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    As the World Turns CAST - Casey Hughes - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Casey Hughes Played by Billy Magnussen on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Billy Magnussen (

    Birthday: April 20 1985
    Real Name: Billy Magnussen


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    Danger On The Dance Floor.

    Wednesday, May 05 2010

    At the bar, Casey is drunk and Vienna wants to take him upstairs. When he asks about Henry, she kisses him.

    Vienna takes Casey to her room. She tells him she's on the pill and they're good to go. After they have sex, she pushes him away and asks him if insanity runs in his family. "I'm a Hughes. We invented normal," he says. He gets dressed and says that he's okay with them just having meaningless sex. "Talking is overrated," she says. He thanks her and leaves. She sits up. "Swim boys," she chants.

    Fun And Bondage.

    Tuesday, May 04 2010

    Casey runs into Alison in Old Town. She's startled that he's talking to her. He asks her out for coffee. She has to go to the movies with Katie so she takes a rain check and walks off.

    Vienna goes down to the bar and orders a drink. Casey arrives and sits with her. They chat and he tells her that Henry is a fool if he doesn't want her. When she says that Henry won't give her what she wants, he tells her she should find someone else. They drink some more. She looks over his features, declares that he's right for what she needs and suggests they leave.

    Bob And Kim Get Married.

    Monday, April 05 2010

    At Margo and Tom's, Kim tells Bob that they should take the opportunity they've been granted and decide whether they should get re-married at all. Bob doesn't think she should walk away like this but she doesn't see any other way. She thanks everyone and leaves, Lisa prompts him to go after her. He stops Kim in the doorway. He offers to make their marriage his number one priority. She insists this is a blessing and they need to think about where their relationship is going. Kim walks away. Bo returns to the wedding guests and announces that he has no idea what Kim is choosing to do. Everyone tells him to apologize. He refuses. "I'm going to go have a drink... maybe a bottle," he declares, walking off. His family debates whether they should fix this or leave it alone. "If dad and Kim can't make it, what hope is there for the rest of us?" Tom wonders. Casey says that there is no such thing as a happy ending. Everyone assumes he's just mad about Alison. He throws that back in Katie's face and walks out. Chris wonders why she would have invited Alison there in the first place. Henry begins rambling about love.

    Tom, Chris and Casey gang up on Bob in the dining room. He doesn't appreciate marital advice coming from them of all people. He insist this isn't a small fight he's having with Kim. Chris reminds him of when he walked out after the affair with Susan and then they recollect when he renewed his vows with Kim after that. Chris tells him that they have to stop lying to themselves or they could lose everything. He accuses his father of being afraid of being old. "Dude, when was the last time you told Kim she was hot?" Casey asks. They urge him to woo Kim like he used to.

    Casey finds Alison outside. She has a gift for his grandparents. She wanted them to know that she will always respect them. He suggests that she give it to them herself and invites her in. They join the guests as Bob and Kim exchange their vows. Everyone claps and Tom toasts to them as an example to them all. Alison hands them her gift and Casey tells her he's glad she came.

    Twenty Five Years Of Living In Sin!

    Friday, April 02 2010

    Margo calls her son at work and tells him to pick up club soda. Casey's not in a good mood. She needs him to be festive for the party Alison pops up. She asks him how Will and Gwen are doing. He shows her pictures of their baby. When he goes outside, she follows him and they begin arguing about Mick. Chris walks in on them as Casey tells her they should never talk again. When she mopes away, Chris walks over and tells Casey to stop being a jerk. He suggests that he invite her to the party. "Dude?" Casey asks. Chris defends her and Casey walks away. Katie walks by and soon begins teasing Chris about wanting to bring Alison.

    Casey notices Alison outside of the house and rushes out. He tells her it doesn't look like there will be a party. She walks away. Katie comes out and asks what happened.

    Back at the party, Reid and Chris bicker. Henry anxiously waits for Barbara to return. Casey goes upstairs and finds Nancy looking at old pictures. She tells him about his great granddad. He hands her back her ring. As she holds it, she remembers her fiftieth anniversary and tells him to keep the ring. She's sure that some day he will get married.

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