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    As the World Turns CAST - Lily Walsh Mason Snyder Grimaldi Snyder

    Full detailed profile on Lily Walsh Mason Snyder Grimaldi Snyder Played by Noelle Beck on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Noelle Beck (
    Lily Walsh Mason Snyder Grimaldi Snyder

    Actor: Noelle Beck

    Who played Lily Walsh Mason Snyder Grimaldi Snyder over the years

    Noelle Beck (May 2008 - present)
    Martha Byrne (May 1985-October1989, April 1993-2008)
    Heather Rattray (December 1986-Janurary 1993)
    Lucy Deakins (June 1984-May 1985)

    Useful information on Lily Walsh Mason Snyder Grimaldi Snyder

    *Was a suspect in Dusty's murder.
    *Began an affair with Dusty Donovan when Holden froze her out.
    *Was suspected of Julia Larrabee's death but was cleared when police learned she was killed by her husband.
    *Tried to bribe Julia to leave town and later framed her for the theft of Carly's compass.
    *Locked Molly in a bathroom.
    *Threatened to kill David Stenbeck.
    *Accused of killing Diego on their wedding night.
    *Sent Hal a letter written by Emily, causing him to leave Barbara.
    *Had an affair with Mike Kasnoff.


    Current: Manager of The Lakeview
    Past: Rosie's Roller Palace: Former Partner
    Past:WOAK-TV: Co-Owner
    Past:Valetta: Former Manager
    Past:Montgomery & Assoc.: Former Executive


    Lily and her mother, Lucinda, moved to Oakdale in 1984. She immediately formed a friendship with Dusty Donovan but Lucinda didn't approve of the friendship. She later met Holden when he went to work as Lucinda's stable boy. They were immediately attracted to one another. Holden's sister, Iva, began acting very protective of Lily. While Lily was horsing around with Rob, Iva announced that he was her father. Lily was shocked; she was even more shocked to learn that Iva was raped by Josh Snyder at 13 and became pregnant with Lily and gave her up for adoption. Emma then revealed that both Iva and Josh were adopted so there was no fear that Lily and Holden were related.

    Lily and Holden began an on-again, off-again relationship. Holden married Emily Stewart, and Lily married Derek Mason. Derek died while rescuing Lily from a bomb. She and Holden became close and married for the first time in 1991. She had a miscarriage. Holden left town on business and lost his memory in an accident. He returned to Oakdale but couldn't remember anyone there. He decided he wanted out of the marriage so Lily eventually gave him a divorce. She left for Europe.

    In Europe, she met Damian Grimaldi. They returned to Oakdale together. Holden was gradually recovering him memory and decided he wanted Lily back. Damian became jealous and angry, scaring Lily. She told Holden about her fears. Later, she realizes she was pregnant. In labor at the farm, Holden found Lily and helped her deliver Luke. Damian was very happy to learn he was a father. Soon after, Damian was supposedly killed in a plane crash. Thinking that there was something funny about it, Lily began a relationship with Diego Santana. They were engaged by the time she learned Diego was really Umberto Malzone, an associate of Damian's. On their wedding day, Lily decided to expose him and was found standing over him with a gun as he lay dying. Everyone thought she killed him but Lily couldn't remember anything. Later, it came out that Diego was killed by Kirk Anderson.

    Lily left town for a while but soon returned and married Holden for the second time. Around this time, she learned of her twin sister Rose. The women became very close. Rose was poisoned the day Lily and Holden were married; she died. Lily had a tough time adjusting and this put another strain on her relationship with Holden. He began an affair with Julia Larrabee. Lily was devasted by the news but soon decided to fight for Holden.

    Julia was murdered by her ex-husband. Holden and Lily found their way back to one another and Lily learned she was pregnant. Son Ethan Walsh Snyder was born and soon after Luke announced that he was gay. Damian returned and tried to interfere but he only succeeded in driving Luke away.

    Lily and Holden found their way back to one another but things were never right because he couldn't leave the past alone. When he decided he wanted a divorce, Lily turned to old friend Dusty Donovan. At first they were only friends but one night they slept together. This began a friends-with-benefits affair but Lily also began to fall for Dusty, who was still in love with Lily. While Dusty was investigating Chris Hughes, he was attacked and killed by Evan Walsh. Lily became a suspect but Holden alibied her. She couldn't forgive herself for Dusty's death or the affair and decided to leave town for a while.

    By the time Lily returned, Holden had begun to lean on Carly for support. They had an affair; Lily was livid when she found out and threw Holden out of the house. She had divorce papers drawn up even though Holden said the affair was over. Lily was attracted to Mike and began an affair with him to get back at Holden. The kids were beginning to accept Mike in her life when Ethan fell down a well at the farm.

    Mike worked day and night to bring the little boy back; he was rescued by Paul. Holden and Lily couldn't deny their feelings and slept together after Ethan was home. She told Mike their affair was over.


    Holden Snyder: Married
    Diego Santana: Deceased
    Damian Grimaldi: Divorced
    Holden Snyder: Divorced


    Mike Kasnoff (affair)
    Keith Morrisey: Affair
    Simon Frasier: Affair
    Peter: Dated
    Colin Crowley: Lovers
    Sean Baxter: Lovers
    Linc Lafferty: Lovers, Deceased
    Caleb Snyder: Dated
    Dusty Donovan: Lovers
    Harrison Blake, Jr.: Dated


    Lucinda Walsh: Adoptive mother
    Iva Snyder: Biological mother
    Josh Snyder: Biological father
    Sierra Esteban Reyes Montgomery: Sister
    Bianca Walsh: Sister
    Rose D'Angelo: Twin sister, Deceased
    Matthew John Dixon: Half brother
    Bryant Montgomery: Nephew, Deceased
    Lucy Montgomery: Niece
    Jade Taylor: Niece
    Royce Keller: Uncle
    Samantha Markham Anderson: Aunt
    Neal Keller Alcott: Aunt, Deceased
    Georgia Tucker: Cousin
    Emma Snyder: Maternal adopted Grandmother and Mother in law
    Harvey Snyder: Maternal adopted Grandfather and Father in law, Deceased
    Jared Carpenter: Maternal Biological Grandfather
    Caroline Carpenter: Maternal Biological Grandmother, Deceased
    Henry Snyder: Paternal adopted Grandfather, Deceased
    Elizabeth Snyder: Paternal Biological Grandmother
    Cal Stricklyn: Paternal Biological Grandfather
    Gloria Walters: Adopted maternal Grandmother
    Elizabeth Carpenter: Biological Aunt
    Lenore Carpenter: First cousin once removed
    Derek Mason: Deceased


    Luciano "Luke" Snyder: Son with Damian
    Faith Snyder: Daughter with Holden
    Natalie Snyder: Daughter with Holden
    Ethan Walsh Snyder: Son with Holden


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    Friday, September 17 2010: Goodnight.

    Lucinda and John go to see Lily. Lucinda tells her daughter that she can have the company because she's going to spend the rest of her life having a good time with John. "You're off the hook," she says. She and John leave. Lily and Holden don't know if that was real. She worries about her mom getting involved with John again. He's sure that as long as they love each other, it will be enough. She walks him to the door. "I..." she starts. "I know," he says.

    Thursday, September 16 2010: Baby News.

    Holden walks Lily home. He hates that things are no longer simple between them after the history they share. They talk about Molly and reminisce about stables until John rushes over and asks Lily if she will forget her mother. "Forget it," she snaps. John tries to talk her around but then gets called off to work. Holden tells Lily to stick to her guns. They discuss how her mother always butts into her life. She feels like she always caves to her. She asks him to hold her hand when she goes head to head with her mom.

    Lucinda walks into Lily's as she's about to kiss Holden. She smugly declares that she was right about them all along. Lily explains that she isn't willing to forgive and forget the hurt she has caused her. Lucinda is sorry. Lily wants a time out so they can think about their relationship. Maybe some day she'll give her another chance... After Lucinda walks out, Holden holds Lily's hand. She thanks him and they smell the burning leaves. They remember when he was just a stable boy and kiss.

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