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    As the World Turns CAST - Mike Kasnoff (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Mike Kasnoff (Past) Played by Jon Prescott on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jon Prescott

    Birthday: August 10, 1981
    Birthplace: Mountain View, California, USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Jon Prescott
    Height: 6'1"


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    Let's Go Home!

    Wednesday, October 01 2008

    Mike stops by Lily's and shocks her when he says he is leaving town - for Europe! He says there are some job opportunities for him there with Neal's company. Lily feels like this is her fault; Mike says he doesn't blame her but he is going to miss her - and the kids! He makes her promise to be happy with Holden. She tells him to be happy. She tells him he deserves the best in his new life. "You are an amazing woman," he says and kisses her. Lucinda and Brian walk up and interrupt them. Lily tells them about Mike's plans; Lucinda wishes him well. Mike leaves. Before Lucinda can start in, Lily tells her not to worry about Mike or Carly because she and Holden are on the same page.

    Lost and Found and Lost Again!

    Monday, September 29 2008

    Katie wakes up in Mike's hotel room - in Chicago! Katie is freaked and wants to leave right away but Mike is very hung over and can't drive. She calls the station to say she'll be late - and then runs for the bathroom herself. "Cheers!" Mike says.

    Mike gets in the shower as a knock sounds on the door. Katie thinks it is room service and is surprised when Brad walks in. She tries to tell him about the night before but he talks over her and tells her about turning himself in. Mike makes a noise in the shower and Brad gets upset. Both Mike and Katie try to explain but Brad won't listen. He storms out. Mike tries to get Katie to go after Brad but she is feeling too sorry for herself to leave Mike's room. She says she is no better than Brad. Mike asks if she loves Brad; Katie says she does. "Go home," Mike says. She hugs him and runs out, saying Mike is the best ex - next to Henry - that she's ever had.

    Nobody Wins!

    Friday, September 26 2008

    Jack stops by Brad and Katie's. Brad says he wants to make things up to Jack - and gives him a $20,000 check! Jack can't believe it. Brad says this is his way of taking responsibility. Katie is stunned. Brad explains - and digs the hole deeper - by saying he is trying to make up for Jack's lost wages. Jack says he can't buy forgiveness. He leaves. Katie tells Brad to stop acting like a child and do something right. They argue; Brad refuses to admit, still, that he was wrong about asking Jack to get rid of the evidence and also won't admit that paying him off was a faux pas. He storms out. Katie is upset. Mike arrives and she tells him everything. He tells her he is leaving town and she says they should have a last celebration together.

    Mike and Katie go for a drink. She tells him more about Brad; Mike says she has to make things right with Brad. She says she is going to be Brad for the night and not worry about consequences. She orders tequila! After downing the first round, Katie orders more and starts talking about their marriage. She asks if he respects her and Mike says yes. She starts to cry and talks about Brad. Mike says she should call him but Katie refuses.

    Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

    Tuesday, September 23 2008

    Alison and Aaron wake up, still talking about babies. They go downstairs and leave for their days. Emma and Janet are talking about cooking when Mike arrives to tell her that work can begin at the job site soon. Emma stuns him when she says she is calling off the project! He tries to talk her out of it but Emma is determined. Carly arrives and takes Janet outside. Janet is annoyed that Jack didn't even call and storms off to find him. Emma calls out and Carly says things are fine. She turns to go as Holden and Lily walk in looking very chummy. Holden follows Carly out and asks if they can talk. Carly says she knows what is going on and is fine with it. He says Ethan's ordeal made them both see things more clearly. Carly asks what happens when the drama is over.

    In the kitchen, Emma tells Lily that she is canceling the project. Lily says Emma has to think about her financial future but Emma remains determined and leaves the kitchen. Mike says he'll be moving on, too, unless Lily wants him to stay in Oakdale. Lily says things have changed and he shouldn't stay in town on her behalf. Holden returns inside. Lucinda arrives with Luke and Brian. Emma says her idea is to turn the land into a park for kids. Lucinda says she'll get a big write-off for that and Brian says he can help her raise money for the park. Holden and Lily leave.

    Very Few Answers!

    Monday, September 22 2008

    Paul does a quick search of Fairwinds but Meg isn't there. He calls Barbara, who is still at the job site, and asks about Meg. Barbara thinks he is in the hole so Paul has to explain everything and he asks about Meg again. Babs says she left Meg at Fairwinds. Paul hangs up. Barbara turns to Mike and says Paul is safe - no thanks to him!

    Lily, Holden and Aaron get the party ready at Lily's house. Emma arrives with the girls. Mike arrives and says Paul is safe and he's put up all kinds of safety measures at the job site. He leaves so the family can spend time together. Aaron catches Holden watching Mike and Lily and asks what is going on between then. Holden says he is happy for Lily but he obviously isn't. Lily comes back inside as Faith asks if they can go to the farm. Lily agrees after Emma notes that she needs some rest. Holden says he'll go so she can invite Mike back. Lily says she doesn't want Mike! She says she wants a shower and says he can stay if he'd like to clean up, too. He agrees to stick around. She goes upstairs to clean up. Holden follows a while later and is grabbing some clothes from his old drawer when Lily comes out of the shower wearing only a towel. She is uncomfortable but also drawn to him again. Holden says he can use another bath but Lily tells him to use hers. She lies down as he goes inside. When he returns, she is asleep. He is about to leave when Lily reaches out and asks him not to go! She invites him to lie down with her and they kiss. "I'm so happy you're home," she says and they make love!

    Rescues and Explosions!

    Friday, September 19 2008

    At the construction site, Holden dreams that they get Ethan out safely; Lily dreams that Ethan is dead by the time they reach him and screams. Holden calms her. They rush to the hole and call out to Ethan but no one answers. Mike arrives and says they'll be able to try again soon. Lily calls out again and this time Paul answers! Mike is livid that Paul is in the hole, too, but dampens his anger when he realizes they can get Ethan out more quickly with an adult already in the hole. Meg arrives, worried. Mike says Paul is in the hole which worries her even more. They rig up the harness and send it down. Paul places Ethan in the rig and they begin hauling him up. Meg and Lily comfort one another. Babs arrives as the crew brings Ethan to the surface. A medic checks over Ethan and suggests a hospital. Holden and Lily take him away. Mike is about to try for another rescue effort when the hole has another cave in. Mike calls Paul over the walkie-talkie and he says he is okay. A worker says they don't have enough solid ground to bring Paul to the surface! Meg demands that they rescue him but there is nothing they can do. Mike agrees to survey the area for other possibilities. Barbara tries to take Meg home but she won't go. Mike calls Paul on the two-way; he reassures Meg and asks her to go home to rest. Once she is gone, Paul thanks Mike for lying to Meg by saying he would be okay.

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