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    As the World Turns CAST - Gray Gerard - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Gray Gerard Played by Dominic Fumusa on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Dominic Fumusa (

    Real Name: Dominic Fumusa


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    Take a Hike.

    Tuesday, July 06 2010

    After Craig gets rejected by Gabriel, he comes to see Dusty and Lucinda at the office to give them his final offer on World Wide. They reject him and Lucinda learns a Mr. Blackthorn wants to talk with her, but she denies him as well. Lucinda orders Craig out. Dusty questions Lucinda's decision about Blackthorn, but she wants him to trust her. After Dusty leaves, Lily comes by to tell her mother she's going into business with Carly. Lucinda surprises her by approving, thinking it will be a good distraction from Holden. She does warn her to stay away from Craig though, but Lily defends him. Lucinda offers to be an investor, but this is something Lily needs to do on her own.


    Wednesday, March 26 2008

    The police tell Margo and Tom they need to lay low, as Casey feels bad for bringing Matt into the house. They make dinner and Tom prays and thanks God for protecting his family. They then try and relax on the couch and watch television. Tom checks the locks on the door, as they all go to bed. When they are gone, Gray enters the house. He turns on the television and waits with a gun. Margo walks into the living room and as she turns the television off, Allison knocks on the door looking for her coat. Margo wonders if she is okay, as Allison sees a gun emerging from the door behind and lunges at Margo knocking them to the floor as the gun goes off. Tom enters and struggles with Gray. Margo grabs her own gun trying to get a shot. Gray throws Tom to the couch and tells Margo to put down the gun or Tom is dead. As Margo puts down her gun, Gray tells Margo that his brother always said she was soft. Margo fires a shot and Gray falls to the ground dead. Susan arrives as the coroner and the police take the body away. Margo thanks Allison for saving her life. Susan and Allison leave and the police tell them the case is closed, but Margo says the case is not closed for her as Tom hugs her.

    We Meet Again!

    Tuesday, March 25 2008

    Margo instructs one of her men to go to the hospital to escort Matt and Gray back to jail. At the hospital, though, the cop is fooled by Gray - who is wearing an FBI jacket! Gray says he's been instructed to take Matt back to Chicago and the cop lets them leave. Allison sees Matt but doesn't realize he is with Gray. She decides to follow them. In the car, Gray instructs Matt to call Casey and get him to meet them! Matt calls Casey, says he is worried about a deal the Feds are offering and that he needs to talk. When Casey balks, he says he is really worried about Gray. Casey agrees to meet him at the Hughes home. When Casey arrives, Allison is lurking outside, wondering what is going on. They go inside together and spot Matt, tied up, on the sofa! Grey comes out of a darkened corner with a gun! Gray ties up Allison and Casey and tells Casey to call Margo. He refuses. Gray threatens to kill Allie if Casey won't call so he does it.

    Back at the police station, a real FBI agent arrives and asks about Gray and Matt. Margo says the FBI already picked them up and becomes very worried when the agent says he is the first agent to arrive in Oakdale. Margo calls the hospital, tells them to lock all the exits and not let anyone leave! She sets up road blocks and is working on the search when Casey calls. She warns him about Gray; Casey says he is at the house with his parole officer and that the guy is insisting on talking to Margo - in person. She tells Matt to put the guy on the phone so Gray takes the phone and disguises his voice. He says he'll put Casey back in prison if Margo doesn't come to the house now. She leaves the station house. Margo opens the door at the house, sees Casey and rushes inside. Gray steps out of a corner. "We meet again," he says and points the gun at her. Margo asks him to let the kids go but Gray wants them to watch. Gray punches her in the face! He ties her up and demands she call Tom but Margo refuses. He opens a briefcase with a bomb inside! Margo begs him to let the kids go but Gray refuses, saying she will suffer more knowing that the kids and Tom are dying, too. He insists that his brother wasn't the criminal she made him out to be and then stuffs a cloth into Margo's mouth! He sets the timer and leaves the house.

    Sinister Connections...

    Tuesday, March 18 2008

    Henry and Vienna are about to make love in the church sanctuary when Vienna pulls back. She isn't comfortable making love in a church but Henry says God couldn't be upset about a little love making. Gray returns to Matt and orders him to torch the church - now! When he turns his back Matt knocks Gray out! Matt unlocks the door; Henry and Vienna hear the keys and get dressed in a hurry. Matt drags Gray around the side of the building as Henry and Vienna escape. Matt watches and when he turns around Gray is holding a gun on him! "Tom and Margo Hughes are not innocent," Gray says angrily, reminding Matt that he was paid to do a job. Gray shoots Matt! Margo and Tom arrive but don't find Adam inside. They are about to leave when Margo sees Matt's crumpled body and calls for an ambulance. Matt says Gray shot him. Margo questions Matt, who admits that he was hired to lure them to the church. He says they can find Gray at the scenic shop. The medics wheel Matt away; Margo looks at the address on Matt's business card and realizes the scenic shop is the same place where Jack was shot and Henry was taken!

    Carly has second thoughts about going inside the scenic shop alone and calls Jack. He tells her to come back home but she says she has to clear Parker. Carly won't listen to him and hangs up. As she goes inside, she doesn't notice that someone is watching. She goes inside but can only think about Kit nearly killing her. Carly is digging through a few records at the scenic shop when Gray walks in and says she is trespassing! Carly realizes Gray is acting very strangely, apologizes and says she must have the wrong scenic shop. She inches her way away from Gray, who is happy to have her leave. As she rounds a corner, Carly runs into Margo! They each explain why they are there; Margo tells Carly she needs to leave. Carly won't go. Margo looks around but can't find Gray anywhere. Carly finally leaves. Outside the scenic shop, Carly finally calls Jack to check in. He tells her about Gray and warns her that she needs to stay away from the scenic shop and return home. She says she is on her way but then notices a bag woman and hurries after her. More police arrive, scaring the bag woman away.

    Take The Baby and Run!

    Monday, March 17 2008

    Matt meets Alison at Java and says they need to talk. Allie apologizes for asking so many questions about him and says her questions have more to do with her than him. "But I think I'm ready to just take a chance," she says. Matt is surprised. Gray calls while Allie is ordering food; Matt says he'll meet him later and hangs up. When Alison returns, Matt says she was right about Gray - and him, too! He tells her that he can't go against Gray but says she can still warn Casey, Margo and Tom. Alison is confused but Matt repeats that she has to warn them about Gray and leaves.

    Vienna returns to the diner where Gray is waiting for her. He thinks she is returning to him but when she simply hands over the jewels he bought her, Gray realizes the truth. He says he'll make sure Henry and Vienna are together - forever. Vienna leaves to change and when she returns, tells her that he called Henry, who is waiting for her at Luther's Corner's Church! When she arrives at the church, Henry is already there. He says he'll make any promise she wants as long as she will stay with him. They walk to the altar and make vows of love to one another. Crying, Vienna says she will love Henry for the rest of her life; Henry makes the same vow, then says, "Until death do us part." Outside, Gray is dumping gasoline around the church! Henry kisses her. He takes her hand and then realizes they are locked inside. Vienna doesn't care. She tells him they should make the most of their time and kisses him. Outside, Matt meets Gray, who hands him a matchbook and tells him to get to work. Gray leaves. Matt calls the police station and asks for Margo.

    Vienna's Choice!

    Friday, March 14 2008

    At the diner, Matt stands outside and watches Gray with Vienna. Seeing Matt, Gray goes outside. Matt tells him that Casey and Alison are making waves and they need to stick to their original game plan. Gray angrily says he is still in charge and orders Matt to discredit Casey and Allie. He returns inside. Matt turns around and Casey is there! They go to Java and Casey asks Matt about Gray. At first Matt denies everything but finally admits he does some work for Gray. He angrily says he'll quit immediately and leaves. Casey returns to the hospital to see Alison and says Matt is lying. They go to Java and try to figure out what to do about Matt. Casey says they should just let it go but Allie won't listen. She wonders if she can play up their developing relationship to get Matt talking.

    Henry arrives at the diner. Gray tries to turn him away but Henry won't back down. Vienna says she wants to talk to Henry so Gray backs off a little. Henry confesses his love but says he is willing to let her go since she is happy with Gray now. Vienna is on the verge of tears when Henry kisses her cheek and says goodbye. Vienna tells him not to go but won't leave Gray for him. Henry says he can't stay around her when she is with Gray and leaves. Gray tries to convince Vienna to come to Paris with him and have a whirlwind time. She says Paris and money and diamonds don't matter to her. She only wants Henry. She says Henry is the only man for her. Gray sees Matt outside and wishes her well. Vienna leaves. Matt comes inside and says it is time to put their plan in motion. "We're going to use Vienna and her true love Henry as bait," he says.

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