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    As the World Turns CAST - Liberty Ciccone (Past)

    Full detailed profile on Liberty Ciccone (Past) Played by Meredith Hagner on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Meredith Hagner (
    Liberty Ciccone (Past)

    Actor: Meredith Hagner

    Who played Liberty Ciccone (Past) over the years

    Meredith Hagner - (2008 - March 5, 2010)

    Useful information on Liberty Ciccone (Past)

    *Liberty is Brad's daughter.
    *She stole jewelry from Fashions.
    *On a dare, she jumped into the Oakdale Reservoir.
    *She slept with Parker and then decided she wasn't ready for sex.
    *Inadvertantly accused Parker of rape.
    * Miscarried her child.


    Current: Student
    Past: Student


    Liberty arrived in Oakdale in April, 2008. She announced to Brad that she was his daughter, the result of a one-night-stand with Janet Ciccone while Brad was still in high-school. Brad had DNA tests run and learned that Liberty was his daughter.

    Liberty developed a flirtation with Parker, who fell in love with her. Brad didn't like this at all but Liberty kept seeing Parker and one night they made love. She decided she wasn't ready for sex but Parker wanted to keep having sex. She asked Katie for help and Katie came up with a plan for a new boy - Leo - to make Parker see that she had moved on. Leo had other ideas and attacked Liberty; when she woke up, she inadvertantly accused Parker. The truth came out and Liberty apologized to him.


    Parker Snyder (dated)


    Janet Ciccone (Mother)
    Brad Snyder (Father)
    Bert Snyder (grandfather - deceased)
    Dolores Snyder Pierce (grandmother)
    Jack Snyder (uncle)
    Sage Snyder (niece)
    Harvey Snyder (uncle - deceased)
    Emma Snyder (aunt)
    Henry Snyder (uncle - deceased)
    Elizabeth Snyder (aunt)
    Seth Snyder (cousin)


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    Thursday, May 27 2010: You're A Good Kid.

    Liberty sits beside Gabriel's hospital bed. They chat about their medical problems until Lily arrives and repeats her offer to let him stay with her. He doesn't want to do that. They argue and Liberty encourages him to listen to Lily. After Lily leaves, Liberty explains that Lily is a good person and he should let her help. She reminds him that Craig didn't actually abandon him and he is a good father to Johnny. Lily returns and Gabriel agrees to go to her place as long as he doesn't have to see his dad.

    Friday, March 05 2010: Are You Out Of Your Mind?

    Liberty and Parker are talking over the computer by videofeed. She feels like she's 'the bubble girl'. She doesn't think it's a good idea for him to come and see her and suggests he get a healthy girlfriend instead. He doesn't like that idea.

    Parker arrives in Minneapolis to see Liberty. He's brought balloons and stuffed animals. He tells her that their parents seem to be cooking up another plan.

    Jack arrives at the farm house and finds Teri there. Dusty took Janet to the hospital after she fainted. She tells him to let Janet go if he doesn't really want to be with her. Liberty calls and begs him not to even dare thinking about having a baby. He tries talking her around but she tells him all of the reasons why this is a bad idea and claims she will refuse the transplant even if the baby is a match. She says that she will fight this on her own and win.

    Back in Minneapolis, Liberty tells Parker that she could never allow a child to be born knowing that it wasn't wanted. Parker says it wouldn't be so bad for them to have a baby brother and begins joking about names they could give him. He opens gifts for her. They joke and laugh until she coughs. He decides to stop for the day. She's glad he came. They touch hands on the plastic barrier.

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