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    As the World Turns CAST - Kit Fowler - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Kit Fowler Played by Lauretta Vaughn on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Lauretta Vaughn (

    Birthplace: London, England
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Lauretta Vaughn


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    An Apology, A Boom and A Con

    Monday, February 25 2008

    Henry arrives at The Lakeview and sees Kit, with her bags packed. He pretends to be a real estate investor who is interested in buying Metro! Kit takes the bait and offers to take him to see the place right away. Henry pretends to like the place and offers $250,000; Kit says that will only cover her half but says she doesn't care what he does to cover the other half. Henry says they'll have to close the deal the next day and when Kit objects, he says if they can't close tomorrow the entire deal is off. Kit accepts his terms and asks for a down payment.

    Oakdale Needs A Boxing Ring!

    Friday, February 22 2008

    Jack practices his dummy voice a little longer. Carly sets up the video camera and turns off the circuit breaker so that none of the lights work. Jack sets up behind a chair and Carly nudges Kit awake. As Kit comes downstairs Jack starts talking in his Cowboy Jack voice. Kit gets freaked out, thinking Sam is there. She can't turn on any lights and becomes more upset. Jack starts talking to her as Cowboy Jack! Kit is freaking out and about to confess when Jack's cell phone rings! Carly, on the other side of the door with the camera, ducks back so Kit won't see her. She saves the day by coming downstairs and asking Kit why she is talking to herself. Carly leads a still-woozy Kit into the kitchen so Jack can escape out the front door. She talks to Kit, telling the woman she must have had a bad dream. Kit says she has to get out of Oakdale as soon as possible.

    Who's Drugging Who?

    Thursday, February 21 2008

    Kit is at The Lakeview having breakfast. She tells the waiter to hurry up so she can catch her flight. She is about to leave when Dallas arrives and says she can't leave town until the business with Metro is over! Kit objects and Dallas is about to haul her downtown when Jack walks up and talks Dallas out of it. Kit is grateful but at the same time annoyed because she can't leave. Jack calls Carly and tells her Kit is on the way. A few minutes later Carly "accidentally" bumps into Kit in Old Town and offers to let her stay at Metro. Then, says that probably won't work and says she can stay at the house. Jack is listening from around the corner. Kit asks what Carly is up to! She says she is just trying to make things easier since Carly is partly to blame for Sam. She even offers to have the kids stay at the farm. Kit gives in. Jack watches them leave. They arrive at Carly's and Kit becomes jumpy. She wants to leave but Carly won't let her. She makes Kit a hamburger and puts drugs in the meat! Kit digs in. Kit finishes the burger and gets really sleepy. Carly sends her upstairs to take a nap.

    Everybody Has A Plan

    Wednesday, February 20 2008

    Carly is asleep on the couch, having a nightmare about the near-rape. She wakes and believes she knows what happened when Sam was shot! She goes to the police station and tells Jack that she remembered more from that night and that Parker only fired one shot - the shot that hit Sam in the shoulder. Carly takes Jack to Metro and tells him they need to reenact the events of that night. Jack can't believe what she wants to do but agrees to go along with it. Carly begins talking about what happened. She tells Jack that Sam pinned her to the sofa and places Jack in that same position. Jack can't take it and jumps off the sofa! He says he doesn't blame Parker because he would have done the same thing. She says he wouldn't have pulled the trigger and begs him to finish the reenactment. Jack gets on top of her on the sofa and Carly sees Parker take one shot and then run from the bar. Jack says it doesn't matter what she thinks she remembers because no court will believe her. Kit walks in, whining about not having money and burying Sam on her own, and demands that Carly buy her out of Metro immediately! Carly says she doesn't have the money; Kit says they should sell the club quickly so she can get away from the bad memories. Jack asks why she is in such a hurry. She says she needs a fresh start and turns to go. Jack asks about the funeral and Kit emotionally tells them that it was a hard thing to get through alone. She leaves. Carly asks Jack what she is supposed to do. Jack is suspicious of Kit's motives. He points out Cowboy Jack, telling Carly that it doesn't make sense that she didn't want Sam's most prized possession. Carly remembers her conversation with Kit about Sam's wandering eye and tells Jack. He believes Kit could have shot Sam! Back at the police station Jack goes over the medical reports and learns that Parker's shot to the shoulder didn't kill Sam - the second shot did! He pulls out a file and tells Carly they need to pinpoint Kit's whereabouts the night of the shooting. He sets a few things in motion and says if nothing else works, they'll put Cowboy Jack to the test!

    Pay-offs and Demands

    Tuesday, February 12 2008

    Jack and Carly bring Parker home. The kid is more angry than ever because they allowed him to be put in a holding cell for the night. He goes upstairs. Jack says he only needs time but Carly isn't so sure. Parker returns downstairs as Kit arrives. She venomously attacks Carly for not calling about Sam's death and then blames the situation as a whole on Parker. Jack tries to toss her out but Kit won't go. Finally Carly tells her about the rape attempt but Kit refuses to believe it. Jack hauls her out the door and slams it closed. They try to reassure Parker. Tom arrives. He sends Parker to the kitchen and then tells them about the charges against Parker. Parker overhears everything. Carly goes to him; Parker asks if he can hear everything from Tom. They return to the men. Tom promises that he'll fight the adult charges. Just then Margo arrives to question Parker more deeply. She asks to take Parker to Metro to clarify the details; Carly doesn't like that but Tom says it is a good idea. Jack thinks so, too. They arrive at Metro. Margo asks Parker to start from the beginning. Tom asks that Margo allow some leniency in the questioning. Margo says she has to take everything he says into account - because there were two bullets in Sam's body! Carly becomes angry, thinking that Margo is trying to paint Parker as a spree killer. She insists that there was only one shot fired. Tom interrupts, tells Jack and Carly to calm down or Margo will make them leave the club. Margo focuses on Parker, who takes her through what happened. She asks how many times he shot but Parker can't remember! Jack asks to take Parker home and Margo allows them to leave. They return to Carly's home. Jack tells Parker that things will be okay. He goes upstairs. When they are alone Carly wonders how the authorities could want to put Parker behind bars. Both begin blaming themselves for Parker's actions. Jack swears that they will clear him.

    And The Dummy Gets It!

    Tuesday, February 05 2008

    Carly is trying to get Metro ready for opening but it is still cool inside because of the boiler problems. Sam adds one more worry when he says their musical entertainment just canceled; Carly says they can't have a club without music and Sam says he'll take care of it. He talks about making a trip to book a few bands. Carly brings up Kit, asking if she will go along with him on the tour bookings. She leaves. Sam calls the band scheduled for that weekend and cancels their appearance, too! Kit walks in, excited about the band-booking trip. Sam says the weekend band just canceled and he doesn't know what to do. Kit gets really antsy about losing more money; Sam says he would play the gig but since they are going to Chicago he can't. Kit says he should stay and play the gig and she'll scout the bands alone.

    Carly meets Parker in Old Town and asks how things are going. She says Kit and Sam are going out of town and makes a bargain with him - if he passes his science test he can come by the club after school to make some extra cash. Parker reluctantly agrees to the plan. Parker and Carly return to Metro, talking about his new job. Sam walks in and tells them the band just canceled but that he'll play the gig and Kit will go to Chicago alone. Parker doesn't like that idea at all and walks out. Carly catches up with Parker in Old Town. The kiddo won't listen to her explanations and runs off from her. Carly continues on to Java and is having a cup of coffee when Kit walks in and asks about Sam. She says Sam has a wandering eye but that she trusts Carly; Carly tells Kit she has nothing to worry about.

    Sam is washing up some glasses when a musician walks in and demands payment since Metro cancelled their gig! Sam argues with him for a while but finally agrees to pay the band for one night only. The musician walks out. Parker has been listening! He confronts Sam, who brings up Parker's therapist and all of the times he has cried wolf over the past few weeks. Sam says no one will believe him. Parker says his parents will believe him and walks out. Sam pulls Cowboy Jack from beneath the counter and talks to him about how to get rid of Parker! Kit returns, puts her arms around Sam and hugs him. She asks if Cowboy Jack can come upstairs with them. Sam says Cowboy Jack has other plans.

    Sofie Kidnaps Hallie!

    Friday, February 01 2008

    Carly arrives at Metro and blurts out, "Sam you can't work here any longer." She says Parker can't deal with Sam and that she has to do the right thing for her kid. Sam pretends to be ready to accept, saying she has to do the right thing. Kit takes offense and says if Sam goes, she goes - and so does her money!

    After speaking to Carly, Sam tells Kit that they are staying on and building a life in Oakdale. She goes upstairs to unpack. Sam turns to Cowboy Jack, hoping that the worst is over with Parker. Cowboy Jack has a new worry - maybe Kit will find out that Sam is really interested in Carly and not the bar! "You've got to take Carly somewhere private," he says.

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