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    As the World Turns CAST - Casey Hughes - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Casey Hughes Played by Billy Magnussen on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Billy Magnussen (

    Birthday: April 20 1985
    Real Name: Billy Magnussen


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    No Us.

    Wednesday, February 03 2010

    Casey meets with Tom at the Lakeview. They talk about Casey's desire to enter law school. His father warns him that he might not be able to pull this off. He tells him that he's proud of him, but Casey fears that he's going to have being an ex-con hanging over him for the rest of his life.

    Alison runs home to Casey and hugs him. They sit on his bed and talk about how hard it will be for him to become a lawyer. She just wants him to do whatever will make him happy. "I want to be the best husband, always," he promises.

    You Really Are Insane.

    Wednesday, January 27 2010

    Alison lets out a scream after she wakes up in Casey's bed and sees Mick in the window. Mick runs and Casey comes in to reassure her. Paul calls and tells her that her sister is awake and she can see her at home. Emily is waving all treatment. Ali thinks that's crazy and decides to run off to Fairwinds.

    Alison goes home to Casey and tries to pull him into bed. She freaks out when she hears something. He looks outside but there is nothing. This ruins the mood for her and she says they should go back to waiting until they are married.

    I Feel Safe Here.

    Tuesday, January 26 2010

    Alison goes into Java as Mick stalks her. She sits down inside and looks through a wedding magazine. She thinks about her dreams of Mick. Casey snaps her out of it. They make out and then look at ads for apartments. She tells him how worried she is about her sister. Casey promises that Emily will dance at their wedding.

    At home, Margo and and Tom are bickering about the Stewarts. They cringe at the fact that Casey is marrying another Stewart woman and worry about what he's doing with his life. Susan arrives and she argues with them about why they haven't told Daniel about Emily's condition. The argument turns over to the wedding. Susan is offended when she thinks they are trying to run everything. "I'll be damned if I am going to be cut out of my daughter's wedding completely!" she yells. Alison and Casey walk into the storm of bickering. "Eloping sound good to you?" he asks her. Everyone calms down and Margo begins handing out pictures of floral arrangements. Margo and Tom announce that they want the couple to live with them after they are married. "Uh oh," Casey says. Susan takes Ali aside and tells her how important all of this is. Ali tells her to stop putting pressure on her and runs out.

    Casey finds Alison outside. She apologizes for freaking out. They discuss where they should live after the wedding. She doesn't think they should make a decision today. Days like today remind her of why she loves him. They kiss. As she walks along the street, Mick calls and hangs up. She calls him back, but her mom stops by to tell her how much she loves her. Once Susan is gone, Ali gets back on the phone to Mick. She reminds him that she doesn't want him calling her. They have a set of cryptic exchanges and she lets him know that she felt his presence today.

    Tom sits with Casey on his couch. Tom doesn't want to see him put too much pressure on himself. Casey tells him that he is shifting his focus in school to pre-law. Tom isn't sure that will be a good fit. Alison comes inside and announces that she would like to take them up on their offer and move in right away.

    Alison and Casey go to his room. He's surprised she chose to move in today. He knows that being broke can ruin a marriage so she hopes that living there will help them stay focused. When he talks about sex, she yawns. "I feel safe here," she tells him. He leaves her alone so she can nap. As she sleeps, Mick watches her through the window.

    Like It Or Not.

    Wednesday, January 20 2010

    Alison is in her sister's hospital room. She tells the unconscious Emily that she is worried that she's developing feelings for Mick. If that wasn't enough, she's also having weird dreams about him. Casey walks in and asks her what she's talking about. She covers. He wonders if she wants to postpone the wedding to wait for her sister's recovery. She's worried that if they postpone, Emily will never wake up. After they kiss, she invites him to go and look at dresses with her. When they leave, Emily's fingers move.

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