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    As the World Turns CAST - Casey Hughes - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Casey Hughes Played by Billy Magnussen on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Billy Magnussen (

    Birthday: April 20 1985
    Real Name: Billy Magnussen


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    Are You Sure?

    Tuesday, May 25 2010

    When Vienna gets home, Casey shows up and declares that he wants to be her boy toy.

    I'm Not Fond Of Air.

    Wednesday, May 19 2010

    At the hospital, Alison tells Casey that Vienna is using him. He finds that hard to believe and insists Vienna is done with Henry. They bicker but she still cares about him. She's used enough men to see the signs. He wishes she would keep her advice to herself. They bicker and he thanks her for caring, though he claims he can look after himself.

    Vienna goes to the hospital and drags Casey away from Ali. She tells him she enjoyed spending time with him but they don't have anything in common. He agrees that they were just having fun. "Is there any good reason that he have to stop?" he asks, suggesting she can handle more than one man. She claims she's not interested. They kiss and split up.

    The Show Must Go On.

    Tuesday, May 18 2010

    Margo rushes to the Metro as the final preparations are being made for Lisa's party. Lisa is wearing a cast on her arm because she fell in the kitchen. "The show must go on," she declares. The family sits down. Bob goes up on stage and talks about being the first of Lisa's many husbands. Reading off a note, he lists her many last names as she walks onto the stage. She speaks of arriving in town and falling for Bob. She plays a video of her life. Alison plays Lisa and Casey plays Bob as they re-enact the early days of their secret marriage. Everyone claps. Lisa talks about how the marriage fell apart and Bob moved on with Kim. Lisa sings, "As The World Turns."

    Kim and Margo bring in a special guest. After they hide her, Margo talks to Tom about how Lisa never dwells on her mistakes. She wants to be like that too. They sit down and Lisa returns to the stage. She calls up April to sing a song. As she sings, Chris and Katie bicker at the back of the room. He insists that there is nothing going on between them. "Definitely. Right. Nothing. Right. Definitely," she stutters. Alison sneaks in and sits beside Casey. She tries to tell him something but stops herself. The sing stops and Lisa thanks everyone for being there for her for all of her life. She serenades her friends and they clap.

    Alison tells Chris that she genuinely likes him and doesn't want anyone to hurt him. He's not sure where this is going so she tells him that seeing Vienna is a mistake.

    I Want You To Stay Away.

    Thursday, May 13 2010

    At Al's, Casey calls Vienna and tells her he can't stop thinking about her. "Who is this?" she asks. He flirts and asks to see her later. She's not interested and tells him what happened won't happen again. He notices Alison is listening to him and is sure to talk loudly. After he gets off the phone, she asks him if he's seeing someone. He's annoyed to be asked. They bicker and he tells her he's seeing someone special and hot.

    Luke finds Ali and Casey at the nurses' station and tells them that Noah can see again. They're happy.

    Dr. Oliver checks Noah over and they argue about Luke. Reid says that he was only pretending to like Luke because he needed to use him for something. Luke just happens to overhear this and walks in to confront the doctor. Reid snaps and walks out. Noah wonders what's going on between them. Alison and Casey rush in to see Noah. As they all chat, Reid stares in and then interrupts them, ordering everyone out so Noah can recuperate. Ali and Casey run. Noah begs Reid to let Luke say. Reid walks out grumpily.

    Alison and Casey walk the hospital hall and talk about what a great couple Luke and Noah are. Vienna rushes up and breaks them up. She pulls Casey into an examination room and they tear off their clothes. After they get dressed, they kiss in the hall and Ali spots them.

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