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    As the World Turns CAST - Matt O'Connor - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Matt O'Connor Played by Eric William Morris on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eric William Morris (

    Real Name: Eric William Morris


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    Gwen Gives Hallie To Sofie!

    Monday, March 10 2008

    After Gray and Vienna make love again, she tries to leave him for work but he keeps pulling her back into bed. When she doesn't respond, he realizes she is still attached to Henry. She says he has nothing to worry about and leaves the bed. Gray calls Matt to find out how things are going. Vienna returns. They leave for work. Gray sees Matt in Old Town and drops Vienna off. Matt tells Gray that Alison is asking too many questions; neither notice Alison listening to them. Once Gray leaves, Alison pretends to stumble upon Matt and apologizes for outing him to Margo and Tom. They go into Java for a drink and she questions, not so subtly, about Gray. Matt is suspicious and leaves for work.

    Brad and Henry wake up in Katie's bed together! Both realize they must have passed out. Henry crawls back into the bed, pulls the covers over his head and tells Brad to leave him alone. Brad says it is time for Henry to beg forgiveness. He goes inside. Gray tries to stop him but Henry charges on and talks to Vienna. She listens but reminds him that they didn't just have good times. Gray interrupts several times by pointing out that Henry has no money and no place to live. Vienna agrees to meet him for drinks later. Vienna turns to Gray and says she has to meet Henry; he pretends to understand but then calls Matt. Gray orders Matt to meet him at Luther's Corners Church. At the church, Gray tells Matt to get rid of Henry but not to kill him. He leaves.

    The Return Of Cowboy Jack - Again!

    Friday, March 07 2008

    Alison arrives at the Hughes home and asks Matt for any news. When he shrugs off Casey's arrest she asks who made the charges go away and why. He tries to fudge but she demands to know who he called and how they helped Casey. Finally Matt says he knows a government worker from his pre-prison days and the guy helped out. Alison wants more details. Before Matt can say anything else Tom, Margo and Casey return home. Allie blurts out that Matt got the charges dropped because of a guy he knew before he was in prison. Margo and Tom are stunned and angry. Margo demands answers. Matt makes up a story about a crooked guard and a deal with the warden; Casey backs up his story. Tom and Margo want more details, especially about Matt's phone call but he says he can't say more without endangering everyone! Margo asks Matt about his criminal activities and Matt says he was a car thief but he is ashamed of his past and is trying to make a fresh start. Neither Tom nor Margo is satisfied but both have to leave for meetings. When the kids are alone Matt angrily confronts Alison who says it was time everything came out. Casey doesn't say anything and walks out. Alison leaves, too, but Matt follows. He asks why what he did was wrong. Alison says she isn't upset about Matt making the charges go away, she is mad that Matt is still lying about everything. She leaves.

    Alison runs into Tom at The Lakeview and asks what he thinks about Matt. Tom says he doesn't trust Matt 100%. As he leaves, Matt sees them together and hides. When she is alone again, Matt angrily asks what she is trying to do to him. He says he is just trying to start his life over and she is trying to ruin things. Alison apologizes and then leaves.

    Ameera and Casey Are Arrested!

    Thursday, March 06 2008

    At the Hughes home, Casey thanks Matt for telling Alison the truth. He says maybe Matt should tell Margo and Tom, too, but Matt insists Margo and Tom won't be as understanding as Allie. Casey agrees to keep quiet. Matt is about to leave when Allie stops by the house, surprising him. She tells both guys about the Oakdale U mixer at Yo's and asks them both to come. Casey tries to turn down the invitation but Allie insists and he tags along.

    Ameera, Luke and Noah are among the first to arrive at Yo's. Ameera is uncomfortable but stays with them. Noah asks her to dance with them but she doesn't want to. As they are dancing, Ameera runs away from their table! Luke and Noah follow her outside and ask her to come back inside with them. She wants to be alone and walks back inside alone. Luke tells Noah that they can't push Ameera into the college scene. Matt, Casey and Alison arrive. Casey doesn't like the party scene, either, and separates himself from Matt and Allie. Matt asks why Alison brought Casey along. She says group dates are always a safe thing for a beginning relationship. Casey returns from a back room and sees Ameera. When Alison asks about Matt's jail time he changes the subject and goes over to Casey, who is watching Ameera very closely. Matt approaches Ameera and asks her to dance with Casey. Noah watches and becomes worried about Ameera; Luke tells him to leave Ameera alone. Matt sits with Ameera and makes her laugh. Alison, meanwhile, tells Casey to go talk to Ameera himself. Matt comes over and introduces Ameera to them. She agrees to dance with Casey. Ameera isn't a good dancer but she tries. Noah is very worried about Casey and Ameera but Luke tells him Casey is a nice guy. They go outside for a few minutes. Ameera becomes more comfortable with American dance and begins to enjoy herself. After the dance, Ameera and Casey sit down to talk. Seeing that Casey is occupied, Matt and Alison decide to dance. Outside, two Homeland Security agents approach Luke and Noah and ask questions about Ameera! They boys try to find out more but the agents won't give them any answers. Luke tells them Ameera is inside, angering Noah. As Ameera and Casey are talking the federal agents grab her and take her away! Casey slugs one of the officers and he is arrested. Noah and Luke, seeing that the agents are preoccupied, grab Ameera and run. The agents take Casey away. Alison grabs Matt to follow them.

    Alison and Matt arrive at the police station as Dallas pulls Casey into an interrogation room. Alison tries to get Dallas to let her talk to Casey but Dallas refuses. Casey asks Dallas not to call his mom. When Allie goes inside, Matt calls Gray and asks a favor. He asks Gray to make the situation go away; Alison overhears!

    Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

    Tuesday, March 04 2008

    Matt and Casey are in Old Town arguing about Matt's lie to Margo. Matt tells Casey he is lucky to have the opportunity to attend college and to have a family like Margo and Tom.

    Alison stops by the Munson cottage and asks Will and Gwen if they can find out if Matt ever attended Oakdale U! She tells them about her suspicions - that Matt may have attacked Brad at WOAK. Will and Gwen think Alison is jumping to too many conclusions but she is certain Matt has some big secret. They all go to the registrar's office. Gwen shows off Hallie and then accidentally knocks over a glass so the office worker has to leave. Gwen and Will go through the files while Allie plays look-out. As she is watching Casey and Matt arrive to sign up for classes! She tries to hold them off but does a really bad job of it. Mrs. Dunn, the registrar returns, and leads the motley crew inside, where Will and Gwen are waiting. Casey says he is signing up for new classes; Gwen explains that they were introducing Hallie to Mrs. Dunn and made a mess of things. Alison says she tagged along to get a summer catalog. Matt suggests medieval history. Will, Gwen and Alison leave. Matt wonders why they were really there. In Old Town, Will and Gwen say they didn't find any record of Matt attending the college; Will says she doesn't remember Casey mentioning Matt and doesn't recognize him from school, either.

    Matt and Casey return to The Lakeview once Casey has signed up for classes. Matt goes to get some supplies when Alison arrives and begins questioning Casey. Casey tries not to answer but Matt returns, hears them and answers for himself. He admits that he and Casey were cellmates! He says he is ashamed of his past and just wants a fresh start. Alison can understand that. Casey comes to Matt's defense, saying he wanted to help his friend. Matt asks Alison if she'll still go out with him and she says yes.

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