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    As the World Turns CAST - Bonnie McKechnie

    Full detailed profile on Bonnie McKechnie Played by Chauntee Schuler on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Chauntee Schuler (
    Bonnie McKechnie

    Actor: Chauntee Schuler

    Who played Bonnie McKechnie over the years

    Caroline Aimetti (1993 - 1996)
    Chloe Morris (1996 - 1999)
    Napiera Danielle (2001 - 2003; April 2nd to April 6th, 2004)
    Chaunteé Schuler (November 5th, 2007 - October 15 2009)

    Useful information on Bonnie McKechnie

    *Stole Marshall's toothbrush so she could conduct a secret DNA test
    *Accidentally shot her mother in 2003
    *Accidentally killed Marshall.


    Current: Manager of Metro
    Past: Divorce Lawyer
    Past: Former Partner at Java Underground
    Past: Former Hostess of hospital benefit


    Bonnie McKechnie showed up in Oakdale when she was 21 after spending most of her life in Europe with her father, Duncan. A little bit spoiled, Bonnie was surprised when her mom, DA Jessica Griffin, actually made her get a job to show some responsibility. With Lisa Grimaldi's help, Bonnie snagged a waitressing job at Java Underground. She didn't like the job at first but when Bryant died she chipped in and actually began to like the job.

    When Bonnie began to really pitch in, Isaac noticed and began to see her in a different light. They were both attracted to one another and thought about dating. The relationship hit a snag with Bonnie's ex, Ian, Duke of Glasgow, came to Oakdale. Bonnie didn't want anything to do with Ian (she left Scotland when she found him with another woman) but he begged her forgiveness. When Isaac confessed his love for Bonnie she thought he was being insincere and decided to see if Ian really had changed. She left town for Scotland. Once there, Ian began to pressure Bonnie to marry him immediately. Isaac showed up and told her that Ian was up to something but Bonnie married him anyway. After that the truth came out: Ian was a fraud and the real heir to the title was Bonnie! Though she was shocked, she accepted the title "Duchess of Glasgow". She also pledged her love for Isaac and told him the marriage to Ian wasn't official because she hired a fake minister. Bonnie and Isaan returned to Oakdale filthy rich and in love.

    Bonnie's relationship with her mother remained rocky. When Jessica continue a relationship with Marshall Travers, Bonnie butted in and told Jessica he wasn't the right man. She helped Paul tap Marshall's phones because they thought he was working with James Stenbeck but Marshall learned about the tap. Marshall used the information to get Jessica to step down from her re-election campaign for DA; he was running against her in the election. Jessica wasn't through with Marshall, though, and showed up at his home after he had been shot. Upset because Jessica wouldn't see Marshall's true colors Bonnie moved out of the house. Soon after Jessica revealed that Marshall had raped her! Marshall denied the charges and tried to blackmail Jessica into dropping the charges; Jessica did drop the charges once Marshall admitted what he had done to her. Angry at this turn of events, Bonnie went after Marshall herself. She had a gun and intended to shoot Marshall but shot Jessica instead! Jessica lived and convinced Marshall not to file charges against Bonnie; she was given community service for the shooting instead of a jail term.

    During her community service Bonnie really began to change. She met a young girl named Sarah and bonded with her. Both Jessica and Isaac didn't like the bond and Bonnie's spoiling of the girl. Sarah stole a computer from Dr. Walker Daniels but Bonnie continued to see the good side of the girl. Soon after it was revealed that Sarah had a rare blood disease; Bonnie came to the rescue and paid for the treatments and adopted her. She learned a little more about Sarah and realized the girl could be Marshall's presumed-dead daughter Zara. She conducted a secret DNA test using Marshall's toothbrush and with Dr. Daniels' help learned that Sarah was, in fact, Zara. She tried to flee the country with the girl but Marshall found them at the airport. Bonnie remained focused on Sarah and even though Marshall insisted she keep her distance, Sarah continued to seek out Bonnie.

    Bonnie learned that Sarah knew almost everything about Marshall and Jessica so Bonnie told her the truth. That backfired and instead of becoming angry with Marshall, Sarah was angry with Bonnie for keeping the secret. During this period, Bonnie's relationship with Isaac became strained. He left Oakdale for a new job in Florida. Bonnie stayed behind with Sarah. Eventually Marshall asked for Bonnie's help with Sarah and Bonnie reached out to them. Realizing how obsessed Bonnie was becoming, Jessica threatened to reopen the rape case if Marshall wouldn't leave town with Sarah. Marshall and Bonnie argued when he told her he was leaving town. They struggled and Marshall was pushed out a window and killed. Bonnie wanted to take responsibility for her actions and pleaded guilty to manslaughter charges. Bonnie was sentenced to six months in a minimum security prison.

    Once she was released, Bonnie returned to Oakdale with interesting news: during her improsonment, Isaac has contacted Bonnie and they reunited. He asked her to come to Florida for a fresh start and Bonnie agreed to go. She and Sarah moved to Florida.

    In November, 2007, Bonnie returned to Oakdale a newly divorced woman. She and Holden were attracted to one another but their romance never amounted to more than a few basketball games and some flirting. Bonnie focused on work but grew tired of representing criminals. Henry, desperate for help at Metro, convinced her to work for him.

    While working at Metro Bonnie became attracted to a new man in town, Derek. He charmed her but it turned out he was a loan shark working with James Stenbeck. He thought Vienna and Bonnie were working together to have him arrested and locked them in a warehouse alone. They survived one very cold night and then Henry arrived and blasted them out of the place.

    Derek convinced Bonnie that James blackmailed him into the job and she became his lawyer. Bonnie convinced Henry and Vienna not to press kidnapping charges against him.

    Bonnie hooked up with Dusty and helped him with his PI duties. Although she was obviously interested in him, he wasn't about to promise her a future. Their fling ended and she left town.


    Isaac Jenkins (divorced)


    Derek (dated)
    Ian (engaged)
    Isaac (engaged)
    Dusty Donovan (affair)


    Duncan McKechnie (Father)
    Jessica Griffin (Mother)
    Beatrice McKechnie McColl (half-sister)
    Ward Griffin (maternal grandfather)
    Louise Griffin (maternal grandmother)
    Fiona Griffin (Aunt)
    Carl Griffin (cousin)
    Leon Griffin (cousin)
    Dallas Griffin (cousin)
    Brian McColl (brother-in-law)
    Mary Joanna McColl (niece)
    Lamar Griffin (uncle)
    Lisa Grimaldi (Godmother)


    Sarah Travers (adopted daughter)


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    Monday, February 08 2010: You Just Look Like A Fool.

    At Fairwinds, Paul doesn't know how to respond when Barbara tells him that Mick is really James. "This is the best that you could come up with?" Paul asks before bursting out laughing. Mick claims he can reverse the aging process and says he is there to reverse the damage James did. Paul grabs Mick and punches him to the floor. He accuses him of being a conman and tells him he's sick. Paul orders him out. Barbara asks him to let Mick prove himself. Mick tries making the case that he is James and tells Paul how hard it was to be on his deathbed knowing that his son wanted him there. Emily has called the cops. They come in and arrest Mick. As he's taken away, Paul yanks out some of his hair. Barbara tells Emily that she just lost her last chance at getting pregnant. Emily wants to warn Alison. Paul vows that Mick will pay for this. He asks his mother how long she's been in on this and threatens to have her thrown in jail. Paul can't believe how naïve his mother is being. Barbara claims the treatments are working but her son says, "You're older now than when you met Mick and I'm poorer now... To me, you just look like a fool."

    Wednesday, January 20 2010: Like It Or Not.

    Back at the hospital, Paul asks his mother what is going on between her and Mick. He kicks Barbara out so he can be alone with his wife. Taking her hand, he tells her that he can't lose her and none of this makes sense.

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