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    As the World Turns CAST - Evan Walsh IV - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Evan Walsh IV Played by Ryan Serhant on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ryan Serhant (

    Birthplace: Steamboat Springs, Colorado
    Marital Status: single
    Real Name: Ryan Serhant


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    Trouble at the MEMO21 Party!

    Thursday, January 17 2008

    Back inside Chris and Evan take center stage and begin the presentation about MEMO21. Chris dedicates the project to Bob. Before he can sign the contract Dusty interrupts and tells everyone that Bob didn't want the project! Margo tries to interrupt but Dusty says he has proof against Chris and his underhanded dealings. Kim and Tom both try to get Dusty to shut up. Holden and Bonnie return as Lucinda rushes from the room and asks where Lily is. She tells him about the scene and asks Holden to find Lily. Bonnie returns inside alone and Holden goes to search for Lily. Lucinda returns and asks everyone to hear Dusty out! Chris calls for security and tries to have him arrested. Lucinda won't let Chris do it and says no one will sign any contracts until they hear everything Dusty has to say! Chris can't believe he is being foiled again.

    Holden is searching the hallways. He goes around one corner and finds Lily, collapsed, on the floor. He calls a nurse and Lily is wheeled away. Holden goes after Dusty, telling him that Lily OD'd and it is all Dusty's fault! Lucinda hurries off to be with Lily. Holden focuses on Dusty, who says Lily's overdose is Holden's fault and not his! He tries to leave to go down to see Lily but Holden won't let him go and swears if he goes near Lily Holden will kill him! Margo tells both men to stop fighting.

    Lucinda returns to the party, telling everyone that Lily will be okay. She and Holden are relieved; Lucinda says Lily blames Dusty, too. Dusty storms out and Emily watches him. Meanwhile Chris tries to convince his family to let him sign the contract but they won't let him. Chris sees Holden and the two bond a little over their mutual dislike of Dusty. Chris tells Holden that Dusty will pay and walks off. He spots Lucinda and tells her that he is going to take care of Dusty once and for all. Emily sees Chris and asks him to come away and talk with her. He throws the prostitution back in her face and then walks away. Holden talks to Bonnie about how horrible Dusty is. Bonnie tries to convince him that Lily made her own bed but he won't listen to her. He says Lily needs him now but he isn't sure what that means for them as a couple. Bonnie leaves. Margo and Tom wonder what Dusty might have on Chris; Tom is upset when Margo seems to be siding with Chris. Emily follows Chris and tells him that sleeping with Dusty was a mistake that she regrets. Chris isn't interested in listening to her. "You slept with the one man. . .stay away from me," he says and leaves. Dusty walks up but Emily won't speak to him. In the main room Lucinda realizes that Evan is really anxious to sign the contract and wonders why. Holden walks back in and asks Lucinda how they can keep Dusty away from Lily. He sees Dusty coming back over and tells him to stay away. Holden goes to Lily's hospital room but she is gone! Dusty gets a call from his investigator and goes to get the information. He goes into a darkened room to wait. Someone comes inside behind him!

    Chris Learns Emily's Secret!

    Wednesday, January 16 2008

    Evan and Chris are chatting when Lucinda arrives for the party. She asks about the research for MEMO21 and then wonders where Craig is. Evan tells Lucinda that Craig had a family crisis; she walks off and Evan wonders what he did to deserve Lucinda as his grandmother. Evan asks why Chris is so quiet but he won't say. Lily arrives and listens in. Lucinda comes over and is happy to see a smile on Lily's face. Lily says she is just waiting for the real fun to start. Chris asks if they have seen Emily but neither woman has. Lucinda points out that the night is about him and about Memorial and he shouldn't be focused on his girlfriend. Chris walks off. Lily walks off alone and pops a few more pills.

    Moving Plans!

    Tuesday, January 08 2008

    Dusty meets with his investigator buddy at The Lakeview Lounge. The guy says he found something in Bob's coffee mug but isn't sure what it is. Emily sees them together and listens in! The investigator says there was definitely more than sugar and milk in the coffee mug! When the investigator leaves Emily asks Dusty what he is up to. He tells Emily what the investigator found but Emily refuses to believe him. "Your boyfriend is dangerous," Dusty says. As they argue Chris walks up and asks what new crime Dusty is accusing him of. Emily tells him about Dusty's new poisoning scenario. Chris can't believe it and calls Dusty's bluff, telling him to go to the police with his "proof". Dusty tells Chris he'll go to the police when he is good and ready; Emily tries to pull Chris away but he and Dusty continue to argue. Evan arrives and tells Chris they need to talk - now! Dusty is curious but leaves the lounge. Chris angrily tells Evan to back off but Evan won't stop talking about going public with their research findings. He suggests a cocktail party to launch their research but Chris insists this is bad timing and they need to wait. Evan becomes angry and tells Chris that he needs more return on his investment - or he'll leave the hospital to research elsewhere. Finally Chris gives in and tells Evan to set up the date with his assistant. Evan leaves. Emily asks Chris if Evan's plans are really a good idea and points out that they need to keep Evan under wraps. Chris believes Emily is siding with Dusty! She says she just thinks they should abide by Bob's wishes and tells him to stop bringing Dusty in to every conversation.

    Chris Feels Guilty

    Tuesday, December 11 2007

    Chris returns from Bob's room and finds Emily. She goes after coffee for them. Evan walks up and tells Chris they need to talk. They go into Evan's office and Evan gives Chris an ultimatum, saying he needs to know now if the project will go forward. Chris tells Evan not to worry because the board is currently voting about the Chief position and once he is put in power he will okay the research project! They shake on their deal. A few minutes later Chris returns to Emily and Kim. Chris and Emily suggest that Kim go home to rest but before she can reply Lucinda arrives and tells them the board has voted and that Chris is now the interim chief of staff for the hospital! Kim is excited and tells him so. Evan comes up and starts talking about staffing issues and their project. Chris cuts him off. Kim turns on Chris, asking him why he is already going against his father's wishes. Chris says he is doing the right thing for the hospital but Kim doesn't believe him. She returns to Bob. Susan comes in and sits with them. Kim asks Susan if she would sit with Bob for a while so Kim could take a shower and rest. Susan agrees.

    Bob Collapses!

    Friday, December 07 2007

    Evan finds Meg and Craig at The Lakeview and says they are all in trouble. He tells them about the confrontation brewing with Chris and Bob. Craig offers to go play mediator. When Craig arrives at the hospital he becomes distracted by the sight of Eli and Rosanna. He wonders what they are talking about and watches. Inside the room, Eli demands a huge sum of money and Rosanna says she'll pay up as long as she gets the tape. Eli leaves. Craig continues to watch. When Eli has gone, Craig asks Rosanna what is really going on but she won't tell him anything. They separate. Paul returns with a wheelchair for Rosanna. She gets in to the chair and he wheels her away. Around the corner, Craig watches, wondering what is really going on.

    Family Confrontations

    Wednesday, December 05 2007

    In the lounge, Emily ignores Dusty's call. She tells Chris that the article won't get her in trouble - but could get her fired. She's quite happy about that. Evan walks up, kisses Emily and thanks her. Chris tells Evan that this may be just the thing to get his research space up and running. Evan lets them know that Oakdale Memorial isn't his only choice and says he has other options. This worries Chris, who says he'll find a way to get Bob (and the hospital) on board no matter what.

    In the hall Kim confronts Emily. She asks if Emily is done trying to wreck her family. Emily takes offense. Kim asks why Emily really wrote the article but doesn't give her a chance to answer. She keeps right on talking about the things Chris saw in Darfur, telling Emily that what happened with Chris in Darfur has nothing to do with a research project that Bob doesn't believe will ever come to light - because of the hospital board, not because of Bob's biases. Emily tells Kim that if that is the case Bob should have given that explanation to Chris in the first place. Kim asks again what Emily real motives are - a future with Chris or just wasting time until she gets a better offer from another man! Annoyed, Emily tells Kim she needs to back off and let Chris be his own man. Emily returns to Chris and Bob. Chris says he'll be around for the holidays. Bob leaves. Em asks about Evan's project and learns that Bob still isn't on-board. She tells him that Kim isn't thrilled with their relationship, either. Evan walks up and asks what Bob decided. The three of them sit down and Chris gives Evan the bad news. Evan threatens to go with the Harvard option and Chris tells him not to, that he will make the research space happen. Evan leaves. Chris tells Emily that he will make Bob see the light. He begins to go on and on about how right the project is and making it happen at any cost. Emily is beginning to realize that her article may not have been a help to Chris. Chris mentions forcing Bob to do things his way and that makes Em wonder what he means.

    The Best Laid Plans...

    Tuesday, December 04 2007

    Evan meets with Emily at the diner. She questions him about the deal with the hospital. Later she takes her mock-up of the next days headlines - blasting Bob for not working with Evan! - to Dusty's hotel room. He doesn't like it and Emily tells him to buy her out. Dusty says he can work with the headline! Emily brings up Lily. Dusty brings up Chris and they argue about their various affairs. Emily accuses Dusty of breaking up Holden and Lily! Dusty brings up her prostitute past, angering Emily because Chris doesn't know that part of her past. Dusty takes a step back and says he would never tell Chris the truth. Emily thanks him and begins to go on about Chris being her future. Dusty tells her Chris can't make her happy in the long run and then slams the door to his room in her face. Lily arrives a while later. Dusty asks about the girls and is surprised when Lily tells him the plans fell through because the girls don't want to spend time with her. Upset, Lily tells him that it was too quiet at the house with only a sleeping Ethan and the nanny there so she came to see him. Dusty tells her she can stay with him. Dusty kisses her and they make love.

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