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    As the World Turns CAST - Kit Fowler - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Kit Fowler Played by Lauretta Vaughn on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Lauretta Vaughn (

    Birthplace: London, England
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Lauretta Vaughn


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    Hello! I've Been Kidnapped!

    Thursday, March 13 2008

    In the parking lot, Kit fires at Carly and she returns fire! Kit is hit and falls. Carly asks her to tell the truth but Kit doesn't say anything before she dies. Carly hurries back inside and focuses on Jack, while Brad focuses on Katie. Medics arrive and wheel Jack away. Brad and Katie are about to leave when they remember Henry is still in the warehouse somewhere. They start searching again. Brad finally finds Henry and they untie him. Henry says Kit tied him up and knocked him out; they tell him about the shootings. Once he is free they go outside, still talking. None of them see Matt there, listening. Henry says Gray has to be behind the kidnapping. They return to Oakdale. Alison sees Katie, Henry and Brad at the hospital and asks what is going on. Katie is taken to an exam room. Before Henry can answer Vienna hurries in, hugs Henry and asks where he has been. "Why don't you ask your boyfriend?" Henry asks and he sees Gray! Henry tries to fight Gray but Brad pulls him off and sends Henry to get checked out. Brad returns to Katie and says Jack will be okay. A nurse brings Katie her medication.

    A Marriage In Name Only...

    Wednesday, March 12 2008

    At the design warehouse, Henry finishes "99 Bottles of Beer" and renews his efforts to break free. Nothing he does works. He tries to figure out what Katie would do in the situation. He realizes he has the answer: his cell phone! Henry maneuvers his body until he can get the phone out of his pocket and uses his tongue to dial Katie. When she answers Henry says he's been knocked out and chained to a stove but doesn't know where he is. He sees some piles of wood and boxes and one has a label: The Chicago Loop Scene Shop! Katie and Brad leave the hotel and Henry returns to talking to the dummy. He looks up and sees Kit! She knocks him out.

    Brad and Katie arrive at the scene shop. Kit sees them and hides. Katie says they should split up but Brad doesn't want to. She walks off on her own anyway. Brad comes around a corner and runs into Jack! Katie comes around another corner, sees them all and the lights go out! Jack says he and Carly are there to find Kit; Katie says they are there to find Henry. Jack says it is a strange coincidence. Jack tells Brad and Katie to watch the door; he and Carly continue on. Katie refuses to wait at the door and goes off on her own! Jack and Carly hear a strange noise and then Cowboy Jack falls from the ceiling! Cowboy Jack's laugh echoes in the room. Jack and Carly keep searching and find Henry. Jack tries to get the cuffs off but can't. Meanwhile, Kit has found Katie! They fight over Kit's gun and Katie is knocked out. Brad hears the scuffle and catches up with them. Kit turns the gun on him but just then Jack and Carly walk up, too. Katie wakes, comes around the corner and says, "Jack!", distracting everyone. Kit shoots Jack! She runs and Carly follows, telling Brad to call 9-1-1. Carly catches up with Kit just outside the warehouse. Kit fires at her and Carly fires back!

    Ameera and Casey Are Arrested!

    Thursday, March 06 2008

    A heavy cart rolls toward Carly but she dives out of the way. She is about to leave when Cowboy Jack's voice starts talking from the corner! Carly walks toward the sound and sees the dummy in a chair, laughing at her. She shuts off the recording. Just then a large crate falls from the ceiling! She screams and Jack rushes in, asking why she went there alone. Jack's cop buddies begin. He gives them a picture of Kit and tells them about the Oakdale happenings. The cops begin searching for her. The cops check for fingerprints on the dummy but don't find anything; they also don't find Kit inside the building. Jack follows Carly in his car. Neither notices Kit, hiding behind some boxes, as they leave. They arrive home just as Parker gets there. He begs them to let him stay at Carly's for the night and they agree. Carly and Parker head up to bed; Jack says he'll sleep on the sofa. Carly asks him to come to bed with her and he agrees. She gets under the covers but Jack sleeps over the covers. Carly asks if they can still save Parker and Jack takes her in his arms. They fall asleep. Carly has a nightmare about Cowboy Jack and Kit sneaking up on her with a rifle. She wakes as Kit takes the shot! Carly hears a noise downstairs and goes to investigate. She finds Parker downstairs and Cowboy Jack on the sofa!

    Hi Mommy, I Was In A Car Bomb

    Wednesday, March 05 2008

    At Carly's, Parker asks what is going on with their plans. Jack and Carly admit that they haven't had any luck yet but swear that they will find a way to keep him out of prison. Trying to cheer him up, Jack suggests a trip to a spring training baseball game. He clears the trip with Margo and then he and Parker go to the farm to pack. Carly hears a noise from the kitchen, but doesn't find anyone and decides it was just the wind in the trees. Kit calls! Through the answering machine Kit tries to set up a meeting. Carly grabs the phone and agrees to meet her. Kit swears she didn't kill Sam but says she knows who did. Carly leaves the house and goes to the diner. Once she is inside she tells the waitress that an ex is following her. She leaves out the back. A few minutes later the cop comes inside and tries to find her but the waitress stonewalls him. Carly sees that he is occupied and hurries away. As she is driving Carly reaches for her phone but realizes she never picked it up! A few minutes later she arrives in Chicago and goes inside the building to find Kit. Kit hides from Carly, who goes deeper and deeper into the warehouse, trying to find her. She calls out several times but no one answers. A wax mummy frightens her but she presses on. Suddenly part of a wall falls, nearly crushing her!

    A Knock-out Show!

    Monday, March 03 2008

    Katie is knocked out on the kitchen floor. Kit walks up with a baseball bat. "Wrong blonde!" she screams. She is about to leave when Carly arrives home. Kit hides upstairs. Carly finds Katie in the kitchen. Jack arrives and Carly tells him about Katie. With both of them distracted in the kitchen, Kit hurries from the house. Jack rouses Katie, who says someone hit her. Carly believes it was Kit; Jack sends her to the farm to check on Parker and then takes Katie to the hospital himself.

    Is It Over?

    Friday, February 29 2008

    At Carly's, Jack says he won't let Carly be the bait in their plan but Carly insists it is the only way to clear Parker. Jack gives in. Carly calls Kit to set up a meeting at Luther's Corners Church. Jack warns Carly to be careful. Parker returns home and asks what is going on. They arrive at the church before Kit and Jack hides in a back room. Carly tells Kit she knows Kit killed Sam! Kit calls her bluff and walks out. Carly follows, taunting Kit about Sam loving Carly more than he ever loved Kit! She baits Kit over and over but Kit won't break. She tells Carly to give it up and walks out. Carly turns to Jack, who has been listening, and asks what they do now. They leave the church and Jack says he has a friend watching Kit's every move. Just then Margo calls and asks him to come to the police department.

    One Good Fight...

    Thursday, February 28 2008

    Jack, Carly and Henry arrive at Metro just before Kit. Henry stays out front and gives Kit the papers to sign but before she takes the money he says he can't let her go without knowing if she feels for him the way he feels for her! Henry takes her in his arms and begins to seduce her! Just as he kisses Kit, Vienna walks in the door and asks what is really going on. As they argue and Henry tries to not blow the operation, Kit counts the money. Vienna walks out. Kit tells Henry he is no different than Sam, grabs the money and walks out. Henry goes after Vienna and Jack realizes they've just lost Katie's money.

    Carly Could Drive A Person To Murder...

    Tuesday, February 26 2008

    Henry meets with Jack and Carly, who ask him if he can do a repeat performance - this time to get a confession out of Kit! Jack says they will wire him, which immediately makes Henry nervous. Carly begs him to reconsider, for Parker's sake. Henry gives in and says he'll do what he can. Jack lays out their plan. A while later Henry meets Kit and says he can't buy her out because he refuses to be in business with Carly Tenney! Henry blames Carly for the break-up of his marriage! "She did the same thing to me and my man," Kit says! They commiserate over their shared pasts. Kit pours Henry a drink and they talk about how to get rid of Carly! Jack and Carly, listening in a surveillance van, can't believe how quickly Kit has been conned by Henry. Henry asks what Carly did to Kit and how Kit retaliated. Kit clams up. She grabs her things and says she is going to let Henry off the hook and will just take her chances with another buyer. Kit leaves but Henry follows, telling her that they might be able to come to another agreement. Henry tries calling Carly to see if she is willing to sell, too. When he can't get a signal, he goes outside and jumps in the surveillance van. He says he wants to call the whole thing off but Jack won't let him. Henry returns to Kit and says he reached Carly and she is willing to hand over her share of Metro. Kit wonders why but Henry doesn't know. He tries to get her talking about Sam again but it doesn't work. Henry says he can have both halves of the cash by the next day and Kit agrees to stay in town for a while longer. In the van, Jack hopes they have enough on tape for Margo to investigate Kit.

    An Apology, A Boom and A Con

    Monday, February 25 2008

    Kit, meanwhile, is finishing up some paperwork with Dallas at the police station. He is delaying as much as possible and makes up several excuses about needing the proper paperwork for transporting a dead body across state lines. Dallas leaves for a second to call Jack, letting him know that they can't keep stalling for long. Jack says he'll be right there. Jack arrives a few minutes later but Kit has already been released. Dallas tells him that he has to stop freaking out about Parker and follow the law. Brad walks in, tells Jack he has a plan - and has already put it into action! He tells Jack everything. Jack is more annoyed than ever.

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