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    As the World Turns CAST - Casey Hughes - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Casey Hughes Played by Billy Magnussen on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Billy Magnussen (

    Birthday: April 20 1985
    Real Name: Billy Magnussen


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    There Should Be More.

    Tuesday, August 31 2010

    Casey and Ali are in Old Town talking about how fun it is to help people. He worries that she may have second thoughts about marrying him but she assures him that she will be the best wife for him. He takes out the ring again and tells her that his gram really believed in them. He slips it on her finger.

    The Poor Fellow.

    Monday, August 30 2010

    As Alison looks around Casey's room for a recipe, she discovers the ring that Nancy gave him to give her. He walks in and explains that Nancy asked him to keep it for the woman of his dreams and he thinks he's found her. They talk about who his ideal woman would be. "Can she love me more than you?" he asks. She kisses him and tells him she loves him more than anyone else could... but she can't do this. She doesn't want them to end. He asks her to marry him. She thanks him, but she can't promise that she won't betray him again. They talk about their trust issues and he asks her why she went ahead with the wedding after she slept with Mick. She felt close to him since they were both a mess. They kiss again and he tells her that he might still have a shot at getting into law school but he has to transfer and move to Carbondale. He will only do it if she's willing to go with him. She's totally cool with that and tells him she may want to go to medical school someday. He's sure that they can have a great future with heavy duty careers. As he's about to slip the ring on her finger, they can smell the stove.

    Alison and Casey go downstairs and find that their dinner has been burned. He drops on a knee and begins proposing when the phone starts ringing. Chris calls and announces he's having everyone for a family thing. Ali thinks she should leave but he says they are family and they can tell everyone their news. Lisa and Kim arrive and say they are expecting Chris and Katie to announce their engagement. The couple walk outside and worry that the other couple has beat them to this announcement. They agree to tell Nancy though. Chris and Katie arrive. They notice that Bob hasn't arrived yet and wonder what's taking him so long. Bob walks in, flushed. He went to get his mom but... she's gone.

    Isn't This An Interesting Situation?

    Tuesday, August 10 2010

    At the Hughes home, Alison is proud of herself for getting Jacob to sleep. An upset Katie arrives and wants to take Jacob home immediately. Alison and Casey wonder why her vacation with Chris was cut short. Katie explains that Chris got really sick, but it turned out to be acid reflux. Katie thinks that Chris just wants to be away from her, but Casey protests that Chris is totally into her. Alison forces Casey to go find out what really happened. Katie worries that she was too needy with Chris and might have too much baggage. Alison doesn't think it makes sense because Chris knew her history.

    Casey finds Chris at the hospital and tells him he's blowing it with Katie. Casey suggests Chris invite Katie out on a double date at Metro with him and Alison. Chris calls Katie and apologizes and begs her to forgive him and go to dinner.

    Reid meets Luke at Metro. He is annoyed when Luke brings up Noah's name. Reid leaves to get a beer. Katie approaches him at the bar and wonders why he isn't sitting with Luke. Reid is surprised when Katie informs him that Chris is meeting her there. Alison and Casey are surprised to discover that Luke and Reid are dating. Alison informs Luke that Noah got a film grant and is moving to Los Angeles in September. Alison, Casey and Katie leave Luke and Reid alone for their date. Luke admits that he was thinking about Noah.

    Chris joins Katie, Casey and Alison at Metro. Chris makes a toast, but has chest pains and has to leave. He approaches Reid and informs him that Reid has to pick up the medicine. Reid tells Chris to make up an excuse for Luke. Chris informs everyone that Reid had to leave to take care of a patient. Luke wonders if Reid was mad because he was thinking of Noah. When Reid returns with the medicine, Chris asks Reid to inject him in the men's room. Reid agrees, but pressures Chris to tell Katie the truth immediately! Instead, Chris leaves a disappointed Katie to go back to the hospital.

    Casey and Alison return to the Hughes home. They both laugh that they are the only ones with a normal relationship. Alison thinks she's ready to be close with him again if he is willing. They agree to give it another go.

    Let's Do This.

    Thursday, August 05 2010

    Casey finds Alison in the staff lounge and asks her out on a date for deep dish pizza. She happily accepts and agrees to meet him later. Chris enters the lounge and informs Casey that Tom and Margo invited him and Katie on a weekend getaway to the family cabin, but Katie declined. Casey wonders if Chris is giving up.

    Alison arrives at the Hughes home and tells Casey she is keeping Jacob for the weekend. Casey offers to help take care of him and thinks it will be a blast! They work together to calm a fussy Jacob. Alison decides to call Gwen and Will for reinforcements.

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