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    As the World Turns CAST - Eli King

    Full detailed profile on Eli King Played by Travis Wood on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Travis Wood
    Eli King

    Actor: Travis Wood

    Who played Eli King over the years

    Travis Wood (2007)
    Marc Aden Gray (2005-2006)

    Useful information on Eli King

    * Eli King helped Meg test baby Johnny to determine his true paternity.
    * After being paid off by Rosanna, he left town.


    Paternity Expert


    Eli King is a paternity expert who was very enamored of Meg. When she learned that Craig may have switched his child, Johnny, with Gwen's child, she asked him to run paternity tests and he did. Those tests showed the Johnny was indeed Craig's son.

    In an effort to keep Paul with her, Rosanna paid Eli to fake Meg's pregnancy test results. With the cash Rosanna paid him, Eli skipped town and hasn't been seen since.


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    Thursday, December 13 2007: Is Meg's Baby In Trouble?

    In the hospital coffee room Meg is beginning to freak out about what Dr. Bullock might want. The doctor walks in and asks them to come into his office. The doc tells them that Meg is a carrier of Gauchers disease and that could be a danger to the baby if Craig is also a carrier. If they are both carriers, he says, there is a 1 in 4 chance that the baby will be affected by the disease. The doctor is called away and Meg breaks down. Craig tells her everything will be alright and goes after coffee. Eli pokes his head in and Meg demands to know if Craig is a carrier. Before Eli can answer, Craig walks in. Eli tells them both that he isn't qualified to give the results. The doctor returns and Eli hands off the documents. The doctor tells them that Craig is a carrier, too! Eli is listening at the door. Craig wonders why he wasn't tested before with his other children and the doctor reminds them that the baby is only in danger if both parents are carriers and that even then there is only a slim chance of harm to the fetus. Meg tries to be relieved. Craig leaves to track down Eli. Craig tells Eli that with the number of DNA tests run on him in the past the disease should have been found before and asks Eli to put him in touch with the doctor who actually ran the tests. He returns to Meg and reassures her that things will be fine.

    Eli calls Rosanna, who is shopping with Paul in Old Town, and insists that she come to the hospital immediately. She makes a few excuses to Paul and hurries off. When she arrives, Eli tells her that he faked the results the doctor gave to Meg and Craig because the father is a carrier - but Craig isn't! She says they can fix the next round of tests, too, and Eli says it will cost her! Rosanna points out that she has already paid but he insists. She hands over some cash to keep him quiet. Neither notices that Craig is around the corner!

    Wednesday, December 12 2007: "I'm Sorry"

    After Will hangs up on her, Barbara spots Alison and confronts her about interfering in the baby situation. Allie won't take any guff from her and tells her that this is all Babs' fault! Alison storms off. With nowhere else to go, Barbara heads to Fairwinds, where Paul and Rosanna have just arrived. Babs tells Paul and Rosanna, hoping they will understand but neither can understand why she tried to buy Will and Gwen a baby. "I was trying to give him a family," Barbara cries. Angry, Paul tells Barbara that he won't help her get back in Will's good graces! Rosanna listens as Paul goes off on Barbara for trying to foist a child on Will and Gwen. She recalls switching the paternity results and begins to feel guilty. She tells Paul to leave Barbara alone! Rosanna says she can understand why Barbara did what she did. Paul is shocked. He puts on his coat and agrees to talk to Will for Babs. Barbara thanks Rosanna for helping her. Barbara leaves. Once she is alone Rosanna calls Eli. When he arrives she has a stack of cash ready and offers it to him in exchange for his silence - and the video tape! Eli assures her this is the only copy and hands the tape over. Rosanna gives him the cash and threatens him that if he comes after more money she could have him put away!

    Meg spots Craig at the hospital and reminds him for their doctor's appointment. Craig promises to be right there and then makes a beeline for Eli's office. Inside he asks Eli about Rosanna! Eli pretends not to know what Craig is talking about but Craig keeps pushing him for information. Before Eli can break, Meg's doctor walks by and Craig leaves with him. In the OB room, Meg and Craig hear from the doctor that they are having a baby boy! Craig becomes very quiet. Meg turns to him and he is speechless. She places his hand on her belly. They return to The Lakeview and Meg freshens up. Craig pulls out a picture of him with Bryant! Sitting on the bed, Craig talks to the picture. Meg returns from the bathroom and listens to him, touched that he still cares so much for his other son. As Craig apologizes to the picture for the bad things he did to Bryant, Meg begins to cry. They have dinner and then Meg's doctor calls and asks them both to come in because he has the results of the CVS test!

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