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    As the World Turns CAST - Evan Walsh IV

    Full detailed profile on Evan Walsh IV Played by Ryan Serhant on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ryan Serhant (
    Evan Walsh IV

    Actor: Ryan Serhant

    Who played Evan Walsh IV over the years

    Ryan Serhant (November 2007 - February 7, 2008)

    Useful information on Evan Walsh IV

    Evan Walsh IV is the son of Evan Walsh III and the grandson of Lucinda Walsh.
    He arrived in Oakdale with a research proposal for Craig Montgomery.
    Evan was responsible for the deaths of Dusty Donovan and a lab technician.
    Evan was killed by a lethal dose of poison administered by Lily Snyder.


    Current: Biochemist


    Evan Walsh IV arrived in Oakdale in 2007. He is a biochemist and went to Craig for help funding a research project. Craig agreed to fund the research because he knew Meg would like the new direction of Montgomery Enterprises. However, Evan was obsessed by his work! When he learned that Bob Hughes objected to the research plans, he administered a poison which sent Bob into a coma! Dusty Donovan was suspicious of the coma because Bob and Chris Hughes had been fighting over the research project. He began investigating the research and Bob's coma, believing he could pin the trouble on Chris. To stop Dusty's digging around, Evan killed him. Then, he killed a lab technician who was helping Dusty.

    Evan, it turns out, was hired by Lucinda Walsh but she didn't know how crazy he was. He lured her to the hospital and took her hostage! Lucinda called Lily, trying to get help but Lily wound up being a second hostage. As the three were waiting for a helicopter to arrive at the hospital, Lily fought with Evan and he was stabbed with his own syringe. The drug inside killed him.






    Evan Walsh III (Father)
    Lucinda Walsh (Grandmother)
    Lily Snyder (Aunt-by-Marriage)




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    Thursday, February 07 2008: Lily Kills Evan!

    Inside Room 408, Evan tells Lucinda that the syringe has enough of the poison to kill Lily and Lucinda and Holden, too! Lucinda says he'll never get away with it. Holden yells in from the hall, saying they will let him leave as long as he lets Lily and Lucinda go. Evan says he'll let them go once he is out of the country. Lucinda yells out that Evan was behind everything. Margo says she won't negotiate! Chris walks up to Margo and Holden, demanding to know what is going on. They fill him in on Evan's craziness; Chris can't believe it and feels really bad. He convinces Margo to let him go in to talk to Evan. Inside, Chris asks Evan what he is trying to accomplish. Evan keeps talking about his important research and how he is going to save the world; Chris tells him to give up but Evan won't. He backs into a corner, grabs Lily and makes Chris leave. With Evan distracted watching the cops, Lily grabs a scalpel off the medicine cart in the room. Lucinda calls her pilot and asks him to get the jet ready. When Evan reaches for the phone Lily attacks with the scalpel but Evan deflects her blow and grabs her! Evan tells Lucinda to get them out of there.

    Back in the hall, Holden hears a noise and tries to get inside the room but Margo holds him back. Chris comes out and apologizes to Margo for not talking Evan down. Holden calls Kim at WOAK and asks for the chopper to be sent over. Margo tells him that is a good idea. Holden calls into the room, saying a helicopter is on the way. Evan drags Lily and Lucinda from the room and walks behind them up to the roof! Margo, Holden and the cops follow at a distance. Once on the roof Evan locks it from the outside and begins looking for the chopper. They can see it in the distance and Lucinda begs him to let Lily go. Evan pushes Lily away and he grabs Lucinda. Lily lunges toward him and they fight over the syringe; Evan is stabbed with the needle! He falls to the ground as Margo and the others make it to the roof from another access door. Lily and Lucinda argue about Evan but Lily gets quiet when she realizes the cops are close by. She tells Lucinda she'll have to live with what she did. Holden convinces Margo to let him take Lily home. Margo begins questioning Chris, who hurries up with Emily. He says he met Evan in Darfur but didn't know much about the research. Craig is next to arrive; he says Evan sought him out and that the research seemed legitimate at the time. Margo believes them. Chris says he should have listened to his father! Emily comforts him but they argue about her accusations toward him regarding Dusty; Emily says he did things just as bad. Chris storms off, saying he never wants to see her again. Margo questions Lucinda, who says she had no idea who Evan was before he showed up in town. Margo walks off; Craig comes over and insinuates that he knows Lucinda was behind Evan's arrival in town!

    Wednesday, February 06 2008: Evan's The Killer!

    Lucinda is talking to Evan in a private room at the hospital. Evan says he Dusty and the lab technician were getting in the way of his research! Lucinda says he won't get away with the murders and tries to leave but Evan shoves her into a chair and pulls a syringe from his pocket! Lucinda pleads with Evan, offering him money. Evan says he'll take $10 million and a private jet!

    At the farm, Lily cancels the reservations Holden just made, saying she isn't going anywhere. Holden pleads with her to leave town for a while. He goes to the barn so Lily can think. Lucinda phones, calling Lily "Gregory" over and over. Lily realizes something is wrong but blows the whole thing when she reaches the hospital without the money. Evan opens the door and pulls Lily into the room, too! Evan admits to the killings but says Lucinda set everything in motion - by hiring him to sabotage Montgomery Enterprises! "I didn't know he was a lunatic," she says. Holden calls; Evan reluctantly allows Lucinda to answer. She tells Holden that she hasn't seen Lily and then starts talking about sending Lily to Dallas. Evan grabs the phone before she can drop any more I'm-in-trouble hints and hangs up.

    Holden turns to Margo, who he just asked for help, and says Lily is fine. He leaves. Margo has a policeman follow Holden! He arrives at the hospital and knocks on room 408's door. Evan opens the door enough to pull the bag of money inside then slams it shut. Margo and another officer arrive. Evan sees them through the window!

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