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    As the World Turns CAST - Casey Hughes - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Casey Hughes Played by Billy Magnussen on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Billy Magnussen (

    Birthday: April 20 1985
    Real Name: Billy Magnussen


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    Pay-offs and Demands

    Tuesday, February 12 2008

    In Old Town Casey calls Matt and says he is ready to pay up. Alison sees him and asks him to come along to the hospital with her to be with Will and Gwen. Casey says he can't and tries to leave but Allie asks why he won't see them. She asks why he is avoiding his friends, who are in need of support now. She finally convinces him to come along with her and they both walk into Hallie's hospital room. Casey leaves quickly when his phone rings. He makes a few excuses to Matt. Alison follows him outside and asks what is going on. Casey turns on her, making Alison nervous. As she turns away Matt walks up and asks where the sick friend is! Matt introduces himself to Alison, who returns inside Hallie's room. Casey pushes Matt away and then walks off. Matt catches up to him at Yo's; Casey pays Matt off, saying they are even now.

    Chris returns to the hospital and asks Will and Gwen to consider dropping the charges if Sofie will agree to counseling. He says she may have post-partum depression which could explain why she took the baby. Will feels betrayed by Chris' suggestions but Gwen thinks he might have a point. Will is angry, saying that Sofie only came back because she wanted money; Gwen says she deserves a break. Will reluctantly agrees that they will drop the charges but only if Sofie agrees to stay away from Hallie. Alison and Casey return at the same time. They talk about dropping the kidnapping charges; Casey gives them the DA's phone number but cautions them that once they call to have the charges dropped they can't change their minds! Gwen calls the DA. She and Will return to Hallie's room. Alison thanks Casey for sticking around for his friends. They go to The Lakeview for lunch, chatting about Will, Gwen and the baby the entire time. She apologizes for overreacting earlier in the day; Casey says he understands. Lisa walks over; they update her on Hallie's condition. Lisa asks Casey how the job is and he says it is great. She brings up the theft the night before, saying she fired the bartender for the losses. Casey is worried.

    The Cops Are Staying Busy...

    Monday, February 11 2008

    Margo arrives home a few minutes before Katie arrives for dinner. Tom and Casey listen as Margo tells them about the kidnapping; Casey can't believe it. Katie arrives. They are sitting down to dinner with a prison-buddy of Casey's calls! He wants to get together with Casey but Casey isn't interested. The guy bullies him into meeting; Casey asks Margo and Tom if he can go and they say yes. He leaves. Margo, Tom and Katie finish dinner.

    Casey meets his buddy in Old Town. The guy tells Casey to pay up or the guard who changed his story so Casey could be released early will change his tune again! Casey says he doesn't have the money; the guy tells him to get it. Casey doesn't know what to do so he goes to The Lakeview Lounge. He knows the bartender on duty and sees he is tired; Casey offers to watch the bar so he can take a break. When he is alone, Casey stares at the cash register. He takes an order and while he's making change, grabs a wad of cash from the drawer! The bartender returns and thanks him; Casey hurries away.

    Jack Is Parker's Problem!

    Wednesday, January 30 2008

    Alison arrives at the cottage and sees Casey there. She invites him in when he hesitates. Will and Gwen are very excited to see Casey. They introduce Hallie; Casey is nervous around the little one, because he is still upset about Billy. Gwen and Allie leave to feed Hallie. Casey says it feels really weird to be out of prison; Will understands that because of his time in the psych ward. Gwen returns; she asks Casey about Maddie! Casey says he isn't talking to Maddie any longer. Will asks about school but Casey isn't interested in that either. Alison comes back from the nursery and Casey decides to leave for his job search. Alison and Gwen suggest Al's but when Casey learns Henry owns the place now he says that won't work. Casey leaves. Alison asks Will and Gwen what is going on with Casey. They aren't sure and say he's probably just having problems adjusting. Barbara arrives; Alison leaves. Gwen goes to get Hallie and introduces her to Barbara! She holds the baby, crying over her. Gwen and Will realize there is more going on than simple grandmotherly feelings but Barbara won't tell them about the cancer.

    Lisa is in Old Town when she runs across Casey. He says he is job hunting and she offers him a job at The Lakeview. They go on to the hotel, Lisa tells Casey to meet with the managers the next day for paperwork and then shows him around the lounge where he will work as a bus-boy.

    Casey's Home and Bob's Awake!

    Tuesday, January 29 2008

    Margo and Dallas are going over the Donovan murder files when Tom arrives. He tells Margo to take the rest of the day off. They go home and Margo kisses him, wondering if they are going to have a romantic getaway. Tom turns her around and Casey is there! Margo hugs him, in disbelief that he is home again. Casey is uncomfortable with the show of affection. Margo smacks him for fighting with the prison guard and getting himself put back in prison again. Casey is more comfortable with that. He asks if things are always this quiet. They eat lunch and Margo begins questioning Casey about his future plans. He doesn't have any so Margo begins planning for him. Casey tells her he just wants to take things slowly, which makes Margo very leery. Tom interrupts them, saying Casey has time. Kim calls with the news about Bob. She asks him to come quickly. Tom gives Casey and Margo the news; Casey hangs back.

    The whole Hughes clan arrives to see Bob. Casey walks in, surprising Bob. Margo and Chris are uncomfortable with one another until she tells him she is off the clock. Chris closes the door and sees Emily in the hall. He returns to the family. Tom decides to call Nancy and leaves; Casey follows and asks Tom not to tell Nancy he's home. He wants to talk to her himself. Tom agrees. A candy-striper and an orderly come in to prep Bob for the tests. Chris and the family leave the room. Seeing Emily is still hanging around, Chris grabs her and pulls her into another room. He tells her to leave him and his family alone. Emily asks why he is really upset. Chris admits that Bob asked about Dusty when he woke up. He tells Emily that he has to focus on his family and leaves. Emily finds him a few minutes later and tells him they need to get their stories straight. Chris wonders why; Emily brings up MEMO21, the note and Dusty's death. Chris shuts them back in the empty hospital room and tells Emily there is nothing to hide from his father or his family. Chris tells Emily to keep her mouth shut and they'll never need to coordinate their stories.

    Tom and Margo tell Casey to go see Will and Gwen; they tell him about Hallie. Casey is nervous to see his old friends but leaves. Tom and Margo are walking the halls, waiting to be able to see Bob again. Tom tells Margo to give Casey a little space for a while, until he gets his footing back.

    Casey arrives at Will and Gwen's cottage and watches them through the window.

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