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    As the World Turns CAST - Gray Gerard

    Full detailed profile on Gray Gerard Played by Dominic Fumusa on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Dominic Fumusa (
    Gray Gerard

    Actor: Dominic Fumusa

    Who played Gray Gerard over the years

    Dominic Fumusa - (2007 - March 26, 2008)

    Useful information on Gray Gerard

    *Gray was killed by Margo March 26, 2008.
    *Gray's real name is Gerald Nevins.
    *Gray is a gambler who won Al's Diner from Henry in a poker game.
    *Gray proposed that he sleep with Vienna so that Henry could keep the diner.


    Current: - gambler


    Gray arrived in Oakdale in 2008 as a gambler. He was attracted to Vienna and so he engaged Henry in a high-stakes poker game. When Henry lost and couldn't pay his debt, Gray proposed that he sleep with Vienna to alleviate Henry's debt!










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    Tuesday, July 06 2010: Take a Hike.

    After Craig gets rejected by Gabriel, he comes to see Dusty and Lucinda at the office to give them his final offer on World Wide. They reject him and Lucinda learns a Mr. Blackthorn wants to talk with her, but she denies him as well. Lucinda orders Craig out. Dusty questions Lucinda's decision about Blackthorn, but she wants him to trust her. After Dusty leaves, Lily comes by to tell her mother she's going into business with Carly. Lucinda surprises her by approving, thinking it will be a good distraction from Holden. She does warn her to stay away from Craig though, but Lily defends him. Lucinda offers to be an investor, but this is something Lily needs to do on her own.

    Wednesday, March 26 2008: Intersection.

    The police tell Margo and Tom they need to lay low, as Casey feels bad for bringing Matt into the house. They make dinner and Tom prays and thanks God for protecting his family. They then try and relax on the couch and watch television. Tom checks the locks on the door, as they all go to bed. When they are gone, Gray enters the house. He turns on the television and waits with a gun. Margo walks into the living room and as she turns the television off, Allison knocks on the door looking for her coat. Margo wonders if she is okay, as Allison sees a gun emerging from the door behind and lunges at Margo knocking them to the floor as the gun goes off. Tom enters and struggles with Gray. Margo grabs her own gun trying to get a shot. Gray throws Tom to the couch and tells Margo to put down the gun or Tom is dead. As Margo puts down her gun, Gray tells Margo that his brother always said she was soft. Margo fires a shot and Gray falls to the ground dead. Susan arrives as the coroner and the police take the body away. Margo thanks Allison for saving her life. Susan and Allison leave and the police tell them the case is closed, but Margo says the case is not closed for her as Tom hugs her.

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