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    As the World Turns CAST - Sam Hutchins - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sam Hutchins Played by Wally Kurth on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Wally Kurth

    Birthday: July 31 1958
    Birthplace: Billings, Montana
    Marital Status: Married Deb Yuhasz
    Real Name: Wally Kurth


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    Jack and Carly Come To An Understanding

    Wednesday, January 09 2008

    Parker doesn't go home. He goes to Metro and tells off Sam for telling Carly and Jack where to find him. He makes fun of Cowboy Jack and tells Sam to butt out of his life! He leaves. Sam sits down with Cowboy Jack to talk out his problems. He likes Carly - a lot - and wonders what he can do to make Carly like him back.

    Carly, Jack and the kids arrive back at her place and order pizza. Carly asks if Jack would like to stay for dinner. Sam arrives. Jack declines the dinner invitation, and Parker tries to make his excuses, too. Both Jack and Carly tell him to sit down and deal with it and won't let him leave. Jack goes outside but watches his family from the porch window for a few minutes.

    New Lovers, Old Lovers and Not Lovers

    Monday, January 07 2008

    Carly and Sam are cleaning up Metro. Carly asks Sam about Kit and he says she is fine back in Idaho but asked him to stay in Oakdale for a while. Carly asks him to pass along that Kit's investment is safe until she returns. Sam asks about Katie and Jack, wondering if Carly is going to try to win him back again. Carly tells him no, saying she wants Jack to be happy and Katie makes him happy. Sam goes in to the backroom. A man walks inside and asks for him. "What are you doing here?" Sam asks from the doorway. The men heatedly whisper about Texas and Sam refuses to go. Carly wonders what is going on. The guy tells her he just offered Sam a 4-week gig at a club in Texas and she tells him to go! Sam says he needs to stay to help her and Carly tells him not to be stupid. Sam insists that he can't leave Oakdale yet and Carly gives in. He asks her if he can stay at the house for a few more days and Carly points out that Jack won't let the kids come home if he does. In the next breath, though, she tells Sam she will deal with Jack and he can stay. Carly kisses him on the cheek, calling him a good man. She walks away. Sam thinks Carly is falling for him.

    Auld Lang Syne in Oakdale

    Friday, December 28 2007

    At Metro, Carly is nervous about the grand opening, but Sam tells her to breathe and it will all be all right because everything looks great. Carly says her horoscope said it was a bad time to start new ventures. Sam says whoever wrote the horoscope had not seen her dress. He leaves to check on the band. Lily enters and says everything looks great and asks if Dusty is around. Carly says no and leaves to check on the band. Carly asks Sam about the band and he says he left a message with the manager. Carly realizes she forgot to confirm with the band. She says they have to do something because the band is the only reason Katie is coming to cover the opening and that Jack allowed everything. Jack approaches and asks what the problem is, but Sam and Carly cover and say there is a slight problem with the noisemakers. Jack asks if he can get an autograph from the lead guitarist for JJ. She says it is bad luck and he should go talk to Katie, who has just arrived.

    Carly tells Sam maybe Jack won't notice the band is not there. Sam tells her he has been a performer and she laughs and tells him Jack will go ballistic over cowboy Jack and she will take care of it. Carly calls Gwen and begs her to call back as soon as possible for an emergency. Sam begs Carly to let him perform. She says okay, but without little wooden friends. He tells her it will be better than she thinks. Jack tells Carly people are leaving and wants to know what is really going on. As Sam gets onto the stage, Jack tells her if the dummy comes out, he is shoving it where the sun doesn't shine. Jack tells Carly she will be sorry. Sam gets onto the stage with a guitar and starts a blues riff as the crowd smiles in amazement. Jack smiles and agrees that Sam is good, but frowns when he sees that Katie has left.

    Sam tells Carly she gave him a break when no one else would. They hug over how great he was as Jack looks on from the bar. Carly asks him what is with the doll when he can sing and play like that and wants to book him for several months straight. He tells her he wouldn't leave her for anyone else and pulls her onto the stage and asks for the crowd to thank her for pulling off the evening. Jack smiles and claps from the bar. Jack approaches and tells Carly that Parker is right, and Sam has a thing for her. Jack tells her to be careful and she says she didn't know he cared. He says a lot of people do. She asks about Katie and he says she left. She says she is sorry and he says he is sorry for them both. He apologizes for being so hard on her. She says it is okay. He says the night was great and she smiles. They begin to count down the new year. Sam looks on as Jack and Carly are looking at one another in a sentimental way.

    Kit Is Arrested!

    Thursday, December 27 2007

    Kit, Sam and Carly are putting up flyers and things in Old Town, hoping to pull in more guests for the Metro grand opening. Jack walks up and tells them to stop because they are breaking the law! Kit and Sam take offense. Carly returns and Jack tells her that putting posters on the windows of businesses is against the law in Oakdale. Carly apologizes and tells him to arrest her! He won't back down. Carly says she is going to make Metro a success and start her life off right in 2008. Jack leaves. A few minutes later Parker and his buddies walk by. All of his friends make fun of Sam. Parker leaves his buddies behind. Carly and her crew continue on to Metro and finish up the decorating. As they work, Carly talks about Katie and Jack and tries to make light of the situation. Kit and Sam tell her they will be around to keep things under control.

    Carly returns home to find Kit and Sam yukking it up with Cowboy Jack. Carly tells Jack he can't come along to the grand opening. Just then Jack arrives with a U.S. Marshal who wants to arrest Kit! He tries to arrest Kit for passing bad checks. She swears he has the wrong woman but the marshal won't listen and neither will Jack. Carly begs Jack to help her, reminding him of the grand opening and the charity work. He and the marshal go outside to talk. Kit asks Sam to stay with Carly to help with the opening if she is taken to jail that night. He wants to stay with Kit but she insists and Sam agrees to stick close to Carly. Jack and the marshal return and take Kit away. When they are gone Jack asks Carly to reschedule the opening but she won't do it. She insists on carrying through. Jack leaves. Sam returns downstairs, looking very handsome in a black suit and without Cowboy Jack. He tells Carly that things will be fine. She goes upstairs to change.

    At Metro, Sam and Carly finalize the last minute details like booze and glasses and put the bags and party hats away. She is worried that the night won't be a success for the policeman's fund and is even more worried that her club will fail. Sam tells her things will be fine and goes to check on the champagne. Sam returns as Carly has a minor meltdown because she can't get the cash register to work. He pours Carly a drink so she can relax and reprograms the computer so they can serve drinks.

    Baby Naming Time!

    Wednesday, December 26 2007

    At Carly's, Sam and Kit are making a few last minute decisions. Carly tells them Jack vetoed the plan, which makes Kit happy. She goes to the kitchen. Sam tells Carly that they'll make opening night a huge success, with or without Jack. A while later Jack stops by and tells Carly that he'll go along with the plan. Kit tells him it's too late but Sam pulls her back into the kitchen before she can turn Jack away. Carly asks why he is doing it but Jack won't say. He leaves. Kit doesn't like the idea of the police charity but finally agrees to go along with it. When Carly carries some things out to the car Kit turns on Sam, wondering why he is on Carly's side all of a sudden. He kisses her, saying he is only agreeing with Carly - and arguing with Kit - because he likes making up with her later on. Carly, Sam and Kit arrive at Metro. A while later Jack walks in and tells Carly about the press coverage he managed to get for her. Carly is very upset to learn that Katie will be the reporter, especially when she realizes Jack set the whole thing up just to spend a little time with Katie.

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