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    As the World Turns CAST - Kit Fowler

    Full detailed profile on Kit Fowler Played by Lauretta Vaughn on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Lauretta Vaughn (
    Kit Fowler

    Actor: Lauretta Vaughn

    Who played Kit Fowler over the years

    Lauretta Vaughn (November 2007 - May 2008)

    Useful information on Kit Fowler

    Kit was first seen in Montana.

    Kit helped Silas and Ava, who had kidnapped JJ, avoid the police.


    Current: co-owner of Metro with Carly Tenney
    Past: Bar owner in Montana


    When Jack and Carly were searching for JJ in Montana they ran into a bar-owner named Kit. Unknown to them, Kit was helping Silas and Ava (who had kidnapped JJ) avoid the cops. Jack and Carly figured this out and Carly began to pump Kit for information; Kit eventually helped lead Carly and Jack to JJ.

    Several weeks later, Kit showed up in Oakdale. Her bar had burned down and she was looking for a fresh start. Carly was looking for a fresh start, too, and had a huge settlement check from her misdiagnosis; they decided to go into business together and bought Metro.

    Kit's boyfriend, Sam, arrived in town and quickly became attracted to Carly. When Kit was called to court in Montant, Sam stayed behind and fell in love. He began to undermine Metro and make himself indispensible at the same time. Carly finally saw through him when he tried to kiss her. Unfortunately, Kit saw the same thing and began to plot against Carly - and Sam! She happened into Metro one night when Sam was going after Carly and killed him. She framed Parker for the crime.

    Carly wouldn't give up on Parker and tracked down Kit in Chicago at a mannequin factory; in a struggle, Kit was killed.










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    Thursday, March 13 2008: Hello! I've Been Kidnapped!

    In the parking lot, Kit fires at Carly and she returns fire! Kit is hit and falls. Carly asks her to tell the truth but Kit doesn't say anything before she dies. Carly hurries back inside and focuses on Jack, while Brad focuses on Katie. Medics arrive and wheel Jack away. Brad and Katie are about to leave when they remember Henry is still in the warehouse somewhere. They start searching again. Brad finally finds Henry and they untie him. Henry says Kit tied him up and knocked him out; they tell him about the shootings. Once he is free they go outside, still talking. None of them see Matt there, listening. Henry says Gray has to be behind the kidnapping. They return to Oakdale. Alison sees Katie, Henry and Brad at the hospital and asks what is going on. Katie is taken to an exam room. Before Henry can answer Vienna hurries in, hugs Henry and asks where he has been. "Why don't you ask your boyfriend?" Henry asks and he sees Gray! Henry tries to fight Gray but Brad pulls him off and sends Henry to get checked out. Brad returns to Katie and says Jack will be okay. A nurse brings Katie her medication.

    Wednesday, March 12 2008: A Marriage In Name Only...

    At the design warehouse, Henry finishes "99 Bottles of Beer" and renews his efforts to break free. Nothing he does works. He tries to figure out what Katie would do in the situation. He realizes he has the answer: his cell phone! Henry maneuvers his body until he can get the phone out of his pocket and uses his tongue to dial Katie. When she answers Henry says he's been knocked out and chained to a stove but doesn't know where he is. He sees some piles of wood and boxes and one has a label: The Chicago Loop Scene Shop! Katie and Brad leave the hotel and Henry returns to talking to the dummy. He looks up and sees Kit! She knocks him out.

    Brad and Katie arrive at the scene shop. Kit sees them and hides. Katie says they should split up but Brad doesn't want to. She walks off on her own anyway. Brad comes around a corner and runs into Jack! Katie comes around another corner, sees them all and the lights go out! Jack says he and Carly are there to find Kit; Katie says they are there to find Henry. Jack says it is a strange coincidence. Jack tells Brad and Katie to watch the door; he and Carly continue on. Katie refuses to wait at the door and goes off on her own! Jack and Carly hear a strange noise and then Cowboy Jack falls from the ceiling! Cowboy Jack's laugh echoes in the room. Jack and Carly keep searching and find Henry. Jack tries to get the cuffs off but can't. Meanwhile, Kit has found Katie! They fight over Kit's gun and Katie is knocked out. Brad hears the scuffle and catches up with them. Kit turns the gun on him but just then Jack and Carly walk up, too. Katie wakes, comes around the corner and says, "Jack!", distracting everyone. Kit shoots Jack! She runs and Carly follows, telling Brad to call 9-1-1. Carly catches up with Kit just outside the warehouse. Kit fires at her and Carly fires back!

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