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    As the World Turns CAST - Kit Fowler - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Kit Fowler Played by Lauretta Vaughn on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Lauretta Vaughn (

    Birthplace: London, England
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Lauretta Vaughn


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    Is Meg's Baby In Trouble?

    Thursday, December 13 2007

    Carly arrives at the farm to pick up the kids. She finds piece of cloth in the trash and asks Parker about it. He says Jack threw it out because of her! Without asking why he thinks that, Carly asks Parker to stop being angry with her because she is trying to back out of Jack's life. He agrees to put on a happy face for Sage's sake and walks off. Carly and the kids arrive in Old Town for the festival and find Sam there with Cowboy Jack! Carly sends the kids off in another direction and asks Kit what they are doing there. Kit says it can be explained to Jack as a coincidence and points out that Sam needs to build his reputation. The kids, meanwhile, have already sees Sam and the dummy. Sage and JJ become his first clients! Carly realizes Parker is gone and asks the kids where he went. Parker returns and wonders why she is so stressed out, pointing out that if she wanted to hook up with Kit and Sam she didn't have to drag them all along. Carly calls him on his attitude but Parker could care less if he is hurting her feelings. They return home just as Jack arrives. He sends the kids off to bed and tells Carly that it is too late to save Katie from Brad. Carly tries to comfort him but Jack is having none of that. She leaves. Parker returns downstairs and tells Jack that Carly didn't take them to the festival because he asked - she did it to help Kit and Sam. Jack is very angry at this news.

    Carly returns home. Kit has bad news about the glass order. Carly shrugs it off. Kit asks if Jack is okay with them being at the festival and Carly says she didn't see any need to tell him about a coincidence that didn't hurt anyone.

    Chris Diagnoses Bob!

    Monday, December 10 2007

    Jack and Carly continue arguing about Katie. Carly says she only went over to Katie's to help Jack win her back; she tells him she still loves but that his happiness is more important that her own. Jack isn't sure whether to believe her or not. Carly says she is sorry that she hurt his chances with Katie. "You are the mother of my children but I don't have room in my life for you anymore," he says. He tells Carly to stay away from him before she messes up the rest of his life, too. She apologizes again for what she did and then tells Jack that she actually did interrupt Katie and Brad at the right time, so maybe things aren't as bad as Jack believes. She tells Jack that Brad really does have feelings for Katie but that only makes Jack more angry. Carly offers to find out how Katie feels, too. That stops Jack in his tracks. Carly offers to pump Brad for details so they can figure out how best to approach Katie. Jack tells her to stop trying to fix things for him and just back out of his life. Kit returns a while later and Carly fills her in. Kit asks for Carly's real motivations and she admits she doesn't want Jack back with Katie but she also doesn't want Jack to keep hating her. Kit tells her she did the right thing because Jack can't be mad at her for stopping Katie sleeping with Brad. Carly isn't so sure. Brad calls and thanks Carly for butting in because Katie was so mad at Carly she did the deed with him!

    A Little Comedy Relief

    Thursday, December 06 2007

    At Carly's, she hangs up with a vendor as Kit comes in to the room. Carly tells Kit that things need to change. Kit thinks Carly is jealous of Sam. Carly tries to set her straight but Kit doesn't believe her. "Maybe we should just rethink this partnership thing altogether," Carly says. Jack calls and orders Carly and Kit to meet him at the police station.

    Carly and Kit arrive at the station to find that Jack and Margo have placed Sam in custody - for breaking in to the Metro. Sam makes jokes and says he wasn't really breaking an entering. When no one will listen Sam pulls out his dummy - his ventriloquist's dummy! - and talks about why he broke in through the dummy. He says he was just trying to work on his act before the club opened. Carly and Kit are very forgiving and tell Jack and Margo to drop the charges and release Sam. Annoyed, Jack tells Carly to read Sam's full file first! She does and tells Jack that it doesn't mean anything. Margo, Kit and Sam leave. Carly goes off on Jack, telling him that he needs to learn to give people another chance. They continue arguing and Carly tells him that he is so interested in being right that he can't see he could be wrong. Margo interrupts them and sends Jack out of the room. When they are alone Margo tells Carly that she has more problems than her business partner and the boyfriend. "There are seven code violoations," she says! Carly asks why Margo is even interested. Margo brings up Katie and that doesn't go over well. Carly storms out of the interrogation room. Outside she tells Kit and Sam that things will be fine. They all leave. Margo approaches Jack and apologizes for bringing him in on all of this. He changes the subject to Katie and informs Margo of Katie's baby plans. Margo can't believe it and begins to worry about what Katie might be doing. They both decide that they have to trust Katie not to do anything crazy. Soon, though, Jack can't focus on anything but Katie and leaves the station.

    In Old Town, Sam promises to help Carly and Kit with the problems at Metro and tells her he is an excellent electrician. Kit says she take care of the liquor license. Then they both say they'll move out so that Jack can't hold them over Carly's head. Carly tells them to stay because Jack would just find other reasons to keep the kids from her.

    Baby News!

    Friday, November 30 2007

    A deliveryman brings a box to Carly. The note reads "All is forgiven" and she wonders if the gift - Jack's favorite beer - is from Jack! Kit walks up and realizes the gift isn't for Carly. It's for her! She says the beer is from Sam and wonders how he found her so quickly. Carly asks who Sam in and Kit says he is an ex whom she is taking a break from! "I'm not falling back into old habits," Kit insists. Carly goes into the kitchen. Kit answers the door and Sam is there! He hugs her. Carly returns and Kit introduces them, obviously off her game with Sam in the picture. He leaves to put the beer in the kitchen. Kit tells Carly that it seems Sam has changed because he is giving them space to talk. Carly tells her to get rid of Sam before he messes up her life again. Kit, though, really wants to believe that Sam is different this time around.

    Paul Feels Guilty

    Wednesday, November 28 2007

    Jack and Dallas arrive and realize one of the goons has Sage and the other is holding Carly. As they watch, Kit steps up and tells the thugs to take her instead of Sage! Katie arrives and Jack tells her to stay out of the way. Kit wrestles the gun away from one of the thugs and Jack steps in to grab Sage. The gun goes off! Jack gets Carly away from the other thug, checks on Kit (who is fine) and then the cops take away the bad Santas. Brad and Katie hear the gun go off and hurry to the scene where they see Jack with his arms around both Sage and Carly. Katie and Brad leave. Jack thanks Kit and looks for Katie but she is already gone. The adults go to the police department to give their statements. Jack thanks Kit but still doesn't trust her; she says she was just trying to help and goes to talk to the cops. Carly turns on Jack and tells him to lighten up on Kit! Angry, Jack reminds Carly about Kit's involvement in the kidnapping plot. They go into his office and Carly tells him that Kit deserves a second chance. "I don't want that woman anywhere near our kids," Jack exclaims! He tells Carly that if she keeps associating with Kit he'll take the kids! Sage returns and tells Jack that she wants her family back together by Christmas. Jack says he has something to do and leaves.

    Carly and Sage return home. Sage tells Carly that there is time to fix their family before Christmas. Carly tells Sage to go pack her things because she has to live at the farm for a while. Sage says it won't be forever and goes upstairs. Kit walks in with snacks. Carly asks about the money and tells Kit that they can work together again! Kit is excited and they shake hands to seal the deal.

    Emily vs. Dusty

    Tuesday, November 27 2007

    At her home, Carly finally gets Kit on the phone and tells her that they have to drop the Metro idea. Kit tells her it is too late, that the check is in the bank and they now own the business. Carly grabs her coat, tells Kit that they have to fix this and runs from the house! Carly finds Kit in Old Town, tells her that Jack will take her kids if they work together and begs her to give the money back. Kit won't give up that easily and tells Carly that she can't undo the damage to her kids with a little cash. Then, she tells Carly that the check has been signed over and they can't get it back anyhow. Sage runs up, having run away again, and Carly tells her she has to go home before Jack finds out. Kit leaves. Carly and Sage are about to go when a group of Santa's rob a store. As they run by, one of them takes Sage! Carly screams for her and begs the thieves to let Sage go but they see her as leverage. One of the thieves grabs Carly while the other one runs off with Sage! Carly tells the bad-Santa that Sage's father is a detective and they will all be in huge trouble if Sage is harmed! The more Carly talks, the more nervous the thief becomes. When he turns away, Carly reaches for her phone and calls Jack before she can complete her message, one of the thieves hits her on the head!

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