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    As the World Turns CAST - Sam Hutchins - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sam Hutchins Played by Wally Kurth on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Wally Kurth

    Birthday: July 31 1958
    Birthplace: Billings, Montana
    Marital Status: Married Deb Yuhasz
    Real Name: Wally Kurth


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    Emily is Questioned!

    Thursday, January 31 2008

    Kit walks in to Carly's house and doesn't like what she sees - Carly and Sam in an almost-embrace on the couch! Carly explains that nothing is going on and that Metro is shut down. Sam backs up Carly; Kit says the judge threw out her case and then asks what is going on with Metro. Sam kisses Kit and she goes upstairs to freshen up. Carly turns to Sam and asks what is going on with the two of them. He tells Carly that Kit never says she is sorry about their break-ups and that she doesn't like to be reminded of the things she does. Carly accepts the explanation and promises not to bring up Kit's "Dear John" letter. Kit returns and asks why Sam's stuff is packed up! Carly explains about Parker's problems and says it was better all around for Sam to move to Metro. Kit offers to stay at Metro with Sam but Carly says they can't move back to the bar because of the boiler problems. "We know how to keep warm," Kit says, kissing Sam. They leave the house. Carly calls the farm to talk to Parker but JJ says he isn't there and quickly hangs up. "Great, they both hate me," she says.

    Parker runs into one of his tough buddies in Old Town. The three of them go into Al's Diner. Parker looks out the window and sees Sam and Kit kissing passionately in the street. They walk away and he follows them! Parker follows them back to Metro and then walks in when Sam leaves Kit for a few seconds. He tells Kit that Sam has been hitting on Carly, surprising Kit. Parker tells Kit to dump Sam and get out of town and then leaves. Sam returns. Kit asks him what Parker was talking about and Sam says the kid is just angry. She calls Carly. When Carly arrives, Kit asks who is lying - Sam or Parker! Carly sides with Sam, saying that Parker is making everything up to hurt Sam. She apologizes to them both. Sam says it is okay and that he understands Parker's anger issues. Carly leaves so they can spend time alone.

    Parker returns to the farm. JJ asks what really happened the night of the dance. "I got rid of a dummy - and a puppet," Parker says. JJ begins needling him about Sam and being scared of the puppet. Parker says he can prove it and takes JJ to Metro. They spy on Carly and the others and Parker realizes his plans haven't proven anything. Parker storms off but JJ stays behind to tell Carly what went on. He says he is worried about Parker but doesn't know where his brother went this time. Carly and JJ return to the farm where Jack is waiting. Parker is nowhere to be found so the adults leave JJ in charge and go to find Parker.

    Sam is talking to Cowboy Jack, wondering what to do about Carly now.

    Jack Is Parker's Problem!

    Wednesday, January 30 2008

    Cowboy Jack and Sam are talking at Metro when Cowboy Jack tells Sam to get rid of Parker. He puts the dummy away when Carly arrives for work. Seeing that she is upset, Sam asks if there is anything he can do. Carly tells him about Rosanna's relapse, saying she didn't even get to say goodbye before the hospital sent her back to Switzerland. "I may never see her again," Carly says. Sam hugs her. They chat for a bit but both become really cold because the boiler is still not working. Carly invites Sam back to her house; he hesitates but Carly easily convinces him to come along with her. At her home, Sam hands Carly a beer and toasts to better days. Carly talks about Kit; Sam talks about Carly's family troubles. Sam tells her she is a great mother and her kids are lucky. Sam pulls Carly close and tries to kiss her!

    Holden Is Placed Under Arrest!

    Friday, January 25 2008

    Sam is playing his guitar when Carly arrives at Metro. She tells him about Parker. Sam says he is relieved. "You probably just misplaced it or something," Carly says. Sam isn't so sure. She asks about the song he was playing but Sam won't tell her much. He pours them both a beer. Carly tells Sam about Parker's special gifts. Sam calls it faith but Carly insists he usually has great instincts and a sixth sense about people; she is surprised that Parker doesn't see the good side of Sam. "He'll come around," Sam says. He tells Carly that the boiler is still out of commission but that he'll have the club up and running quickly. He says he'll fix his relationship with Parker next. Jack calls and tells Carly that Parker did take the dummy; she and Sam leave for the farm. At the farm, Parker makes a sarcastic apology to Sam and goes upstairs. Sam goes outside with Cowboy Jack so Jack and Carly can talk. Outside the house, Cowboy Jack tells Sam that he doesn't like the farm. Parker comes outside and asks Sam why he put the dummy in the bed. Sam doesn't admit to anything but tells Parker to stay out of his business. Cowboy Jack tells Parker that he can't be outsmarted and Parker runs inside. Back inside, Jack tells Carly that they have to take drastic measures with Parker. Parker bursts into the kitchen and tells Jack and Carly that Sam is out to get him. They tell Parker that he is going back to therapy. "Whatever," the kid says and stomps upstairs.

    "I fought the boiler and the boiler won"

    Thursday, January 24 2008

    Carly arrives at Metro to find the place freezing and Sam covered in water. "I fought the boiler and the boiler won," he says. Carly helps him get out of the wet clothes and hands him a blanket as Jack walks in! Carly explains about the boiler and Sam goes back upstairs. Jack asks Carly what is really going on and says it seems like Sam is putting the moves on her. Carly tells Jack it isn't his business, which only makes Jack more curious. She asks about Dusty's murder but Jack doesn’t want to talk about that. Jack brings up Parker's grounding and an upcoming dance. He doesn't want to un-ground the kid but says they need to talk it out first. Carly tells Jack that since the dance is a school event he should be allowed to go. Jack is called away by Katie, who tells him about Brad's broken leg. She asks if he can come pick up Brad; Jack agrees to come by as soon as he can. After he leaves Sam returns. Carly tells him about their conversation and is really excited that she and Jack seem to be able to communicate now. She asks about the boiler and Sam says he can't fix it until the next day when the stores open. Sam asks her to come to Yo's with him and when Carly says she just wants to go home, he plays the lonely card. Carly agrees to accompany him.

    At Yo's, Sam makes a teensy pass at Carly. She tells him they need to set up boundaries or they can't continue to be friends. Parker walks in and sees them together! Sam apologizes and calls Carly beautiful. She says all is forgiven and hugs him. Parker watches all of this and gets the wrong idea. Carly goes to the ladies room and Sam heads for the door. He runs into Parker in the alley and the kid confronts him. "Stay away from my mom," Parker says, "Or you'll be sorry." Parker's friends walk by, grousing about not being served any alcohol. Sam tells Parker he better run along before Carly finds him there. The kid walks off as Carly comes up. She wonders who Sam was talking to but he doesn't say. They return to Carly's and Sam asks Carly what their relationship really is. She tells him they can be friends but they can't do the touchy-feely stuff any longer. Sam's cab arrives and he leaves.

    Sam returns to Metro and finds the Cowboy Jack is missing! He calls Carly and tells her there has been another break-in at Metro. He blames Parker, which surprises Carly. She tells him he is way off base but Sam insists on checking. Carly hangs up. She goes to the farm and tells Jack they have a big, big problem.

    Margo Questions Craig

    Tuesday, January 22 2008

    At Metro Sam asks Carly to come to dinner with him before they open. Carly turns him down because she has plans with Rosanna and leaves. Sam turns to Cowboy Jack, wondering how to make Carly see how much he likes her. Kit calls to check in. Her court date has been postponed and she asks how he is and how the club is. Sam says things are going well but asks Kit to stop calling Carly! "She's sort of insecure," Sam says, promising to call with updates every day. Kit doesn't believe him. She thinks he and Carly have something else going on! Sam reminds her of how much he loves her and convinces Kit that there is nothing going on between them. He tells her about moving out of Carly's house, which eases Kit's mind a little. "Love you," Sam says and hangs up. Cowboy Jack tells Sam he needs to use the sweet talk on Carly! Sam grabs a pen and paper and begins to write.

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