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    As the World Turns CAST - Sam Hutchins - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sam Hutchins Played by Wally Kurth on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Wally Kurth

    Birthday: July 31 1958
    Birthplace: Billings, Montana
    Marital Status: Married Deb Yuhasz
    Real Name: Wally Kurth


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    Bob Wakes From The Coma!

    Monday, December 24 2007

    Back at the farm Parker continues his sullen ways, telling Sage that Carly prefers her "wacked out" friends to her family. Sage runs to the other room and JJ follows. Parker goes upstairs and Jack heads to the porch where he finds the angel that Sam tried to give Parker. He returns inside, wondering where the angel came from; Parker walks in to the kitchen and says it is from Sam. Angry, Jack storms off. He goes straight to Carly's and confronts her about the angel. Carly says she didn't know what Sam was trying to do and tells Jack that it was a nice gesture. Sam explains that he was only trying to help Parker come to terms with things. Jack doesn't believe Sam for a second and tells him to stay away from the kids. Jack storms out. Carly follows, trying to figure out what has Jack so upset. He says if she hasn't figured it out by now she never will. Jack leaves. Sam comes out on the porch and apologizes. Carly returns inside and finishes trimming the tree.

    Who's Lying Now?

    Tuesday, December 18 2007

    Carly is just coming out of a store in Old Town when Parker and a few friends happen by. She asks the boys to head to the diner for hot cocoa but then pulls Parker aside to talk about Christmas Eve. Parker says he doesn't want to go to her house and would rather spend the day with Jack! Carly brings up past Christmases. Parker brings up Simon and all of the disappointments he and the other kids have had because of her. Carly is stunned. Jack walks by and Carly tells him what is going on. Jack tells Parker he has to spend time with Carly and Parker makes a smart remark. Jack tells Parker to respect his mother and sends him to the car. When they are alone Jack tells Carly to butt out of his life and stop interfering with his relationship with Katie. He leaves. Carly continues on and finds Sam plugging the opening of Metro while he practices his Cowboy Jack act for some shoppers. When everyone leaves, Sam focuses on Carly, making her laugh. They sit down at an outdoor table, having drinks and Carly tells Sam about her troubles with Parker. She says all she wants for Christmas this year is for her kids to be happy. Carly leaves.

    Sofie Gives Birth!

    Monday, December 17 2007

    Carly returns home and tiredly sinks onto the sofa. Sam walks in with a wrench. He's been doing some household chores for her. Carly is touched by the sweet gesture and begins to cry. Sam isn't sure what to do. He lets her cry and when she has pulled herself back together asks if he can help. He sits down with Carly and suggests she tell everything to Cowboy Jack. Carly isn't interested but Cowboy Jack just keeps talking. He asks Carly if her policeman is causing more problems. Carly leaves, telling Sam that talking to a dummy won't solve her big problems.

    Rosanna Deals With Craig!

    Friday, December 14 2007

    At Carly's she and Kit are finishing up some last minute paperwork and making a few more decisions about Metro. Kit feeds the numbers in to their computer and tells Carly they better have a great, big crowd on their New Year's Eve opening - or they're both sunk! Carly receives a call. Sam comes in and Carly tells them that the Metro has been denied a liquor license! Carly leaves to talk to Jack, hoping he can help her figure out what went wrong with her application.

    Parker is looking for his math workbook at the farm. JJ says it is at Carly's and tells Parker to call her about it. Parker refuses and orders JJ to do it for him. JJ calls and talks to Kit because Carly isn't there. JJ hangs up and tells Parker, who goes over to Carly's anyway. Sam is there and starts talking to Parker with Cowboy Jack, which annoys Parker. He finds his notebook and starts to leave. Sam stops him with more Cowboy Jack talk. Cowboy Jack tells Parker that he needs to be nicer to his brother, sister and mom!

    Is Meg's Baby In Trouble?

    Thursday, December 13 2007

    Jack stops by Carly's and she tells him she already go the message and won't butt in any more. He says he needs her help! He asks Carly to take Sage and JJ to a community event and is about to leave when he spots Sam's dummy. Carly tells him that Sam is harmless but offers to pick the kids up at the farm so that they don't have to see or meet Sam. Jack leaves. Kit and Sam return. Carly tells them about the community event; Sam and Kit offer to tag along and buy the kids cider! Carly tells them it's a bad idea because of Jack and they agree to stay behind. Before leaving Carly asks Kit to choose their new glasses for Metro so they can open by New Year's!

    A Little Comedy Relief

    Thursday, December 06 2007

    Carly and Kit arrive at the station to find that Jack and Margo have placed Sam in custody - for breaking in to the Metro. Sam makes jokes and says he wasn't really breaking an entering. When no one will listen Sam pulls out his dummy - his ventriloquist's dummy! - and talks about why he broke in through the dummy. He says he was just trying to work on his act before the club opened. Carly and Kit are very forgiving and tell Jack and Margo to drop the charges and release Sam. Annoyed, Jack tells Carly to read Sam's full file first! She does and tells Jack that it doesn't mean anything. Margo, Kit and Sam leave. Carly goes off on Jack, telling him that he needs to learn to give people another chance. They continue arguing and Carly tells him that he is so interested in being right that he can't see he could be wrong. Margo interrupts them and sends Jack out of the room. When they are alone Margo tells Carly that she has more problems than her business partner and the boyfriend. "There are seven code violoations," she says! Carly asks why Margo is even interested. Margo brings up Katie and that doesn't go over well. Carly storms out of the interrogation room. Outside she tells Kit and Sam that things will be fine. They all leave. Margo approaches Jack and apologizes for bringing him in on all of this. He changes the subject to Katie and informs Margo of Katie's baby plans. Margo can't believe it and begins to worry about what Katie might be doing. They both decide that they have to trust Katie not to do anything crazy. Soon, though, Jack can't focus on anything but Katie and leaves the station.

    In Old Town, Sam promises to help Carly and Kit with the problems at Metro and tells her he is an excellent electrician. Kit says she take care of the liquor license. Then they both say they'll move out so that Jack can't hold them over Carly's head. Carly tells them to stay because Jack would just find other reasons to keep the kids from her.

    Baby News!

    Friday, November 30 2007

    A deliveryman brings a box to Carly. The note reads "All is forgiven" and she wonders if the gift - Jack's favorite beer - is from Jack! Kit walks up and realizes the gift isn't for Carly. It's for her! She says the beer is from Sam and wonders how he found her so quickly. Carly asks who Sam in and Kit says he is an ex whom she is taking a break from! "I'm not falling back into old habits," Kit insists. Carly goes into the kitchen. Kit answers the door and Sam is there! He hugs her. Carly returns and Kit introduces them, obviously off her game with Sam in the picture. He leaves to put the beer in the kitchen. Kit tells Carly that it seems Sam has changed because he is giving them space to talk. Carly tells her to get rid of Sam before he messes up her life again. Kit, though, really wants to believe that Sam is different this time around.

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