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    As the World Turns CAST - Matt O'Connor - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Matt O'Connor Played by Eric William Morris on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eric William Morris (

    Real Name: Eric William Morris


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    A Knock-out Show!

    Monday, March 03 2008

    Bonnie arrives at WOAK but in the darkened room doesn't see Brad until she trips over the body! She tries to wake him but he doesn't come around. Matt is hiding in a corner. Brad finally begins to come around and Bonnie calls for an ambulance. She questions him about what happened and Brad says someone knocked him out. A medic gets Brad and Bonnie to the hospital where Susan takes over. Holden asks what happened but Bonnie doesn't know. He tells her about the beating and his reunion plans with Lily. Bonnie hugs Holden and wishes him luck.

    Alison finds Casey working at the lounge and asks what he is doing there. He says Matt pulled a disappearing act and he had no choice but to work the bar! Alison talks about her suspicions regarding Matt and Gray. Before Casey can really answer Matt walks in! He has paint and a WOAK logo on his pants, which Allie finds suspicious but Casey only thinks is funny. Alison leaves. When Matt returns, Casey says they need to come clean about where they really met. Matt angrily tells Casey to shut up! He says he isn't going to risk his future on strangers who won't believe in him. Casey backs off because he isn't sure what to do about his friend. He says his friends and family will accept Matt's past. Margo arrives and says, "What past?" To distract her, Matt tells Margo that Casey is going to enroll at Oakdale U for the next semester. Margo is very excited and tells Casey he is doing the right thing. She leaves. Casey turns to Matt, who says Margo will forget about college soon enough. Matt leaves to catch up with Alison.

    Alison arrives at the hospital to talk things over with Susan. Susan tells her about her day and the attacks on Brad and Katie. Allie gets very suspicious when she remembers Matt had that WOAK logo on his pants. Susan hurries off to check her other patients. Matt arrives; Alison questions him more about his pants but Matt ignores the questions. He asks one of his own: will she go out with him on a real date. Alison says he should call her. Matt leaves to return to work.

    Is It Over?

    Friday, February 29 2008

    Margo arrives home to find Matt acting very strangely. He says he was snooping, trying to check things out. Margo wonders why. Matt says it is a habit and apologizes; Margo says it is okay. Casey returns and leaves with Matt for work. Margo wonders if Matt was telling the truth. Matt and Casey arrive at work. Casey cuts his hand and Matt wraps it up. Gray watches them. Matt tells Casey they need to go to the hospital and both boys leave. At the hospital, Alison finds a nurse who takes Casey for stitches. Matt asks Allie to join him on her break. They go to Old Town and are walking around when Matt notices Gray. He takes Alison into a bookstore and then exits while she is distracted. He goes to Gray, calls him the boss, and asks what he needs. Gray points out Brad and tells Matt to teach him a lesson. As they talk, Alison exits the bookstore and sees them together. She is very curious. Gray leaves. Alison asks Matt who the strange guy is; Matt says he is just a customer from The Lakeview but he is very nervous and Alison wonders why. Matt returns to work. Alison returns to the hospital and quizzes Casey about Matt, saying he is nice but has secrets. Casey is noncommittal but says Matt has always been a friend to him. He leaves for work.

    In Old Town, Brad runs into Gray and warns him to stay away from Henry and Vienna. Brad walks off! He goes to WOAK and calls Bonnie and leaves a message, asking her to come visit him. He is about to leave when someone whacks him over the head. It's Matt!

    Carly Could Drive A Person To Murder...

    Tuesday, February 26 2008

    Gray and Matt meet at The Lakeview. Matt tells Gray that he needs to keep a lower profile and Gray tells Matt not to forget who is in charge of their operation! Matt walks off as Vienna gets off the elevator to meet Gray for lunch. He leads her into the lounge. He tells Vienna he doesn't know how to react to her because most women fawn all over him. She says they are only friends. Gray offers her the necklace - again! - as a friendly gift and when Vienna turns it down he pulls a set of diamond earrings from his pocket and offers them to her! Vienna loves the earrings. She drinks some champagne and tries on the jewels as they talk about Paris and Milan. Gray offers to take her on a trip - with Henry!

    Alison arrives at the courthouse and sees Matt there. She asks what he is doing and he makes up a story about meeting a friend but being lost.

    Sofie's lawyer calls her at The Lakeview and tells her to report to court in an hour. She is worried about what will happen and hurries to get her things. As she is leaving Chris stops by to check on her. Sofie is very nervous about the hearing and Chris offers to go with her. They are already at the courthouse when Will, Gwen and Barbara arrive. Gwen tells Sofie they just want the best for Hallie; Sofie says she does, too. The judge arrives and calls Sofie's actions unstable. He rules in favor of Will and Gwen! They are relieved. Sofie asks the judge if she can speak and tells the court how much she loves Hallie. She, her lawyer and Chris run from the room. Will, Gwen and Babs come out and tell Alison and Matt about the ruling. They ask Allie to come by the house for a celebration; Babs begs off and everyone leaves. Alison, Matt and Casey meet the Munson's at the cottage and begin their celebration. After a while Alison leaves; Matt thanks her for introducing him to Will and Gwen. Outside, Casey tells Matt to stop intruding on his life. Matt plays the guilt cards, again, telling Casey that he just wants a normal life and Casey's family is uber-normal. Casey gives in and tells Matt he can stay a while longer. Back inside, Will tries to relax but Gwen can't forget about the things Sofie said in court. She feels guilty that they have Hallie and Sofie has no one!

    An Apology, A Boom and A Con

    Monday, February 25 2008

    Alison meets Matt at Al's. Aaron walks in and Alison introduces them. Aaron takes an instant dislike to Matt. He questions Matt about his past and Casey; Alison tells Aaron to back off but Matt takes everything in stride. Matt leaves to make a call, and Alison asks what Aaron is trying to prove. He says he just wants answers, which Alison takes to mean that he doesn't trust her judgment. Matt returns from his phone call and asks what is going on. Aaron says they were just catching up and then stuns Alison with news that he is returning to Seattle because Julia has had a relapse. He leaves as Gray walks in the door. Matt becomes uncomfortable. Alison asks if he knows Gray but Matt says he doesn't. He asks Allie to go for a walk and they leave the restaurant. Vienna arrives. She tells Gray that they won't accept his terms. Gray says he is sorry. Vienna removes the diamond necklace, too, and hands it over. Gray asks her to have dinner with him tonight! As they are chatting Ameera and the boys walk in. Vienna tells Gray she won't have dinner with him. Just then there is a huge bang and everyone takes cover! Gray grabs a gun! Vienna tells everyone to be calm, that it is just the oven. Ameera is very upset and the boys take her home. Gray asks Vienna if she'll have lunch with him since their coffee break was interrupted. She says okay, as long as Henry doesn't object.

    Outside, Alison explains that the loud bang was the oven. With everything returned to normal she tells Matt about her past. Matt says the past doesn't matter and says he has his own secrets - he used to shoplift candy and comics! Matt offers to take Alison to work but she turns him down. He kisses her cheek and she leaves.

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