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    As the World Turns CAST - Matt O'Connor - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Matt O'Connor Played by Eric William Morris on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eric William Morris (

    Real Name: Eric William Morris


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    Eliza Is Kidnapped - Again!

    Friday, February 06 2009

    At the hospital Alison and Casey are arguing – again – when Matt walks up. Tired of being stuck in the middle he tells Casey the kiss was fake. This only angers Alison, especially when Casey tells her they need to talk. He convinces her to come to the roof with him. Matt tells Casey not to blow this chance. They walk away as Jade arrives. Matt stops her, says Casey is busy and tells her to back off. Jade blows by Matt but he stops her, telling Jade that Casey is busy with his girlfriend. Jade figures out they are on the roof but Matt won't let her past him. Matt grabs her arm, says they need to get better acquainted and drags her away!

    Matt takes Jade to Java and questions her reasons for trying to come between Casey and Alison. She doesn't answer and turns the tables on him. She realizes Matt is Casey's ex-cellmate and grabs her things. Matt says he'll do whatever he has to do to keep her away from Casey; she threatens to scream for the cops.

    Matt and Jade arrive back at the hospital as Casey comes down from the roof, upset. Matt tries to encourage him but Jade insists that Alison is blowing him off. Casey leaves, alone. Matt sarcastically says Jade is a great friend. He goes up to the roof, alone, to find Alison. She is still upset about Casey. He says she isn't over Casey and needs to confront her feelings and her past. Then he says he's thinking about going back to school. That reminds Alison she is late for work. Matt asks about Casey but Alison says it is over. He hugs her as she cries.

    Yeah, I Love Dusty!

    Monday, February 02 2009

    Matt surprises Alison at the hospital. He says he is out of jail for good and ready for a fresh start. He asks about Casey; Alison says he should talk to Casey himself. Matt asks what is going on and convinces Alison to go for a walk with him. They leave, barely missing Casey. Another nurse tells him where to find Alison and her friend. Casey trails them into the park, watching closely. Alison tells Matt about Casey's fling with Emily and her own feelings for him but says none of that matters. She spots Casey and tells Matt to kiss her! Casey hurries away, upset. Alison sees that Casey is gone and pushes Matt away. She tells him everything and he is very upset that she used him. He tells her to go talk to Casey.

    Matt finds Casey at Al's and tries to talk to him. Matt tells him about the park and says he isn't interested in Alison. Casey says it doesn't matter because he is tired of Allie's games. Matt tells Casey to talk to her but he won't listen.

    I Want A Restraining Order!

    Wednesday, April 30 2008

    Margo calls Casey at work to tell him Matt wants to talk to him. Casey refuses to talk to him but Emily overhears and tells him that if he really wants closure he will go and talk to Matt. She offers to come with him but Casey decides to go alone. Emily bugs Casey's jacket when he isn't looking. At the police department, Casey is shown to Matt's room. He pretends to be unmoved by Matt's apologies. Matt says he wants to make things right. Margo returns with the guards and Matt is taken to prison. Casey reaches into his pocket and finds the tape recorder. Margo blames Emily for it. Just then Paul - and Emily - arrive! Paul asks her to post bail. She refuses and goes to Casey who confronts her with the tape. She admits she did it and says she was trying to help him become a great reporter. Casey doesn't buy the explanation and leaves. Margo laughs at Emily and says she deserves whatever she gets. Emily walks out. Margo goes to the interrogation room where Paul demands to be allowed to post bail. Margo refuses but when Paul complains about her shoddy police work in the carbombing she finally gives him the phone. He calls Sofie! Paul leaves the interrogation room as Meg and Mike arrive. Mike asks Margo for a restraining order for Meg against Paul. Margo says they'll have to wait for a judge but that Paul will be locked up for the night. "No, he won't," Sofie says from the door! Paul and Mike start fighting and two officers separate them. Margo promises to get a judge on the restraining order that night; Mike and Meg leave. Margo warns Paul to stay away from Meg. Paul thanks Sofie for coming and she runs out! He returns to Fairwinds and is about to have a drink when Sofie arrives. She asks if he really meant it when he said sleeping with her was a mistake; he says yes. Angry, Sofie says he can't stay hooked on Meg when she obviously doesn't want him. She declares that she loves Paul and that will be enough until he is completely over Meg and ready to move on. Paul kisses her, tosses her on the sofa and they make love.


    Wednesday, March 26 2008

    At Margo and Tom's house, Margo and the others struggle to free themselves as the bomb ticks away. The bomb gets down to zero and nothing happens. They are all shocked and relieved. Margo says they still need to get out of there and call the bomb squad. Matt says Gray will be back to finish the job. Margo explains they have to wait for Tom to get home. Matt wishes he had told them sooner that Gray was out to get them. Tom enters and unties everyone. Margo calls for backup as they run outside to wait for the bomb squad. The bomb squad arrives and determines that the bomb malfunctioned. Margo asks Matt if he has any idea where Gray could be. Tom is angry that Matt's protection of Gray almost cost them their lives. Margo tells Matt to be grateful for a second chance to make up for his mistakes as he leaves to be questioned. Susan arrives to check on Allison and wonders if she could still be in danger. Margo says she will get her police protection until Gray is caught, but doesn't know how long that will be.

    We Meet Again!

    Tuesday, March 25 2008

    Margo instructs one of her men to go to the hospital to escort Matt and Gray back to jail. At the hospital, though, the cop is fooled by Gray - who is wearing an FBI jacket! Gray says he's been instructed to take Matt back to Chicago and the cop lets them leave. Allison sees Matt but doesn't realize he is with Gray. She decides to follow them. In the car, Gray instructs Matt to call Casey and get him to meet them! Matt calls Casey, says he is worried about a deal the Feds are offering and that he needs to talk. When Casey balks, he says he is really worried about Gray. Casey agrees to meet him at the Hughes home. When Casey arrives, Allison is lurking outside, wondering what is going on. They go inside together and spot Matt, tied up, on the sofa! Grey comes out of a darkened corner with a gun! Gray ties up Allison and Casey and tells Casey to call Margo. He refuses. Gray threatens to kill Allie if Casey won't call so he does it.

    Back at the police station, a real FBI agent arrives and asks about Gray and Matt. Margo says the FBI already picked them up and becomes very worried when the agent says he is the first agent to arrive in Oakdale. Margo calls the hospital, tells them to lock all the exits and not let anyone leave! She sets up road blocks and is working on the search when Casey calls. She warns him about Gray; Casey says he is at the house with his parole officer and that the guy is insisting on talking to Margo - in person. She tells Matt to put the guy on the phone so Gray takes the phone and disguises his voice. He says he'll put Casey back in prison if Margo doesn't come to the house now. She leaves the station house. Margo opens the door at the house, sees Casey and rushes inside. Gray steps out of a corner. "We meet again," he says and points the gun at her. Margo asks him to let the kids go but Gray wants them to watch. Gray punches her in the face! He ties her up and demands she call Tom but Margo refuses. He opens a briefcase with a bomb inside! Margo begs him to let the kids go but Gray refuses, saying she will suffer more knowing that the kids and Tom are dying, too. He insists that his brother wasn't the criminal she made him out to be and then stuffs a cloth into Margo's mouth! He sets the timer and leaves the house.

    Sinister Connections...

    Tuesday, March 18 2008

    Katie is working at WOAK but she can't stop thinking about Brad. She calls Margo for a dinner date, saying she doesn't know what to do about men. They agree to meet in 30 minutes. After she hangs up, Margo receives a call from someone who says, "Mom" in a quiet voice. It's Matt! But Margo doesn't recognize his whispery voice; he pretends to be Adam and tells Margo to meet her at Luther's Corners Church and hangs up. Margo calls Tom, who hurries over. Jack calls but Margo blows him off. She and Tom are about to leave when Katie walks in. They blow her off, too, and hurry to the church.

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