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    As the World Turns CAST - Matt O'Connor - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Matt O'Connor Played by Eric William Morris on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eric William Morris (

    Real Name: Eric William Morris


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    A Truce?

    Wednesday, March 11 2009

    Casey goes to Yo's to see Matt. He tries to apologize again but Matt doesn't believe him. Casey keeps pushing, though, until Matt says Casey just wanted him out of the way so he could get Alison. Casey swears he won't hurt Allie and Matt throws Jade in his face. He tells Casey that Alison told him she was done with Casey! Casey bumps into Alison but won't talk to her. She asks Matt what is going on but he won't say. Instead he insinuates that Casey is crazy – and then convinces Alison to go away with him for a few days!

    Alison returns to Yo's and tells Matt their trip is off because of Casey. She asks why he lied to Casey and Matt says he was trying to protect her. She thanks him for caring but says she has to see where a relationship with Casey leads. She says he'll find someone new and kisses his cheek.

    Mark Is Arrested!

    Thursday, March 05 2009

    Mark takes Alison to the warehouse but no one is there. Alison tries to reason with Mark, saying he can still get treatment. He admits that he supplied the pills and that he ran down Elwood! Alison gets frightened but tries to hold it together as Mark tells her Matt is the perfect scapegoat. She promises to help him if he'll just go back to the hospital with her but Mark won't listen. He brings up her porn past and demands that she strip for him now the way she did during the Halloween party! She tries to run but Mark knocks her down and tries to inject her with a syringe! Casey calls and Alison pretends he is Matt and says she is waiting at the warehouse. Casey is confused but Allie hangs up. When she does Mark injects her and Alison collapses! Allie tries to fight off the drugs and get through to Mark but he just injects her again! He says the cops will find her dead from an overdose and blame Matt! He starts to inject her again but then Matt runs up and throws Mark into some boxes. Mark runs and Matt tries to bring Alison around but she passes out.

    Casey tries to call Alison back but she doesn't answer. He starts running. Casey gets to the warehouse, sees Matt bent over Alison and beats him up! He picks up Alison and hurries to the hospital.

    Casey gets Alison to the hospital. A doctor starts to work on her and then hurries off to find Susan. Alison comes around to find Casey by her side. He says he saved her from Matt but Alison sets him straight – she says Matt tried to save her from Mark! Matt comes in, bruised and battered. Casey apologizes to him. Alison tells Matt what has been going on and holds his hand. Casey watches for a minute and then goes to the hall. Jade hurries in and hugs him. Casey is upset that Allie seems to have chosen Matt over him. Jade leads Casey away.

    I Told You So!

    Monday, March 02 2009

    As Alison is headed to Al's, Matt calls her from Yo's and tells her he is running late. She tells him the good news about Ellwood coming clean about everything. She tells him that Luke is headed to get his confession at Mill Road. Alison goes on to say she hopes he and Casey can be friends. Matt nervously hangs up.

    Matt rushes into the diner and informs Alison that someone stole his car. Alison asks if he called the police. Matt reminds her that he is an ex-con, but Alison says he has to report it. She persuades him to go to the police station with her.

    Alison and Matt arrive at the station to report the stolen car. While Matt goes to fill out the paperwork, Alison goes to check out what happened with Ellwood. Luke informs her Ellwood was murdered by a hit and run. Margo enters and informs everyone that the car that hit Ellwood was registered to Matt. Alison protests that his car was stolen, but when she goes to check for him, Matt has left. Alison tells them Matt's story about the stolen car, but no one buys it. Noah wonders how anyone knew Ellwood would be at the bridge, and Alison confesses she told Matt. Alison tries not to cry, and exclaims she doesn't want to hear 'I told you so'. Casey stands behind her and goes to hug her, but pulls away.

    To Forgive Is Divine.

    Friday, February 27 2009

    Alison arrives at Yo's and Matt wonders why she is upset. She thinks Casey's arrest does not make sense because he never used or talked about drugs. Matt thinks if she believes Casey, she thinks he is a liar. Alison still thinks something is just not right and informs him she is going to go talk to Casey.

    Alison heads back to Yo's and tells Matt she believes in Casey's innocence, but that she also believes Matt is innocent. Matt thinks she still has feelings for Casey. Alison grows tired of trying to explain that Casey is just a friend. Margo interrupts them and asks Matt about his social life of using drugs behind bars. Matt says he is not a dealer, but Margo warns that she has her eye on him. Alison is upset that he lied to her about using drugs. Matt tells her he is not using or doing drugs and that he only did them in prison because it was a dark time for him. Matt pleads with her that he needs her to believe in him. Alison tells him she does believe him, but wonders who is behind the setup.

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