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    As the World Turns CAST - Adam Munson

    Full detailed profile on Adam Munson Played by Matthew J. Morrison on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Matthew J. Morrison
    Adam Munson

    Actor: Matthew J. Morrison

    Who played Adam Munson over the years

    Matt Cavenaugh (November 2006 - present)
    Matthew J. Morrison (October 2006 - November 2006)
    Craig Lawlor (1998 - 2002)
    Harry Zittel (1996 - 1998)
    Michael Zderko (1989 - 1995)
    Philip Webster Smith IV (1988 - 1989)

    Useful information on Adam Munson

    * He set fire to a locker at school to get his adopted dad's, Tom's, attention. (1997)
    * Almost assaulted Eddie Silva. (1998)


    Currently: Music Producer
    Past: Student st the USC Film School
    Past: Student intern at WOAK-TV
    Past: Student


    Margo and Tom Hughes provided Adam with a safe and secure childhood. Both Margo and Tom were considered outstanding citizens of Oakdale. Margo was an officer of the Oakdale Police Department, and Tom had worked his way up to District Attorney. While working closely together on assignments. Hal and Margo found themselves caught up in a moment. Their needs and desires outweighed all that was wrong, and they made love. The two agreed never to let it happen again, and returned home to their families. Later, Margo and Tom moved out of town. When they returned, Margo had given birth to a little boy named Adam. Hal later found out that Adam was really his son, and after talking to Tom and Margo he agreed not to say anything about him being Adam's biological father until Adam was old enough to understand. When Adam turned 10 the truth came out, and they assured Adam that Tom still loved him and always would, but Hal wanted to get to know his son too.

    When Adam was 15 years old, Tom had an affair with Emily Stewart. Emily was pregnant with Tom's son. Margo and Tom were not getting along at this time. Fortunately, Adam had a way out and went to stay with his biological dad for a while. He blamed Tom for what he had done to the family, and didn't want much to do with Tom until Tom got into a fight with Alec Wallace. Tom was in a coma in the hospital, and Adam didn't leave his side. When he woke up, he and Adam patched things up. Adam continued to live with Hal and Barbara until their marriage fell apart, then he moved back in with Tom and Margo.

    Adam met and fell in love with Abigail Williams, who was his first real love. In July 2004, he and Abigail shared their first kiss on a rooftop. Abigail eventually left town, and Adam announced that he was leaving too. He left his friends and family in Oakdale to attend a film school in LA.

    In 2006, after hearing the tragic news of his biological father, Hal, who was killed in the line of duty, Adam returned to Oakdale. He decided he would stick around for a while. Meanwhile, he heard Gwen Norbeck Munson sing and wanted to record an album with her. She was in college at the time, but considered this a dream come true. During the time they spent together in LA, Adam found himself looking at Gwen in a different light. They shared a kiss after one of her performances, and Gwen's mom, Iris, just happened to be there to witness the kiss. Soon after, Iris made sure word quickly got back to Will, Gwen's husband and Adam's half brother. This caused tension between Adam and Will. Adam started dating Jade Taylor, who became a distraction for Gwen. Later, Adam began ignoring Jade as he spent more and more time with Gwen. However, Gwen was loyal to her marriage with Will, and Adam grew jealous as he watched the two become closer.




    Abigail Williams (dated)
    Brandy (lovers)


    Hal Munson (biological father)
    Margo Hughes (mother)
    Tom Hughes (adopted father)
    Casey Hughes (half brother)
    Nikki Munson (half sister)
    Will Munson (half brother)
    Parker Munson (half brother)
    Jennifer Munson Casnoff Donovan (step sister - deceased)
    Lien Hughes (step sister)
    Daniel Hughes (step brother)
    John Dixon (maternal grandfather)
    Lyla Peretti (maternal grandmother)
    Harold Munson (paternal grandfather)
    Bob Hughes (paternal grandfather by adoption)
    Lisa Miller Hughes Eldridge Shea Colman McColl Mitchell Grimaldi (paternal grandmother by adoption)
    Billy Norbeck (nephew - deceased)
    John Dustin Munson Donovan (nephew and first cousin by adoption)
    Craig Montgomery (uncle)
    Katie Peretti Frasier Coleman Casnoff (aunt)
    Cricket Montgomery Ross (aunt)
    Andy Dixon (uncle)
    Duke Kramer (uncle)
    Matthew John Dixon (uncle)
    Johnny Dixon (uncle - deceased)
    Claire Munson Shelby (aunt)
    Frannie Hughes (aunt)
    Chuck Shea (uncle - deceased)
    Sabrina Hughes (aunt)
    Christopher Hughes (Uucle)
    Margaret Crawford (great aunt)
    Tess Shelby (cousin)
    Hope Dixon (cousin)
    Bryant Montgomery (cousin - deceased)
    Lucinda ?Lucy? Marie Montgomery (cousin)
    William ?Billy? Ross (cousin)
    Suzanne ?Suzie? Ross (cousin)
    Chris Hughes (great grandfather by adoption - deceased)
    Nancy Hughes McClosky (great grandmother by adoption)
    Henry Miller (great grandfather by adoption - deceased)
    Alma Miller (great grandmother by adoption - deceased)
    Will Hughes (great great grandfather by adoption - deceased)
    Penny Hughes Cunningham (great aunt by adoption)
    Don Hughes (great uncle by adoption)
    Susan Hughes (great aunt by adoption- deceased)
    Scott Eldridge (uncle)
    Annette Wagner (great aunt)
    Pam Wagner (first cousin)
    Pearl (great great aunt by adoption)
    Edith Hughes Frey (great great aunt by adoption)
    John Hughes (great great uncle by adoption)




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    Wednesday, September 30 2009: Over My Dead Body!

    Adam buys breakfast for Alison and thanks her for bringing Maddie back. He admits that he doesn't trust the hope he feels and he feels bad about the problems this has caused with Casey. She's sure that his brother will come around. They chat and he tells her how lucky Casey is to have her. She hopes they can get things back on track.

    Adam meets his parents outside of the hearing and Tom tells him there's a good chance he'll be sleeping at home tonight. They wait for Maddie but she doesn't show up. Tom asks for a recess. Adam has an idea about why she didn't show up and hurries off.

    Adam rushes home and confronts his brother. "What do you want from me?" Adam asks. Casey wants him out of his life once and for all. Adam agrees to leave, but they continue angrily arguing about the past. "I never knew I hurt you so much, "Adam admits. He wishes he could take it back, but he can't.

    Casey runs into Maddie in the street and tells her that he needs her to testify after all. She says she'll feel better if she tells the truth and gives him a hug. She rushes off to the hearing, warning him that Alison is inside and angry. He goes in to see his girlfriend, who tears into him but he says that he's fixed everything. "I guess I owe you an apology then," she says. "This is the right thing for everyone," he claims.

    At the hearing, Maddie takes the stand and tells the story of burying Adam after she thought she'd killed him. After her testimony, Tom makes the case for leniency and asks that the charges be dropped. The judge dismisses the case. Margo hugs her son. He tells her how much her love means to him and then turns to Tom, telling him how good it feels to call him 'dad' again.

    Casey goes home and finds his brother writing a goodbye note. Adam hopes that someday he'll want him back in his life. He walks out.

    Thursday, September 24 2009: I Just Wasn't Myself.

    Margo is with Adam at the station. She tries to look for excuses for his behavior. "I just wasn't myself," he says, frustrated. She needs more of an explanation. When she leaves him alone, Ali and Maddie come in. When she shows Maddie in, Adam instantly tells her that she shouldn't have come. She asks to speak to him alone. "I almost feel like I'm not seeing you. You look and sound so different," she tells him as they are left alone. He says he is the same man she buried and left for dead. She tries apologizing but he's the one who is sorry. He can't make up for what he did, but he's sure he'll be getting what is coming to him. She's glad he's taking responsibility but she's trying to do the same. Maddie has been in therapy and is sure that she and Gwen damaged the real him and made him malicious. She is willing to testify to that in court.

    Tom and Casey arrive at the station. Margo is about to tell them about Adam's visitor when Casey notices Maggie through the window and rushes into the room. Before he can lose it, Maddie calms him, telling him that she wants to be there. She asks for another minute alone with Adam. Casey reluctantly leaves with everyone else. Maddie reminds Adam about the pact he made with Will and Casey. He knows he went back on his promise by coming back to town but he had to make amends. He worries that she could get in trouble by bringing all of this out in the open but she is sure it's not as bad as he thinks. After Maddie leaves, Tom and Margo question Adam. He's reluctant to say anything, but tells them he'll be changing his plea to not guilty. Tom leaves, promptly gets a deal for Adam and returns, telling him he can go home. Margo hugs her son and Tom shakes his hand.

    Maddie and Casey sit together outside. After an awkward 'hello', she tells him that this is really something she wants to do. She wants to testify for Adam to make things right. Casey thinks this is insane and assumes his parents put her up to this. "Your parents didn't call her Casey, I did," Alison says as she walks over. He rants at her. Alison is just trying to fix things. "You're making it worse," he tells her. Casey is sure that Adam is just manipulating everyone. When Adam appears, Casey runs off. Maddie chases after him. "I really hope what you've done is worth it," Adam tells Alison. She'll never get passed all of the lies he told, but he stood up for her with everything that happened at the hospital. He hopes that what he's done hasn't ruined her relationship with his brother.

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