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    As the World Turns CAST - Casey Hughes - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Casey Hughes Played by Billy Magnussen on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Billy Magnussen (

    Birthday: April 20 1985
    Real Name: Billy Magnussen


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    Babs And The Bewildered Bull.

    Tuesday, June 01 2010

    Henry and Vienna wander around Old Town as she babbles about the wedding. He stares off nervously. Alison and Casey wander by. When Henry and Alison walk off to chat, Casey corners Vienna and asks about the baby. She says it's none of his business and he confronts her about her phony doctor.

    When Henry returns to Vienna, he finds her arguing with Casey and asks why. Vienna claims she and Casey are old friends from when she worked at the diner. "I couldn't get enough of her cookies," Casey says. After she hints to Casey that he should get lost, she runs off and Henry furrows his brow.

    The Fall Back Guy.

    Monday, May 31 2010

    Casey meets with Ali at Java and asks her if she's ever heard of Dr. Gravid. She hasn't but offers to look around.

    They go over the hospital and dig through the licensing registries but there is no evidence the doctor exists. Ali suspects that Vienna must be involved in this. He asks her to stay quiet about this.

    Casey drops by Vienna's. She's not thrilled to see him. He begins asking about her doctor and wonders if he exists. She repeats that he's not the baby's father. When they talk about the christening, he tells her that it's still on.

    Casey calls Bob and asks him about Dr. Gravid. Bob laughs and explains what the name means (it's 'pregnant' in Swedish). Alison shows up and they talk about the mess he's in. He wouldn't deny that the baby is his but Vienna has no interest in him. Casey asks her to help him get to the truth. She agrees to help.

    You Could Have Fooled Me.

    Wednesday, May 26 2010

    In the hallway of the Lakeview, Henry is instructing a singer and flower girl about what to do. He bangs on the door. Vienna, who is in bed with Casey, yells at him to come back later. He won't budge so she asks him to meet her downstairs while she makes herself beautiful. Henry ushers his menagerie away and Casey demands some answers from Vienna. As she gets dressed, she explains that Casey is the first man she's been attracted to since Henry, but she still wants to marry Henry. She flounces off.

    Back in Vienna's room, Casey discovers her bag of pregnancy tests. He hears someone coming and hides. Henry and Vienna come in. He gets down on one knee and offers her a string of compliments until she rushes him along to the proposal. He slips the ring on her finger and they kiss. She notices Casey and waves him away. He listens in shock as Henry talks about the pregnancy. She declares that she is hungry, but feels nauseous and sends him downstairs to get food. Once he's gone, Casey comes out and asks if the baby is his. She insists she was pregnant before they slept together. They argue until she chases him out.

    Casey is at the hospital attempting to track down Vienna's doctor but having no luck.

    Are You Sure?

    Tuesday, May 25 2010

    At the hospital, Casey helps Ali with a monitor. She apologizes for butting into his affair with Vienna. He wonders why she is so sure he shouldn't trust Vienna. She doesn't understand how he can be involved with a woman who is with someone else. Casey isn't looking for commitment. After he drifts away, Chris comes in and tells her to hit the monitor. She won't so he pokes it and it starts working. Ali asks him out to the movies.

    Back at the hospital, Chris informs Casey that he is going out with Ali. Casey says that's cool. When Chris leaves, Vienna arrives and throws herself at Casey. He tells her he's feeling used. She storms out.

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