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    As the World Turns CAST - Gray Gerard - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Gray Gerard Played by Dominic Fumusa on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Dominic Fumusa (

    Real Name: Dominic Fumusa


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    Hello! I've Been Kidnapped!

    Thursday, March 13 2008

    Vienna is about to leave her hotel room with Gray sees her and reminds her to wear the bracelet. She says she needs to check in with Katie and admits she is worried about Henry, too. Gray says he'll look into Henry's disappearance. He sends Vienna to freshen up and then calls Matt, who says Henry is on the loose again.

    In the parking lot, Kit fires at Carly and she returns fire! Kit is hit and falls. Carly asks her to tell the truth but Kit doesn't say anything before she dies. Carly hurries back inside and focuses on Jack, while Brad focuses on Katie. Medics arrive and wheel Jack away. Brad and Katie are about to leave when they remember Henry is still in the warehouse somewhere. They start searching again. Brad finally finds Henry and they untie him. Henry says Kit tied him up and knocked him out; they tell him about the shootings. Once he is free they go outside, still talking. None of them see Matt there, listening. Henry says Gray has to be behind the kidnapping. They return to Oakdale. Alison sees Katie, Henry and Brad at the hospital and asks what is going on. Katie is taken to an exam room. Before Henry can answer Vienna hurries in, hugs Henry and asks where he has been. "Why don't you ask your boyfriend?" Henry asks and he sees Gray! Henry tries to fight Gray but Brad pulls him off and sends Henry to get checked out. Brad returns to Katie and says Jack will be okay. A nurse brings Katie her medication.

    Margo hurries into the hospital. Henry, facing off once again with Gray, tries to get her to arrest Gray but she says she is too busy. "Hello, I've been kidnapped!" he exclaims but Margo ignores him and hurries into Jack's room. Margo asks Carly about Jack and then questions her about Kit. Carly recounts the events and says, "She fired first." Margo is upset to learn Kit didn't make a dying confession and says Parker is still in trouble. She leaves. In the hall, Henry and Brad accuse Gray of the kidnapping. Margo tells them all to come to the stationhouse. She is surprised to see Casey and Will there; they tell her they are researching for a class. Just then a bedraggled guy named Irv Winer walks in and says he kidnapped Henry! Henry can't believe it and asks the guy, who was a poker buddy, why he is lying for Gray. Irv doesn't change his story so Margo releases Gray and tells Henry to go home. Henry asks Vienna if they can have their date now. She says another time and leaves with Gray. At the hotel, Gray says they need to celebrate the "unpleasantness" with Henry being over and tells her to get dressed up.

    Who's Lonely Now?

    Tuesday, March 11 2008

    Vienna is waiting for Henry at The Lakeview. As she waits, the bartender comes on to her. She begins to worry when Henry is very late. A bellhop delivers a note, supposedly from Henry, telling her to stay with Gray and move on with her life! Gray arrives seconds later and asks where Henry is. Vienna says he dumped her. Gray goes on about what a cad Henry is and how she is better off with Gray. Brad and Katie arrive; Katie is very upset that Brad lied to her - again. Matt returns to work. Brad walks up to Vienna and asks what she is thinking. She says Henry dumped her and shows them the letter. Brad is stunned. Katie grabs the note, pulls Brad away and says Henry didn't write the letter! Brad says not to tell Vienna yet and they go upstairs to investigate. Matt pulls Gray aside and reports what he heard Katie saying. He says he is through taking chances because Gray is obsessed with Vienna. Gray tells him to stick with the plan and leaves. On his way upstairs, Gray runs into Alison, who calls him "Mr. Pulaski". Gray returns to his room and gives a sleeping Vienna more diamonds.

    Gwen Gives Hallie To Sofie!

    Monday, March 10 2008

    After Gray and Vienna make love again, she tries to leave him for work but he keeps pulling her back into bed. When she doesn't respond, he realizes she is still attached to Henry. She says he has nothing to worry about and leaves the bed. Gray calls Matt to find out how things are going. Vienna returns. They leave for work. Gray sees Matt in Old Town and drops Vienna off. Matt tells Gray that Alison is asking too many questions; neither notice Alison listening to them. Once Gray leaves, Alison pretends to stumble upon Matt and apologizes for outing him to Margo and Tom. They go into Java for a drink and she questions, not so subtly, about Gray. Matt is suspicious and leaves for work.

    Brad and Henry wake up in Katie's bed together! Both realize they must have passed out. Henry crawls back into the bed, pulls the covers over his head and tells Brad to leave him alone. Brad says it is time for Henry to beg forgiveness. He goes inside. Gray tries to stop him but Henry charges on and talks to Vienna. She listens but reminds him that they didn't just have good times. Gray interrupts several times by pointing out that Henry has no money and no place to live. Vienna agrees to meet him for drinks later. Vienna turns to Gray and says she has to meet Henry; he pretends to understand but then calls Matt. Gray orders Matt to meet him at Luther's Corners Church. At the church, Gray tells Matt to get rid of Henry but not to kill him. He leaves.

    Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

    Tuesday, March 04 2008

    Brad, meanwhile, has gone to the diner to explain to Vienna. She is stunned that Henry was helping with Carly and Jack's investigation. Vienna takes off the diamonds that Gray has purchased and gives them back to him! Gray tries to change her mind by reminding Vienna that he has the money to give her anything. Vienna says she doesn't want his life, she wants Henry's life! She runs out. Brad follows her. Vienna and Brad return to the hotel but a maid says Henry packed up and left! Vienna is crushed. She returns to Brad with the news. She tries calling Henry but he doesn't answer. Vienna sadly leaves to return to the diner and Gray! Brad calls and Henry finally finds his phone and answers. Brad goes upstairs and tells Henry that he really did it this time. He says Vienna came looking for him but when she learned he was gone she returned to Gray. Brad tries to get Henry to call Vienna and so does Katie but Henry refuses and grabs a bottle of scotch. Brad takes the liquor from him but then they both start drinking. "What have I gotten myself in to?" Katie asks.

    Vienna returns to the diner and tells Gray that she only returned because Henry left her. Gray doesn’t care and hugs her, reminding her over and over that he - and his money - will always be there for her!

    Is It Over?

    Friday, February 29 2008

    Margo arrives home to find Matt acting very strangely. He says he was snooping, trying to check things out. Margo wonders why. Matt says it is a habit and apologizes; Margo says it is okay. Casey returns and leaves with Matt for work. Margo wonders if Matt was telling the truth. Matt and Casey arrive at work. Casey cuts his hand and Matt wraps it up. Gray watches them. Matt tells Casey they need to go to the hospital and both boys leave. At the hospital, Alison finds a nurse who takes Casey for stitches. Matt asks Allie to join him on her break. They go to Old Town and are walking around when Matt notices Gray. He takes Alison into a bookstore and then exits while she is distracted. He goes to Gray, calls him the boss, and asks what he needs. Gray points out Brad and tells Matt to teach him a lesson. As they talk, Alison exits the bookstore and sees them together. She is very curious. Gray leaves. Alison asks Matt who the strange guy is; Matt says he is just a customer from The Lakeview but he is very nervous and Alison wonders why. Matt returns to work. Alison returns to the hospital and quizzes Casey about Matt, saying he is nice but has secrets. Casey is noncommittal but says Matt has always been a friend to him. He leaves for work.

    Vienna meets Gray in the Lounge and says she has broken things off with Henry. Gray says he'll take care of her now and suggests that they go away to Europe for a while. The more he talks about caring for her the more upset Vienna becomes. She tells him that she doesn't want to be taken care of and that she wants to keep her job. She leaves to pack her things. Upstairs she finds the pile of clothes that Henry left in the hall and angrily throws her shoe at the door.

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