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    As the World Turns CAST - Gray Gerard - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Gray Gerard Played by Dominic Fumusa on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Dominic Fumusa (

    Real Name: Dominic Fumusa


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    Is It Over?

    Friday, February 29 2008

    Henry and Brad go to the diner and Henry continues to insist that he doesn't want Vienna back. She walks in the door as Henry places his order. Brad leaves. Vienna delivers Henry's order which is completely wrong. They argue about his meal, but are really arguing about their relationship. Henry makes a lot of mean demands, aggravating Vienna to no end. She finally asks why he is being mean to her when she still loves him! Henry angrily tells Vienna that she doesn't love him. She breaks down, reminds him that she wanted to get married and build a life but he never did. She says that, coupled with Kit, is why she turned to Gray and returns to the kitchen in tears. Gray walks in and picks a fight with Henry, calling Vienna his property! Gray hands Henry a very over-priced bill. He pays and storms out. Vienna watches him go and when Henry turns back, Gray kisses her neck.

    In Old Town, Brad runs into Gray and warns him to stay away from Henry and Vienna. Brad walks off! He goes to WOAK and calls Bonnie and leaves a message, asking her to come visit him. He is about to leave when someone whacks him over the head. It's Matt!

    One Good Fight...

    Thursday, February 28 2008

    Inside, Henry kisses Vienna, ready for round two. Her phone rings and Vienna insists on answering. It is Kit! She demands that Henry bring her the money immediately; Vienna asks what is going on and Henry quickly hangs up. She is worried and demands that he tell the truth. Henry won't give her all the details, which only makes Vienna more nervous. All he will say is that he is doing a good thing that will make Vienna proud. He leaves. Seconds later a bellhop arrives with boxes of clothes and shoes. Vienna tries to refuse but the bellhop says it is all for her - from Gray! Vienna reluctantly brings in the boxes and starts trying on the clothes. She reads the note he sent and decides that, even though the clothes are wonderful, she can't accept them. She makes a big deal of telling the dresses and shoes goodbye and then has second thoughts. She calls Gray and tells him she isn't keeping the gifts! Then she picks out a killer outfit and gets ready. She goes to the store with all of the boxes and sees Gray there! She says she is keeping one pair of the shoes but that is it. Gray pushes, asking what he can give her. Vienna says she'll take $250,000 in cash by noon! Gray leaves and a while later he returns with a bag of cash. He reiterates that there are no strings and Vienna walks away.

    Vienna, meanwhile, is meeting with Gray. She returns his money and asks him to take her away from Oakdale! Gray pulls out a bottle of champagne and asks where she would like to go. Still really upset with Henry she kisses Gray and says he should take her right there! Gray kisses her but Vienna can't think of anything but Henry. She pushes him away but then remembers Henry's betrayals and kisses Gray again. They make love but that only makes Vienna feel worse. Gray pours them more champagne and Vienna checks her phone.


    Wednesday, February 27 2008

    Vienna sees Henry, watching her kiss Gray. She tries to explain but Henry walks away. Vienna turns away from Gray but he grabs her. She ignores him and hurries into the hotel room, then begins to cry.

    At The Lakeview, Brad sees Gray in the lounge. Brad goes to the bar to engage Gray in conversation. Gray comments that he has met a woman who is going to get him everything he wants. Brad brings up money and Gray suggests another poker game. Brad says he isn't interested in games - he wants to go into business with Gray! Gray is suspicious. Brad talks about his job as a television host and the bags of money he has, which calms Gray's fears. Still, he doesn't agree to anything that Brad says. Gray turns to go and then recognizes Brad. Brad admits that he plays poker with Henry now and then but says they aren't friends. Gray leaves.

    Downstairs, Gray calls Vienna and leaves a sweet message on her voicemail.

    Carly Could Drive A Person To Murder...

    Tuesday, February 26 2008

    Gray and Matt meet at The Lakeview. Matt tells Gray that he needs to keep a lower profile and Gray tells Matt not to forget who is in charge of their operation! Matt walks off as Vienna gets off the elevator to meet Gray for lunch. He leads her into the lounge. He tells Vienna he doesn't know how to react to her because most women fawn all over him. She says they are only friends. Gray offers her the necklace - again! - as a friendly gift and when Vienna turns it down he pulls a set of diamond earrings from his pocket and offers them to her! Vienna loves the earrings. She drinks some champagne and tries on the jewels as they talk about Paris and Milan. Gray offers to take her on a trip - with Henry!

    Gray leads a drunken Vienna up to her hotel room. She can't get the key in the door and sways against him. Gray kisses her as Henry comes around the corner!

    An Apology, A Boom and A Con

    Monday, February 25 2008

    Alison meets Matt at Al's. Aaron walks in and Alison introduces them. Aaron takes an instant dislike to Matt. He questions Matt about his past and Casey; Alison tells Aaron to back off but Matt takes everything in stride. Matt leaves to make a call, and Alison asks what Aaron is trying to prove. He says he just wants answers, which Alison takes to mean that he doesn't trust her judgment. Matt returns from his phone call and asks what is going on. Aaron says they were just catching up and then stuns Alison with news that he is returning to Seattle because Julia has had a relapse. He leaves as Gray walks in the door. Matt becomes uncomfortable. Alison asks if he knows Gray but Matt says he doesn't. He asks Allie to go for a walk and they leave the restaurant. Vienna arrives. She tells Gray that they won't accept his terms. Gray says he is sorry. Vienna removes the diamond necklace, too, and hands it over. Gray asks her to have dinner with him tonight! As they are chatting Ameera and the boys walk in. Vienna tells Gray she won't have dinner with him. Just then there is a huge bang and everyone takes cover! Gray grabs a gun! Vienna tells everyone to be calm, that it is just the oven. Ameera is very upset and the boys take her home. Gray asks Vienna if she'll have lunch with him since their coffee break was interrupted. She says okay, as long as Henry doesn't object.

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