home. He writes Margo a note, but before he can go, Col. Mayer arrives with a gun and tells him he isn't going anywhere! He aims a gun at Riley, but Margo arrives and orders him to drop his weapon. He laughs at Margo and shoots her! While Riley wrestles with Col. Mayer, the gun goes off and wounds Col. Mayer. Riley rushes to Margo and picks her up and cries, "Mom, are you okay!"

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