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    As the World Turns CAST - Sam Hutchins - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sam Hutchins Played by Wally Kurth on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Wally Kurth

    Birthday: July 31 1958
    Birthplace: Billings, Montana
    Marital Status: Married Deb Yuhasz
    Real Name: Wally Kurth


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    Margo Questions Craig

    Tuesday, January 22 2008

    Carly returns to Metro and finds Sam, upset. He tells her Kit just sent him a Dear John letter! Carly can't believe it. Sam makes up a story about Kit not believing that he believes in her. Carly offers to talk to Kit for him but Sam says it wouldn't help. He pretends to be really upset and Carly asks him to come to dinner with her to get his mind off things! They go to The Lakeview for dinner. Carly tells Sam that Kit will take him back as soon as the trial is over. Sam says she won't. They both listen to the music for a while; Sam convinces Carly to dance with him. Sam and Carly are dancing close together when Jack walks by! He comes in, upset, and Carly pulls away from Sam. She tries to explain but Jack just walks out.

    Carly Knows Parker Stole The Money!

    Monday, January 14 2008

    Sam tries to calm Carly down but she is freaking out that all of her profits have been stolen. She decides to call Jack and Sam tries to talk her out of it. "I don't want him to use this to say 'I told you so'," Sam says. Carly calls Jack anyway and Sam returns to work.

    Carly and Sam are trying to figure out where the money could have gone. Sam thinks the whole thing is very fishy. He opens the money drawer and finds the flower he gave Sage inside! Jack arrives. Carly and Sam tell him what they know; Jack asks Sam if he did it but Sam says he is innocent. Jack doesn't believe him but Carly backs up Sam. Jack leaves for the stationhouse. Sam shows Carly the flower and she realizes Parker may have stolen the money. She asks him to stay at Metro so she can check on things. Alone at Metro Sam talks to Cowboy Jack about the problems with Parker.

    Carly returns to Metro and apologizes to Sam for what Parker did. Sam asks if things are better for Parker now but Carly says they are only getting worse. Sam suggests moving out again, telling Carly that Parker obviously needs her undivided attention. Jack and Parker arrive and apologize to Sam. Sam reaches out to Parker but Parker won't shake hands. He runs out. Jack says he'll find Parker later and asks to talk to Carly alone. Sam makes himself scarce. Jack tells Carly that Parker isn't sorry for what he did and he asks if Parker can move in to the farm full-time for a little while. Carly asks if he would feel the same if her "living situation" changed. She tells him that Sam is moving out and that makes Jack happy.

    Sam finds Parker in Old Town, sits down with the kid and tells him that he isn't a threat to Carly at all. He swears they are just friends and he is only helping out until Kit comes back. Parker doesn't believe him. "Don't try to get me in trouble again, you're not very good at it," Sam says and then makes a silly comment about Cowboy Jack coming after Parker! Sam returns to Metro and tells Jack where to find Parker. Jack leaves. Carly asks Sam to move out for Parker's sake. Sam asks if he can sleep at the club for the time being and Carly approves of the decision.

    Meg Miscarries!

    Friday, January 11 2008

    A student from Oakdale U calls Metro and books a party with Carly. He tells her he saw an ad in the student paper; Carly asks Sam how they paid for it and he admits he paid for it from his own pocket. She isn't sure that is a good idea but before she can say much more Jack arrives with the kids. JJ and Sage go straight to Sam but Parker keeps his distance. When Parker makes a few snide comments Jack takes him aside and tells him to straighten up and fly right. He leaves for work. Sam entertains Sage and JJ with Cowboy Jack and Parker calls Jack, asking him to come get him. Sam, Sage and JJ go play cards while Carly works on the cash drawer. Parker watches Sam with Sage and JJ and Carly catches him. She asks him if they can talk privately but Parker doesn't think it will matter.

    Meanwhile back at Metro Carly tells Sam he doesn't have to try so hard and reminds him they are just friends. She goes to do some paperwork. Sam turns to Cowboy Jack, believing Carly has just blown him off. Parker arrives and listens to Sam argue with the dummy for a couple of seconds before walking inside. Sam says he was just practicing and leaves. Parker grabs his schoolbook as Carly comes back in. He warns his mom that Sam is bad news! He tells her what he overheard but Carly doesn't believe him. She tells Parker that Sam is harmless; Parker can't believe she won't listen to him. He spots the cashbox still on the counter. Carly tells Parker that she would like to talk to him like this more often and tells him she misses him. The phone rings and Carly goes to answer it. When she goes to check an order Parker steals money from Carly's cashbox and then puts the flower that Sam pulled from Sage's ear inside it! He calls goodbye to Carly and leaves. Sam returns from his walk. Carly gives him the invoice and opens the cashbox - it's empty! "We've been robbed," Carly says.

    Rosanna Comes Clean!

    Thursday, January 10 2008

    Carly walks downstairs in a towel and is surprised to see Sam there. He's just fixed her water heater and apologizes because he didn't know she was showering. She says it is no big deal and mentions how great it is to have a man around the house again. Carly goes upstairs to dress. When she returns Sam is fixing a few other things. She asks about Kit (there is no news on that front); Sam offers to move out to make things better for Carly and the kids. Carly tells him he doesn't have to do that because things are moving along quite nicely between her, Jack and the kids. They chat about Jack; Sam asks Carly if she still wants Jack. He tells her that if Jack can't see her good points then he doesn't deserve her. Carly is touched. She leaves for work and Sam turns to the dummy. He thinks he has a chance with Carly.

    Jack and Carly Come To An Understanding

    Wednesday, January 09 2008

    Parker walks in to Al's and turns around when he sees Sam is there. Sam asks him to sit down so they can talk but Parker doesn't want to. He makes a few snide remarks to Sam and leaves.

    Jack arrives at Metro and shows Carly Parker's latest grade card, which is horrible. Jack thinks his falling grades are the least of Parker's problems. He reminds Carly that Parker has been acting out for weeks now; she says she will talk to him. Jack says they need to be a united front and that they should talk to Parker together. Sam walks in and Jack turns his anger on the other man. Carly says Sam hasn't done anything wrong and Jack apologizes. Sam tells them where to find Parker. They leave.

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